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  • Diablo 4 Ice Shards Sorcerer Build: Season 3 Sorcerer Build Guide Without Uber Uniques

    Mar 26 ,2024

    I can’t wait to show you my Ice Shards Sorcerer build for Diablo 4 Season 3 today. It’s been a lot of fun to play with. However, it’s important to note that this build isn’t particularly optimized for the Gauntlet. If you’re looking to tackle the Gauntlet, you might want to consider a different build. Nevertheless, it performs admirably in other situations and gameplay scenarios.

    Diablo 4 Ice Shards Sorcerer Build: Season 3 Sorcerer Build Guide Without Uber Uniques


    Teleport: This serves as our source of Unstoppable and can transform into lighting.

    Ice Armor: Provides a barrier for defense and utility. While active, 5% of damage dealt is added to the barrier. Attacking vulnerable enemies contributes 50% more to the ice armor’s barrier. While active, your mana regeneration is increased by 25%.

    Flame Shield: Grants immunity to all damage for 2.5 seconds. Also provides a 25% movement speed and mana cost reduction.

    Deep Freeze: Grants immunity for 4 seconds and resets the cooldown of all other abilities. Upon its end, gain a barrier equal to 10% of your base life for 6 seconds for each frozen enemy. It also damages all enemies around you.

    Lightning Spear: Another source of vulnerability.

    Ice Shards: Launches 5 shards that deal 25% increased damage to frozen enemies. They have a 40% chance to ricochet and always ricochet off of frozen enemies. Hitting an enemy with 5 shards makes them vulnerable for 2 seconds.

    Fire Bolt: Causes all abilities to apply burning damage, which amplifies fire damage.

    Gear & Aspects

    For the helm, use Harlequin Crest. It’s not required, but if you don’t have this Uber Unique, I would suggest using the Everliving Aspect. You take 20 to 25% less damage from crowd controlled or vulnerable enemies.

    For the chest, use the Aspect of Shared Misery. When you hit a crowd control enemy, there’s up to a 50% chance for that crowd control effect to spread to another unaffected enemy.

    For the gloves, use Frostburn. This gives you a 25% chance to freeze enemies for 2 seconds. If you do not have Frostburn, you could use gloves with attack speed, critical strike chance, and plus skills to Ice Shards. For the aspect, I would use Accelerating or Aspect of Control. Which gives you 25% increased attack speed or you deal up to 35% more damage to immobilize, stunned, or frozen enemies.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Frostburn

    For the pants, use Tibault’s Will. You deal up to 40% increased damage while Unstoppable and for 4 seconds after. You also gain 50% of your primary resource. So every time you use teleport, you’re going to increase your damage and gain mana.

    For the boots, use Esu’s Heirloom. Your critical strike chance is increased by up to 30% of your movement speed.

    For the main hand, use Aspect of Piercing Cold. Ice Shards Pierce up to 4 times dealing 20% less damage per subsequent enemy hit.

    For the off-hand, use Storm Swell. You deal up to 30% increased damage to vulnerable enemies while you have a barrier. Another good option would be the Accelerating Aspect.

    For the first ring, use X'Fal's Corroded Signet. Your damage overtime effects have up to a 50% chance to erupt, dealing up to 40,000 damage of the same type to nearby enemies. This is great for this build because with the Fire Bolt Enchantment, we will be applying burning damage to all enemies hit and Ice Shards ricochet toward other enemies.

    For the next ring, use Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop. For each type of Elemental damage you deal, gain up to 15% increased damage for 4 seconds. Dealing Elemental damage refreshes all bonuses. This is going to essentially be a 45% increased damage buff at all times as long as you’re attacking something.

    And for the amulet, use Ancient Flame. While both bonuses from the Esu’s Ferocity key passive are active, your attack speed is increased by up to 75%. Of course, you can also choose appropriate gear based on the amount of Diablo 4 Gold you have.

    Skill Tree

    For the skill tree, our basic attack is going to be Fire Bolt. For the core skills, I put 5 points in Ice Shards, 1 point in enhanced and Destructive Ice Shards, 1 point into Devastation, and 3 points into Elemental Dominance.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Ice Shards

    Defensive Skills: Put 1 point into Flame Shield, Enhanced and Mystical Flame Shield, 1 point into Teleport, Enhanced and Shimmering Teleport, 3 points into Glass Cannon, 1 point in Ice Armor, Enhanced and Mystical Ice Armor, 1 point in Elemental Attunement, 3 points into Precision Magic, 1 point in Align the Elements, 3 points into Mana Shield, and 3 points into Protection. 1 point of Inner Flames and 3 points in Devouring Blaze.

    Ultimate Skills: We’re going to be putting 3 points in Permafrost or Frost and Icy Touch, and then 3 points in the Frigid Breeze. Full damage against vulnerable enemies has up to a 20% chance to generate 15 mana. For the Ultimate Deep Freeze, 1 point in the Prime and Supreme Deep Freeze, 1 point of Fiery Surge for extra mana regeneration.

    Key Passive - Esu’s Ferocity. This is currently bugged where it will buff all your damage, not just fire. Ice Shards will receive 25% increased critical strike damage and 5% increased critical strike chance against enemies that have above 50% of life. When you kill an enemy with a critical strike or hit a boss, you will be granted both bonuses for 3 seconds, which will give us the 75% increased attack speed from the Ancient Flame aspect.

    Seneschal Construct

    For the construct, I recommend using Flash of Adrenaline and Tactical Support. Then comes Genesis. If you do not have Genesis, you can also use Safeguard. Next, use Tempest. Resource Support, Efficiency Support and Arcing Support. If you have Evernight, you would replace Arcing Support.

    Paragon Boards

    Winter: Whenever you chill or freeze an enemy, you deal 3% increased skull damage for 10 seconds, up to 15%. This effect stacks and refreshes, remaining active as long as you are attacking. It also buffs non-physical damage and resistances.

    Burning Instinct: The legendary node is not taken. The glyph, Unleash, triggers after spending 50 mana, granting 7% increased damage and 7% mana regeneration. This is crucial for maintaining a steady flow of Mana between Ice Shards.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Burning Instinct

    Enchantment Master: The glyph is Elementalist. Killing fire, cold or lightning damage to an enemy increases all damage you deal to them by 5% for 10 seconds, stacking once per element. This buff stacks up to 15% of increased damage and refreshes with continued attacks.

    Frigid Fate: The legendary node is taken. You deal bonus damage to vulnerable enemies equal to 10% of the total amount of your bonus damage with cold, up to a maximum of 30%. The glyph, Flamefeeder, grants 10% increased direct damage to burning enemies.

    Ice Fall: The legendary node is also taken here. Your Frost skills deal 15% increased damage to vulnerable enemies, doubled if the enemy is also Frozen. The glyph, Control, provides 10% increased damage to slow or chilled enemies, or 20% increased damage to stunned or frozen enemies.

    Searing Heat: The glyph, Exploit, increases your damage by 1% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 10%, when dealing damage to a vulnerable enemy.

    Ceaseless Conduit: The glyph, Destruction, increases all damage the enemy takes from you by 2% for 10 seconds, up to 12%, upon landing critical strikes. This effect stacks and refreshes.

  • Diablo 4 Metamorphosis Barbarian Build: This Build Is Worth Trying In Season 3 Gauntlet

    Mar 15 ,2024

    Hi, gamers! Allow me to present a guide on the Metamorphosis Barbarian build in Diablo 4 Season 3, which currently dominates the Gauntlet. If your goal is to achieve a score exceeding a million, this build is essentially a must-play. The support of a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold is essential for this strong build.

    Diablo 4 Metamorphosis Barbarian Build: This Build Is Worth Trying In Season 3 Gauntlet

    About Metamorphosis

    The new Metamorphosis aspect enhances your mobility significantly and substantially reduces the cooldown of your dash ability. Observe how quickly it resets when you continuously spam your Wrath of the Berserker skill.

    Metamorphosis proves incredibly useful, especially during transitions between long intervals or when faced with a lack of monsters. Unlike Charge, which requires hitting a monster to reset, Metamorphosis eliminates this necessity.

    Gear & Aspects

    First and foremost, obtaining Metamorphosis is of utmost importance. Serving as the key to the build, it's indispensable to equip it on your amulet. Despite only reducing evade by 3.3 seconds, it significantly bolsters evade cooling, making it pivotal for enhancing mobility. Prioritizing Shrine Buff Duration and Movement Speed is crucial for optimal performance in the Gauntlet.

    We will rock the Bold Chieftain’s Loop. This one is just to reset our charge with our shouts, and whenever you shout, you also proc Artillery Shrine, which is basically the key of this build. Then we also have the Ring of the Ravenous like charging applies bleed and also just makes you switch your weapons, which we use in combination with Earthstriker’s Dead Mace.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Ring of the Ravenous

    Next, we have the Grandfather, a very standard weapon. I’m still playing Overpower on my weapons, but there is a good argument to add crit damage here because you have the Lethal Shrine almost, and you have Artillery Shrine. And it has a lot of value to stack crit damage.

    Instead of Overpowering, crit damage makes a lot of sense. You can also go with swords because that’s further boosting your crit, and the Shrine will always crit with the Lethal Shrine. Then we have the Brawler’s Aspect. This is also changed. This just basically procs your charge in a bigger AOE and also kills all the monsters consistently.

    Then we have the Ghostwalker Runic Cleats boots, and with this we can add Movement Speed. Even though we are already at capped Movement Speed whenever we have Berserking and Unstoppable up, we are already at 200%.

    This is a very important change because you’re going to be spinning a lot, and you’re going to just basically spam it. If you’re moving a few frames more because you have Movement Speed, it helps you. Also very important to have attacks reduce evade cooldown. This is like the only way we can reset our Metamorphosis and evade.

    Then we have Tibault’s Will. Obviously, like you get Unstoppable from your charge all the time, which is very standard. This is standard as well. Ideally, you want main stat here instead of Overpower.

    At last, we have the Rage of Harrogath. This one reduces the charge cooldown even further. In combination with Ring of Ravenous, we always end up using our slashing weapon, and that counts as a weapon switch.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Rage of Harrogath

    Seneschal Construct

    Now, let’s turn to the pet aspect of the build. The Pet Construct comprises several essential components. The inclusion of Tempest, Efficiency and Fortified is crucial, as it provides the sole means to obtain Fortify, which is highly advantageous. Additionally, the presence of Flash of Adrenaline, Genesis, Tactical Support, and Duration further enhances the pet’s effectiveness and utility within the build.

    Skill Tree

    We’re basically like HotA, and then we have 2 points in Whirlwind, just pretty standard stuff. You don’t really need damage. It’s just to proc your cooldown and to proc your Artillery. Then we have a bunch of support skills. You can go for more damage like Heavy Handed or something.

    Then obviously, you want Unconstrainted. And in this build, we play rough the Berserker because it still snapshots Berserker as long as you don’t drop your Berserker. This run where you spend Fury is still snapshotted. So, you’re gaining about 50% more damage from your Berserking because you get another double multiplier on the multiplier that you currently have. So, that’s pretty insane.

    Paragon Board

    Then, there is the Paragon board. We'll first rocking the Exploit glyph, make everything vulnerable. We don’t need Warbringer because we get our Fortify from our pet, still have the Maximum Fury for the HotA. We are rocking Mortal Draw because we are switching our weapons all the time again.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Mortal Draw

    Next, we’re dropping Bone Breaker for extra Overpower. We are rocking Ire with big berserk multipliers with Decimator and Dominate. We have Crusher for more Overpower damage because you still want to one-shot those bosses, especially at the start and whenever you’re dropping your Artillery Shrine.

    Then we have Blood Rage, and up we have the Marshal. This is very important, just reduce your cooldown even further. We stack some physical damage as well because getting extra physical just helps you because you’re not Overpowering with every hit all the time.

  • Diablo 4 Bleed Barbarian Build: The Best Barbarian Build For Gauntlet In Season 3

    Mar 11 ,2024

    The Bleeding Barbarian build I'm about to introduce to you is surprisingly powerful. It's hands down the quickest setup I've ever assembled, boasting not only incredible speed but also the highest and most reliable damage output in Diablo 4 Season 3.

    Diablo 4 Bleed Barbarian Build: The Best Barbarian Build For Gauntlet In Season 3

    This build operates with seamless efficiency. It effortlessly plows through tier 100 challenges, annihilating foes with a single blow from the Ring of the Ravenous. If by any chance the enemy survives, use Rend to quickly dispatch it. It's also the setup I started off with in the Gauntlet. I think you're just as obsessed with this build as I am right now.

    Build Overview

    This build stacks a ton of bleed damage by picking up the Hemorrhage node in the Paragon board. We can easily get multiplicative scaling on our bleeds. It then unleashes all of this bleed damage with Rend, using Ring of the Ravenous for destroying bosses. It also uses Rupture.

    The build shoves this ability, making your enemies explode with ease. For staying alive, the build also uses Iron Skin. When combined with the Disembowel and Marshal glyphs, we can keep up Iron Skin permanently.

    Gear Setup

    Let’s take a look at the gear and aspects making this build possible. If you have any issues with survivability, then I recommend swapping on Diablo 4 Items for more defense.

    I’ll first show you items for the helmet. You definitely need the Shako. However, it is difficult to obtain. As an alternative, you can grab Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty, which is equally good.

    As for the chest, you want to get the Juggernaut's Archon Armor. For the Gauntlet, you can also use Rage of Harrogath. We need a good defensive chest for Tier 100 farming or else we’ll die.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Rage of Harrogath

    On our gloves, you should look for the same as I have with 1 exception: you don’t need the crit chance. Swap it for all stats if you can, since damage over time abilities can’t be crit. As for aspect, take Aspect of Elements for insane DPS.

    For pants, we’re using Tibault’s Will. This is pretty important as it's our main source of Fury in this build, and the increase in damage is absolutely insane.

    When choosing boots, we need to consider movement speed and resistance. The Ghostwalker Aspect is great, as we will be permanently unstoppable in this build. The stats that we want on them are all stats, strength, damage while berserking, and vulnerable to damage.

    Then, let's talk about weapon. On the hammer, you’re going to want to imprint the Conceited Aspect. If you’re only interested in pushing Gauntlet and not Tier 100 farming, then you can drop the Conceited Aspect and Iron Skin to instead grab another aspect. You would then also pick up Leap.

    For the dual wield weapons, just grab the correct stats. You also want to imprint Aspect of Ancestral Charge and Aspect of Berserk Ripping and easy-to-hit charges. If you have the Doombringer, then you can replace Aspect of Berserk Ripping.

    As for the slashing weapon, you want to get a two-handed sword for the bleed damage and imprint Aspect of Limitless Rage. If you have the Grandfather, then you can use it as well for higher survivability, but since we can’t crit, the damage it brings is huge.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Grandfather

    For the amulet, we can get some stats. We definitely want cooldown reduction and movement speed. I also recommend grabbing Brawling Skill ranks in case you miss a charge and need the cooldown reduction from it. Other than that, the Counteroffensive passive is a great damage option as well. For aspect, you’re going to want to imprint the Edgemaster’s Aspect. If you have any issues with survivability, then you can easily grab some defensives as well.

    For rings, you first need to grab Ring of the Ravenous, as it is pretty much mandatory. For the other ring, we can get Ring of Starless Skies. It’s so good that it can double your damage if you find it. The stats that you can grab are damage to close enemies, damage while berserking, vulnerable damage, and max life. You can also use Aspect of Unrelenting Fury to more easily spam.

    Seneschal Construct

    Here are some stones I recommend: Tempest, Evanite, Resource, and Bleeding Support. These stones are not only enjoyable but also incredibly powerful. I utilize Bleeding Support to amplify my bleed damage and Resource to maximize my Rend spamming capabilities.

    On the flip side, I employ Flash of Adrenaline for increased damage output, accompanied by Duration Support and Tactical Support, to prolong its effects. While I currently use Safeguard, I plan to switch to Genesis once it becomes available.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Genesis

    Skill Tree

    Let's optimize our skill selections for maximum effectiveness. First, prioritize maxing out Rend and selecting Enhanced and Violent Rend for added damage. In terms of defense, focus on bolstering your defenses with skills like Rallying Cry for continuous resource generation and Fortify, alongside Iron Skin and Enhanced Iron Skin to ensure its effectiveness.

    Transitioning to brawling skills, prioritize War Cry for significant damage output, and maximize Charge for reduced cooldowns and increased damage. Additionally, acquire Power Charge for easy Charge resets. For those opting for speedruns and skipping Iron Skin, Leap becomes a viable alternative. Battle Further, our primary source of berserking, is also crucial for maintaining permanent uptime as long as we utilize Charge. Lastly, incorporate Swiftness to enhance our mobility significantly.

    Let's delve into Weapon Mastery skills, which can prove highly valuable. Prioritize acquiring Rupture and Enhanced Rupture for potent boss-killing potential. Don't overlook key passives to enhance our damage output significantly. Moving on to ultimate skills, prioritize Invigorating Fury for self-healing upon using Rend, followed by Wrath of the Berserker for added offensive prowess.

    When it comes to key passives, we consider Unbridled Rage, offering substantial damage boosts, albeit limiting Rend usage to twice before exhausting Fury. This remains my preferred choice for most scenarios, especially with Starless Skies equipped.

    Alternatively, Unconstrained becomes viable for those prioritizing Rend spamming and facing Fury depletion issues. However, unless facing specific circumstances, Unbridled Rage typically remains the optimal choice.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Unconstrained

    Paragon Board

    Let's then turn to the paragon board. Starting with the Exploit node on the initial board, prioritize acquiring as many dexterity nodes as possible to maximize vulnerability. Transition to the Blood Rage board next, securing the legendary node to amplify damage during berserking and socketing for additional damage while berserking.

    Proceed to the Carnage board to obtain the legendary node for increased attack speed and slot the Marshall glyph for continuous cooldown resets, offering significant advantage. Moving to the Decimator board, prioritize acquiring the legendary node for enhanced damage and select Disembowel glyph, not only for its damage boost but also for its ability to reset cooldowns upon killing bleeding enemies.

    Transitioning to the Hemorrhage board is essential to make vulnerability damage multiplicative and to secure additional damage nodes. On the Warbringer board, focus on acquiring maximum Fury nodes to allow for an additional Rend press and conclude by selecting the Mortal Draw glyph for its high damage scaling. This strategic skill tree progression ensures maximum damage output and efficiency.

  • A Comprehensive Overview Of Diablo 4 Patch Notes 1.3.3: Vampiric Powers, Enhancements, Adjustments, Class Changes & More

    Mar 02 ,2024

    The upcoming Diablo 4 Patch notes 1.3.3 are scheduled to go live on March 5th, the forthcoming Tuesday. We will now delve deeper into the contents of Diablo 4 patch notes 1.3.3, providing a comprehensive overview. Without delay, let us begin.

    A Comprehensive Overview Of Diablo 4 Patch Notes 1.3.3: Vampiric Powers, Enhancements, Adjustments, Class Changes & More

    Vampiric Powers

    To begin, Vampiric Powers are making a comeback, originally introduced as the seasonal mechanic in Season 2. Instead of remaining as standalone Diablo 4 Items, they will now be transformed into legendary aspects that can be applied to your gear.

    Developers have adjusted select Vampiric Powers from the Season of Blood to align their potency with the current Season of the Construct. These enhanced powers will be accessible as Legendary Aspects across all World Tiers and in both Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

    6 Vampiric Powers are set to return:

    1. Accursed Touch
    2. Metamorphosis
    3. Blood Boiling
    4. Hectic
    5. Dying
    6. Moonrise

    Each offers unique benefits, including damage buffs, enemy vulnerability, cooldown reduction, and enhanced survivability.

    Diablo 4 1.3.3 Vampiric Powers

    Balance Updates

    Moving on to the adjustments in balance for both unique items and legendary aspects, let's begin with the Ring of Starless Skies. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the user interface.

    Now, when the ring is active, it will display above the bar. As you expend your primary resource, it reduces the resource cost of your skills and boosts your damage by 10% for 3 seconds, reaching up to 40%. This enhancement offers players clearer visibility regarding the activation of this effect.

    Shifting our attention to other unique items, Penitent Greaves now deal increased damage to shielded enemies. Tassets of the Dawning Sky have seen a slight bump in resistances.

    Lastly, Mother's Embrace provides a higher resource refund, now ranging from 30% to 50%.

    Legendary Aspects

    Next, let's delve into the adjustments made to legendary aspects.

    Within Inner Calm, the maximum damage has been elevated from 30% to 40%.

    Retribution now boasts an increased stun chance, rising from 8% to 10%.

    Furthermore, the damage inflicted upon stunned enemies has been augmented, progressing from 10-20% to 15-25%.

    Lastly, in Starlight, the threshold of Life Healed required for resource gain has been lowered from 25% to 20%.


    Regarding alterations to items, there have been adjustments to crafting Uber Uniques.

    Now, instead of necessitating 5 Resplendent Sparks or 5 Uber Uniques to craft your own, only four are required this time around.

    Class Changes

    Now we transition to the class adjustments.


    Commencing with the Barbarian, the primary alterations here pertain to their fundamental skills. Damage has been augmented for some abilities, along with an increase in the Fury generated.

    As for the main skills: Enhanced Flay vulnerability duration has extended from 2 to 3 seconds; Strategic Ground Stomp now boasts a reduction in ultimate cooldown from 1 to 2 seconds; Strategic Iron Skin fortify amount has risen from 15 to 20%; and finally, the Prime Call of the Ancients bonus damage escalates from 10% to 20%.

    Regarding Barbarian passives, Endless Fury also sees an enhancement where basic skills now yield more Fury, elevated to 10/20/30%.

    Transitioning to the Executioner Glyph, wielding a Polearm now inflicts 10% increased damage regardless of the target's health status.

    Shifting to the legendary aspects: Aspect of the Iron Warrior's damage reduction now ranges from 25% to 35%. Lastly, Gohr's Devastating Grips augments the ranks of Whirlwind along with its damage output.


    Now, turning attention to the Druid class: similar to the Barbarian, they've refined their basic skills, enhancing both damage output and Spirit generation.

    Druid companions—Wolves, Poison Creepers, and Ravens—receive boosts to both passive and active damage.

    Within the Druid passives, Quick Shift, Bestial Rampage, Ursine Strength, and Perfect Storm receive significant enhancements.

    As for the legendary aspects, Seismic Shift sees minimal changes, with an additional bonus damage applied from 35% to 50%.

    Lastly, in terms of unique items for the Druid, Storm's Companion sees an increase in the ranks of Wolves from 2-3 to now 3-4. Furthermore, the damage inflicted by Storm Howl has been amplified by 180%.

    Diablo 4 1.3.3 Class Changes


    Transitioning now to the Necromancer, akin to the Druids in enhancing their companions, Necromancer minions have undergone significant boosts to both damage output and health pool. With these adjustments, we may witness a surge in minion-focused builds for the Necromancer, potentially securing top positions on the Gauntlet leaderboard system.

    Turning to core skills for the Necromancer, Blood Surge has undergone a slight adjustment in functionality. Previously, the damage bonus per drained enemy decreased from 10% to 5%. However, the Nova damage itself has seen a 40% increase. According to developer notes, this alteration aims to reduce the opportunity cost of using blood surge against fewer enemies while enhancing its overall potency, even when engaging multiple foes.

    Furthermore, core skills such as Sever, Blight, Corpse Explosion, Bone Prison, and Blood Wave have received buffs in terms of both damage and effects.

    Transitioning to Necromancer passives, Death's Approach has been transformed into Death's Reach. This modification alters its functionality; formerly increasing damage to distant enemies, it now provides a baseline movement speed increase. Spiked Armor and Death's Embrace now offer increased defense. Hellbent Commander has seen a damage boost, while Crippling Darkness now, with a 15% chance, stuns enemies for a prolonged duration and deals additional shadow damage.

    In the Necromancer Paragon, Cult Leader, a legendary node, has witnessed a damage increase. Corporeal Glyph now not only enhances damage output but also grants movement speed per active minion.

    Finally, for Necromancer legendary aspects, Aspect of Hardened Bones applies damage reduction to minions. Additionally, adjustments have been made to the Blood-Bathed aspect.


    Now shifting to the Sorcerer.

    Addressing improvements for Incinerate, as discussed in the Campfire Chat, buffs have been applied. Hydra and Ball Lightning have also seen damage enhancements. Among Sorcerer passives, Icy Veil, Snap Freeze, Avalanche, and Shocking Impact have been refined. Notably, Soulfire now reduces pyromancy skill mana costs by 4% after 1.5 seconds of standing still, alongside a 2% damage increase, doubling if stationary for 2 seconds.

    In Sorcerer Paragon, select glyphs have received buffs in damage, damage reduction, and mana regeneration.

    Lastly, for Sorcerer legendary aspects, Searing Wards now reduces mana costs from 100-200 to 75-125, while Overwhelming Currents increases chances from 10-20% to 15-30%.


    Now, onto the final class, the Rogue.

    During the Campfire Chat, there was a discussion about enhancing the Marksman range-based abilities and skills of the Rogue. Consequently, Heartseeker and Forceful Arrow have received damage boosts. Additionally, Flurry has undergone improvements. Notably, the Improved Flurry now, upon hitting an enemy and rendering them vulnerable, applies a 20% multiplicative damage increase. Alternatively, opting for Advanced Flurry results in a 30% increased multiplicative damage and a 2.5-second stun on the next flurry.

    Shifting focus to ranged abilities, Rapid Fire and Rain of Arrows have each seen a 10% damage increase.

    Moving on to the Rogue's passives, Precision now requires only four stacks for bonuses, down from six. On the Paragon board, the Infusion Glyph's cooldown reduction has been extended from 0.5 seconds to 1 second.

    Regarding Rogue legendary aspects, Encircling Bay has received a slight damage boost, whereas Shadowslicer has undergone a significant increase in damage output, now ranging from 200% to 300% compared to the previous 80%-100%.

    Branching Volleys, however, has seen a change in functionality. Previously, Barradge's Arrows had a 15%-25% chance to split into two arrows upon ricocheting. Now, there's a 40%-60% chance of a split, accompanied by a damage increase ranging from 40% to 60%.

    Finally, unique items such as Eaglehorn, Eyes in the Dark, and Writhing Band of Trickery have all received damage increases. Notably, Writhing Band of Trickery's Shadow Decoy cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.

    More Adjustments

    In the subsequent sections of the patch notes, adjustments have been made to the Center Shell to address overperforming abilities and unintended interactions.

    Concluding with the user interface and experience enhancements, players can now view equipped skills in their profile, directly linked to the Gauntlet leaderboard. Additionally, the character's time played will be displayed at the bottom of the player profile, a feature long-awaited by many.

  • Diablo 4 Cold Imbuement Twisting Blades Rogue Build: Rogue Endgame Build Guide For Season 3

    Feb 22 ,2024

    Get ready to delve into the Uber Cold Imbuementment Twisting Blades build. It’s absolutely mind-blowing how well it performs. Surpass my initial expectations, this setup has enabled me to single-handedly navigate through 4-man Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons with relative ease. I’ll cover everything from skills and the skill tree to gear, the seasonal mechanic, paragon boards.

    Diablo 4 Cold Imbue Twist Blades Rogue Build: Rogue Endgame Build Guide For Season 3

    How It Works

    In terms of skills, our lineup includes Concealment, Dash, Twisting Blades, Cold Imbuementment, Caltrops, and Puncture with the specialization in combo points. Opting for Cold Imbuementment in this setup essentially replicates the effects of frostburns. A single strike with Cold Imbuementment and Twisting Blades instantaneously freezes enemies, resulting in substantial damage against frozen targets and offering significant Crowd Control.

    Moving on to our utility skills, Concealment serves as our crowd control break and enhances our overall resistance, granting an 80% boost to all resistances upon exiting stealth. Additionally, it boasts a 10-second cooldown reduction on elite kills, ensuring it remains readily available for use.

    Next, Caltrops proves to be a valuable asset, dealing considerable damage to enemies within its vicinity. When faced with a large pack of elites, deploying Caltrops will swiftly diminish their numbers.

    For our Agility skill, Dash provides exceptional mobility and grants a critical multiplier against enemies we dash through. Combining Twisting Blades with Dash allows us to move quickly through enemy forces, leaving devastation in our wake. Twisting Blades and Puncture serve as our primary combo point generators, offering reliable damage output and ensuring our combo points remain consistently available.

    Skill Tree

    Just quickly go over the skill tree. We’re going 1 into Puncture with Fundamental Puncture, maxing out Twisting Blades with Advanced Twisting Blades, 3 into Sturdy, 3 into Siphoning Strikes.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Fundamental Puncture

    Next, We’re going 2 points into Rugged, 3 into Weapon Mastery, 2 into Dash, picking up Enhanced Dash for that critical strike damage multiplier, 1 into Caltrops with Methodical Caltrops, making them chill, 1 into Concealment, and only picking up Enhanced Concealment.

    Moving on, allocate 3 point into Exploit, 3 into Malice, 3 into Precision Imbuementment, maxing out Cold Imbuementment with Mixed Cold Imbuementment to make us do even more damage against frozen enemies. 3 into Frigid Finesse, 3 into Innervation for some more energy sustain, 3 into Second Wind, 1 into Adrenaline Rush, 3 into Haste, and finishing it off with Close Quarters Combat.

    Gear Setup

    Next up, we have our Diablo 4 Items. Starting with our helmet, we’re going to go with Harlequin Crest, giving us a ton of life, some cooldown reduction, +4 to all our skills, and a 20% damage reduction on top of that.

    For the chest piece, go for life damage reduction, and for the last 2 rolls, you want to get 2 resistance rolls, excluding cold resistance, with the Resilient Aspect - Resilient Assailant's Doom Armor, giving us +10 to all of our elemental resistances and max resistances whenever we break Stealth. It also reduces concealment’s cooldown by 10 seconds whenever we kill an elite, making it come up super frequently.

    For the gloves, you want to get ranks to twisting blades, crit chance, attack speed, and decks, with the Accelerating Aspect - Accelerating Runic Gloves.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Accelerating Aspect

    For the pants, I decided to go with Tibault’s Will since we get Concealment up super fast. We can really take advantage of that 40% damage multiplier that Tibault gives whenever you become unstoppable, as well as it’ll give us another 50 energy back whenever we use Concealment.

    Lastly, for the boots, we’re going with Penitent Greaves, allowing us to constantly chill enemies and give up to a 10% damage multiplier against chilled enemies, so it just fits right into this build.


    Next, we have our weapons. For the crossbow, we want decks, all stat damage to crowd controlled, and for the last roll, you have a few options. I recommaend use the Bladedancer's Cross Axe. Go for either crit damage, damage to close, or damage with core skills. And for the aspect, we’re going to put Bladedancer's Aspect.

    As for our melee weapons, on one hand, we’re using Condemnation, having some solid base stats and a 30% chance to provide us with 3 combo points and up to a 40% damage multiplier when we attack with 3 combo points. And on our other hand, we’re going to be going with Doombringer. This makes us an absolute tank, giving us a ton of life and reducing enemies' damage with a shadow explosion on a lucky hit.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Condemnation

    If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold budget, my recommendation is to upgrade all these weapons to their maximum level. By doing so, you will significantly enhance your strength in the game.


    Last up, we have our jewelry. For the amulet, we use the Juggernaut's Amulet. You want to go for movement speed, Dex percent, cooldown reduction, and ranks to Frigid Finesse. For the aspect, you want to go with Juggernaut Aspect, giving you all the armor you’re going to need for the build.

    Next we will talk about our rings. For one ring, you want to get the Ring of Starless Skies. This ring has very good base stats and comes with an amazing, unique effect, allowing us to stack up a 40% damage multiplier by just spending energy. And it’s on top of that, it reduces our energy cost.

    For your other ring - Rapid Circle, you want to go for life, crit chance, damage to crowd control, and crit damage with the Rapid Aspect. I prefer using rapid for some more attack speed, but you could swap this out for edge masters or expectant for some more damage.

    Seneschal Constructs

    Next up, we have the seasonal mechanic. For the first set of stones, we want to get Flash of Adrenaline and pair that with Tactical support, Duration support, and Genesis. Having these three supporting stones gives us 100% uptime on Flash of Adrenaline, giving us always 50% more damage.

    For our other stone, we want to get Tempest paired with safeguard support, bridgid support, and lastly, Evernight. Tempest has a very low cooldown, making it have 100% uptime on safeguard and Evernight, giving us plus four to all our skills and an additional 15% damage reduction. Frigid support could be swapped out with Fortify support if you feel you have enough freezing capabilities or if you’re wanting some more defense or energy sustain, you can swap it with an different stone.

    Paragon Boards

    Next up, we have our paragon boards. So we do have a 6 board setup, and starting with our glyphs, we’re picking up closer in the first board, Combat in the Cheap Shot board, Chip in the Tricks of the Trade board, Exploit in the Elrich Bounty board, Control in the No Witnesses board, and finally, the Deadly Ambush board, we have turf.

    As for the legendary nodes we pick up, we’re getting Cheap Shot for increased damage for nearby crowd controlled enemies, Tricks of the Trade because we’re alternating between Puncture and Twisting Blades all the time, we get this damage bonus for Twisting Blades, Eldrich Bounty so whenever we use Cold Imbuement, we just get some more cold damage, making Cold Imbuement hit even harder than it already does, and then finally Deadly Ambush giving us that critical strike multiplier to any enemies that are in our Caltrops.

  • Diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Build: How About This Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3?

    Feb 20 ,2024

    The build I'm presenting today is incredibly powerful, possibly the fastest one for Diablo 4 Season 3 - Arc Lash Sorcerer. A significant advantage is that you can still use this build effectively even without any Ubers. It's absolutely unstoppable! However, if you like this build, you’d better have plenty of Diablo 4 Gold to make it.

    Diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Build: How About This Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3?

    How It Works

    Flickerstep coupled with attacks, reduces evade cooldowns significantly. Each attack not only reduces the evade cooldown but also diminishes the ultimate ability whenever an enemy is hit. However, the rapid kill speed might create a limitation as you may not consistently hit enemies.

    Instead of relying solely on special abilities, consider utilizing the space bar, which has a 6-second cooldown. Each attack with the space bar reduces the cooldown, allowing for a sequence of 2 attacks followed by 2 more and then a Flame Shield, effectively resetting the sequence. Typically, 3 attacks suffice for a reset, but employing Unstable Current triggers an immediate reset upon activation, amplifying the build's potency.

    The synergy between the Dash, which autonomously reduces cooldowns, and Unstable Current, which randomly activates skills, significantly enhances the build's potency. Once Unstable Currents are active, the abundance of attack speed facilitates faster resets, making every Arc Lash attack serve as a reset. Even without actively using other skills, the cooldown reduction is noticeable, with Ice Armor and Flame Shield activating seamlessly without interrupting movement. Activating Ice Blades ensures the Tal Rasha, although it interrupts movement, preventing simultaneous casting with Arc Lash.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Arc Lash


    Here's an overview of the Diablo 4 Items you'll be using. First, we utilize the Harlequin Crest. Then we have the Raiment of the Infinite, offering enhanced AOE and a potent skill. Tibault's Will grants us temporary invincibility and mana, although mana isn't crucial for this build but is essential for the ball lightning build. Flickerstep is another key component, followed by Rapid Aspect for basic attack skill. Attack speed is prioritized once again, while cooldown reduction holds significant importance.

    The Aspect of Adaptability serves as an additional aspect, providing a resource boost and multiplying our capabilities. Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop is utilized for its multiplier and cooldown reduction benefits, which could be further enhanced with additional cooldown reduction. As for the amulet, the focus is on the ball lightning build, hence mana cost reduction isn't necessary. Mastery passive or DPS-focused abilities are preferable.

    Seneschal Constructs

    Now, let's discuss the construct stones. Opt for Tempest with Efficiency and Breaking Support and Evernight. If Evernight isn't available, you can consider Safeguard instead. Flesh of Adrenaline with tactical duration and Genesis for 1.5 second is consistently powerful and is a staple in almost every build in Season 3.

    Skill Tree

    We have a lot of skills and like Lightning spells because our Unstable Currents proc them and they do a lot of damage actually like just all the accumulated procs. And we also have Fireball max, which we use the enchantment off together with teleport enchants for even more DPS. You might want to take some points off because it’s doing too much damage and the monsters are dying too fast. So you can’t really reset your Flickersteps that easily.

    Max teleport, extra cooldown, which is really good and then max Glass Cannon. We don’t need this one anymore because we’re not spending mana. Lightning Spear, and enough Flames for more Fireball damage. You can also get rid of this and take, like movement speed or damage reduction. Then we have Unstable Currents, Esu's Ferocity, this is for the attack speed. It also works for your Lightning skills and ball lightning, more procs and good DPS. And Shocking Impact whenever we stand an enemy, which our lightning spear and our teleport do, we are doing another 45 base damage.

    Paragon Board

    Wwe prioritize destruction and utilize Ceaseless Conduit with Control. Then, the Frigid Fate is maximized. Moving up, we incorporate Enchantment Master to enhance our cooldown on teleports by 20%, a crucial aspect. Charged glyph aids in generating crackling energy through our Unstable Currents.

    Additionally, Enchanter boosts our multiplier for Frigid Fate, resulting in higher DPS. The setup is quite comfortable, achieving the desired 1.3 multiplier. This setup includes the Pargon board and incorporates Searing Heat for added fire damage, coupled with Exploit for another 1.3 multiplier. We leverage our pet to proc vulnerability, making it one of the fastest and most enjoyable builds currently available.

  • Diablo 4 Boulder Storm Druid Build: A Thorough Druid Build Guide Of Season 3

    Feb 19 ,2024

    I eagerly anticipate sharing this Diablo 4 Season 3 build with all of the builders - the endless Boulder Storm Druid. I am confident that you will recognize the exceptional qualities of this build and its straightforwardness in acquiring the required gear.

    Diablo 4 Boulder Storm Druid Build: A Thorough Druid Build Guide Of Season 3

    How It Works

    We opt not to rely on Boulder as a core skill, hence we forgo the use of Spirit. Specific gear is not a requirement. All you need is a single unique item that facilitates progression to endgame content. With this item, you'll have the capability to farm various targets, including Varshan, Grigoire and the beast in the eyes.

    There are only 2 things you need to make this build work: the first being the unique Dolman Stone, and the second is the Symbiotic Aspect. It’s very simple to gear, and since Boulder is such a powerful ability naturally, gear required for this is going to be a lot less strict. All the Uniques that enhance this build are relatively common.

    These Uniques being Vasily's Prayer, Insatiable Fury and then late-game Uniques such as Tibault's Will. So, it has a lot of potential, and then eventually, you could turn Boulder into the core skill version of this build. And prepare for some Diablo 4 Gold will benefit a lot when you do this build.


    For the abilities, you can utilize Trample primarily for movement, although it also provides a source of Unstoppable. Following that, Hurricane is employed. It slows enemies damaged by it by 25% for 2 seconds, reducing their damage output by 20%, essential for the build. Earthen Bulwark serves as our secondary Unstoppable source, while also adding extra damage to our ultimate. Petrify is utilized to stun nearby enemies in stone for 3 seconds, increasing Critical Strike damage by 30% (boosted to 50% against bosses) to affected enemies.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Druid Skills

    As for the basic attack, Claw is chosen. It boosts attack speed by 15%, with an additional point invested to grant a chance for double attacks. This enhances the frequency of Symbiotic Aspect procs, reducing cooldowns for all abilities, particularly Boulder, which forms the cornerstone of damage output. With Boulder, its Critical Strike Chance increases by 3% with each damage instance, as it rotates around us, enhancing its likelihood of hitting enemies and further boosting its Critical Strike chance.


    For the aspects, there are several unique Diablo 4 Items to optimize the build. Firstly, Vasily's Prayer, while not essential, enhances the build significantly. It transforms Earth skills into Werebear skills, fortifying you in the process, thereby empowering Boulder with both Earth and Werebear damage.

    Quicksand, chosen for the chest aspect, ensures that our Earth skills slow enemies by up to 50%, amplifying damage with other aspects. Symbiotic gloves are employed to reduce non-ultimate cooldowns of the opposite type by 5 seconds when Nature’s Fury triggers a free skill. Disobedience leg gear grants increased armor for 4 seconds upon dealing any form of damage, stacking up to 66%. Ballistic boots bolster skills by 2 ranks when Fortify is active. Edgemaster's Aspect, selected for the weapon, offers a flat 20% increased damage buff.

    Nature’s Savagery offhand ensures that Claw triggers the Symbiotic Aspect. Craft Stone Band, our first ring choice, boosts Critical Strike damage of Earth skills by up to 40% against crowd-controlled enemies, which is always the case due to the Quicksand Aspect. Airidah's Inexorable Will, though not essential, enhances gameplay by pulling enemies towards you upon casting your ultimate, in addition to dealing physical damage. Finally, the indispensable Dolmen Stone allows Boulders to rotate around you when cast during Hurricane activation.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Dolmen Stone

    Skill Tree

    Basic Attack & Core Skills: Start with Claw as the basic attack, with one point in Enhanced Claw and Wild Claw. In core skills, invest 3 points in Predatory Instinct and 3 points in Iron Fur.

    Defensive Skills: Allocate 1 point in Earth Enhanced Boulder and 1 in Earthen Bulwark. Then, assign 2 points in Ancestral Fortitude for maximum resistances and 3 points in Vigilance to progress further down the tree.

    Wrath Skills: For the Wrath skills, invest 1 point in Elemental Exposure and 3 points in Endless Tempest to extend the duration of Hurricane. Prioritize Hurricane, Enhanced Hurricane and Savage Hurricane. Allocate 5 points into Enhanced Boulder and then Savage Boulder for increased damage potential.

    Additional Skills: Invest in Crushing Earth (3 points), Safeguard (3 points), Stone Guard (3 points), and Trample (1 point) for movement. Enhance Trample for better mobility.

    Ultimate Skills: Allocate 1 point in Petrify and consider adding another point for extended Critical Strike damage duration. Invest in Defiance (3 points), Natural Disaster (3 points), Resonance (3 points), and Quickshift (3 points) for increased damage output during shape-shifting.

    Key Passive: Utilize the Nature’s Fury key passive, where casting Earth skills triggers a free Storm skill and vice versa. Combine this with the Symbiotic Aspect to reduce cooldowns and enhance skill usage frequency.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Symbiotic Aspect

    Spirit Boons

    For the spirit boons, I’m using Weariness and Aven Wrath to gain 30% Critical Strike damage. Bolster could be moved to Obsidian Slam. More overpowers are going to cause us to do more damage, especially with the glyphs that we have set up. And finally, we’re using Calm before the Storm. Nature magic skills have up to a 10% chance to reduce a cooldown of your ultimate skill. This is going to greatly increase the uptime of our ultimate. Other good options would be Iron Feather, 14% maximum life, or Swooping Attacks. More attack speed, faster procs.

    Scythe Talons is actually not that great in this build because our Critical Strike Chance for Boulder is so high, and it increases its own Critical Strike damage is very important to this build, not chance for our construct abilities.

    Seneschal Constructs

    For the constructs, we use the Flash of Adrenaline, Tactical Support, Duration Support, and you can also have the Evernight. If you don’t, you’re just going to take Safeguard from Tempest. Then for the Tempest: Fortify Support, Efficiency Support, and if you end up moving Safeguard Support, you would be applying Piercing Support to help Tempest Rise.

    Paragon Board

    Start with the Outmatch glyph to increase resistance and physical damage against non-Elites and bosses. Proceed to the Inner Beast board, focusing on shape-shifting damage and attack speed. Then, move to the Earthen Devastation board for increased Critical Strike damage with Earth skills and enhanced damage against crowd-controlled or vulnerable enemies.

    On the top board, prioritize Ancestral Guidance for an extra glyph. Utilize the glyph to apply vulnerability to enemies when damaged, ensuring consistent application of crowd control. Head back down to the Inner Beast board and proceed for the Survival Instincts board. Acquire damage and Werebear armor while in Werebear form. Use the Spirit glyph to increase damage inflicted by critical strikes. Move to the Constricting Tendrils board. Use the Fang and Claw glyph to enhance damage dealt by most enemies while in Wolf or Werebear form.

    Finally, proceed to the Thunderstruck board and select the Overpower glyph. This glyph increases damage inflicted by 12% for 5 seconds when overpowering an enemy, contributing to the overall enhancement of Boulder damage without making it a core skill.

  • Diablo 4 Minmax Blizzard Meteor Sorcerer Build: Melt Everything In Season 3 Without An Uber!

    Feb 16 ,2024

    Here, I will share this Blizzard Meteor Build. It melts everything so fast in Diablo 4 Season 3 that it melts an Uber Duriel in 7 seconds and an Uber Lilith in 4 seconds without even needing Uber Pet Stones. If you have them, that’s great!

    This is my first time trying a Blizzard build, and it has a bit of a learning curve. So in this guide, I’m going to cover all the lessons I learned and the key synergies so you can put together this Blizzard Meteor Build with ease.

    Plus, you’ll learn how to easily get the new Unique Helm, Starfall Coronet, and why it’s so great in Blizzard builds.

    Before I begin, I want to assume that you are in endgame, say level 90+. If you’re looking for a fun and efficient progression build before this, don’t miss this guide. You can easily switch to this Blizzard build by just swapping 3 gear pieces. Let’s get started now!

    Diablo 4 Minmax Blizzard Meteor Build: Melt Everything In Season 3 Without An Uber!

    Blizzard Build Mechanics

    The first major mechanic built into Blizzard is Glacial Aspect, where Ice Spikes will spawn at Blizzard’s location and deal massive amounts of damage. So the longer Blizzard lasts, the more Ice Spikes it gets.

    Meanwhile, we will also use Mage’s Blizzard Passive to increase our Blizzard duration and get more Ice Spikes.

    The second key mechanic is an Aspect of the Frozen Tundra. The important thing here is that the blast radius is increased by 50%.

    Initially, I made a Blizzard build without this aspect, but it didn’t do as much damage as I expected because a lot of Ice Shards wouldn’t hit enemies. Therefore, you can think of this aspect as the 50% damage increase of Ice Shards, which is a must-have.

    Although it has synergy with Deep Freeze, we don’t need to use it. Because we have enough defense and can achieve full DPS in the build.

    It’s important to note that Blizzard level does not affect Ice Spikes’ damage, as Blizzard Ice Spikes themselves have tremendous damage scaling. So we only need one level here, which will save us a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and improve the build progress.

    How to get the Glacial Aspect in Diablo 4?

    Starfall Coronet

    But there’s a problem, the initial damage of this build isn’t very impressive. This is because we need more time to cast several Blizzards in the same location to generate enough Ice Spikes to melt everything.

    Fortunately, a new Diablo 4 item was introduced in Season 3 to solve this problem, Starfall Coronet. It makes Meteor a Cooldown Skill, so we have enough mana to cast Infinite Blizzard and deal lots of instant AOE damage to burn small groups of monsters. This way we don’t have to wait for Ice Spikes.

    In addition, we will further synergize with Devouring Blaze using Wizard’s Meteor Passive to trigger immobilized bonuses. The passive skill also allows all Meteors to quickly stun the boss.

    Finally, we’ll use Esu’s Ferocity Key Passive to increase meteor damage. Combining this with Aspect of Ancient Flame increases the attack speed by a further 50% and even increases the damage of our Ice Spikes, since we cast more Blizzards in the same period.

    We will use Aspect Of Concentration to get enough mana generation to cast Infinite Blizzard, since casting more Blizzard requires more mana.

    We’re not using Avalanche Key Passive here because it doesn’t increase Ice Spikes’ damage and we have enough mana.

    All things considered, this build has excellent performance in fast farming and is capable of extremely fast boss clearing.

    Pure Meteor Sorcerer with Starfall Coronet - Best Endgame Build Guide for T100 in Season 3 Diablo 4

    How To Get Starfall Coronet?

    To get Starfall Coronet, we need to farm Uber Beast in Ice Boss. We need these materials to make an entrance ticket. These materials will be randomly dropped when completing Nightmare Dungeon.

    In my experience, I farmed Uber Ice Boss more than 15 times before I saw a Starfall Coronet drop, which required stacks of 135 of this material. So be aware that it will take some time to get your hands on this new Sorcerer Unique.

    Blizzard Meteor Build Variants

    I also made 2 versions of this Blizzard Meteor Build. One for T100 Nightmare Dungeon and Nightmare Vaults, and another for maximum DPS in boss fights.

    In T100 Nightmare Dungeon version, I used Snowveiled Aspect plus Aspect of Disobedience to build enough armor, and used Ice Armor to increase our survivability. So we can tank the Butcher head-on until it staggers and melts it in 5 seconds.

    Switching to the boss fight version is very easy. We just need to switch to Raiment of the Infinite and Tibault’s Will for further damage, and update our skill tree to use Flame Shield to avoid the one-hit mechanic. Also, we can remove Ice Blades Passive and get Glass Cannon to deal further damage.

    Paragon Board Setup

    One note on Paragon Board is that we will be using Stalagmite Glyph to increase Ice Spikes’ critical chance and damage in this build.

    We’ll also be using Flash of Adrenaline Governing Stone for a 20% multiplier to damage, and Tempest Governing Stone to improve Crit Chance, Mana Regeneration and to apply Vulnerable.

    Diablo 4: Blizzard Meteor Paragon Board


    While this Blizzard build is powerful, running pure Blizzards can be a little boring. This build is interesting enough because we can throw Meteors at monsters from time to time and burn them instantly instead of waiting for Ice Spikes to take damage.

    I also like how well it works for farming Uber Bosses, but it does require the bosses to remain static. It would be exceptional if we could trick a boss into staying in the same spot and melting it in just a few seconds!

  • Diablo 4 Thorns Barbarian Build: How To Build It In Season 3?

    Feb 08 ,2024

    The Thorns Barbarian build in Diablo 4 Season 3 has attracted the interest of many builders. So in this guide, I will delve into everything of this build that you need to know. Get ready with enough Diablo 4 Gold and then let's dive into this guide.

    Diablo 4 Thorns Barbarian Build

    How It Works

    This build is particularly intriguing because it incorporates many of the new aspects and unique Diablo 4 Items available. The core mechanic revolves around the Paingorge's, where passive damage sources such as Thorns, Burning Rage, and Doombringer can apply the Paingorge's effect to enemies. This enables you to echo your basic skills, resulting in a tremendous amount of damage.

    The Thorns damage inflicts a considerable amount of damage, making it capable of effortlessly clearing everything with very few weaknesses. While it may lack the ability to one shot bosses, it doesn't require Uber Uniques or even a one-handed weapon equipped. Additionally, setting up your pet with healing abilities allows you to stand in the midst of tier 100 encounters, pressing no buttons and still emerge victorious.

    When utilizing the Wrath of the Berserker and Kick combo, the objective is to maximize damage output. By activating Wrath of the Berserker when at full Fury and then using Kick to expend the Fury, you reach the maximum damage bonus provided by Wrath of the Berserker.

    Gear Setup

    Let's delve into the gear setup. When it comes to selecting helm, we opt for the Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty. While it may not be the absolute best choice, it remains a viable option for this particular build. However, the optimal scenario would be to utilize Andariel’s Visage. The choice between these 2 options offers flexibility to cater to individual preferences.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty

    Moving on to gloves, the Paingorge‘s Gauntlets emerge as a pivotal component of the build. Equipping these gloves is crucial to maximizing damage output, making them an essential inclusion in our gear setup.

    As for pants, the Iron Blood Boneweave Faulds take center stage. These also play a significant role, but an oversight led to the incorrect aspect being equipped. It may offers a permanent 20% damage reduction with basic skills, Iron Blood was mistakenly chosen.

    For our boots, we opt for Ghostwalker Warlord Boots. These boots enhance movement capabilities, while the Rapid Bonebreaker focuses on increasing attack speed. This strategic alignment with the build's goals ensures optimal performance on the battlefield.

    Basic skill damage is exceptionally potent this season, as evidenced by the performance of my rings - Circle of Adaptability and Ring of Burning Rage, which are of exceptional quality.

    You don’t even need to equip Doombringer. Regular one-handers suffice. However, acquiring a Ramaladni's Magnum Opus isn’t particularly challenging and significantly scales up your basic skill damage, making it a valuable addition to the build, especially in the early stages.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Doombringer

    The inclusion of Doombringer serves a specific purpose within the build. Its AOE effects, such as burn and damage reduction, apply the Paingorge's debuff, allowing our basic skills to echo across all enemies affected by these effects. Similarly, Needleflare Aspects ensures that our Thorns spread out effectively, maximizing damage potential.

    As for the Grandfather, it's not the most ideal choice for this build. In this case, opting for a regular 2-handed sword would be more beneficial. However, if you happen to have one available, it can still be utilized effectively.

    Pet Buff

    Now let's discuss the Pet buff setup, which is considered the gold standard for enhancing your character's abilities through pet buffs. If you're inclined to take a break and passively progress through the game, this setup allows for just that. Simply insert Reconstruct into slot, opting for Tactical and Duration enhancements.

    The Duration technically extends the healing process without augmenting its effectiveness. However, this configuration ensures a consistent stream of healing over an extended duration, mitigating any potential gaps in your defense. In essence, it grants a form of immortality, enabling you to effortlessly navigate through the game, even conquering Tier 100 encounters with ease. It's a viable option worth considering.

    Regarding weapon choice, the 200-handed axe reigns supreme. It's imperative to wield Two-handed Axe Expertise during Lunging Strike to fully capitalize on the benefits of the Magnum Opus. This setup maximizes Fury scaling, significantly enhancing your Combat Prowess.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Two-handed Axe Expertise

    Skill Tree

    Let's quickly go over the skill tree. We're focused on maintaining our Berserking state, ensuring its permanence, hence the term 'Perma-Berserk'. This build boasts significant tankiness, particularly suited for Thorns-based strategies. Prioritize maximizing Tough as Nails, but avoid investing 3 points into it, as only the flat amount of Thorns increases with ranks, not its health-scaling aspect.

    Utilize Power Kick to efficiently expend Fury, while shouts serve as standard combat enhancements. We bolster our defenses through Thick Skin and Strategic Rallying Cry, providing ample fortification. As you can observe, our defenses remain consistently reinforced. This build operates with an unconstrained approach, effectively leveraging the scalability of Thorns damage. Maintaining a state of Berserking is crucial for optimizing its effectiveness. Failing to do so would negate this significant benefit entirely.

    Paragon Board

    For the Paragon Board, this is probably the most work-in-progress part of the build, but this is 100% functional. I’ve picked up practically max Health, which makes it tanky, makes the Thorns hit harder. We have Ambidextrous powering up all the blue nodes nearby. I like having this one cause you get the berserk damage and the damage reduction. I am running Carnage.

    Max Fury, because we’re scaling with Magnum Opus. Then we have Wrath and this is mainly a pick because I’m using Grandfather. If I didn’t have Grandfather, this would be territorial. Max Life and then Resistance. This is nice cause it allows you to drop that on the gear or not have to have as high rolls on your gear. Imbiber for some healthy damage and some more HP healing, but it’s actually one of the best choices for us. Then finally, we have Exploit with Decimator.

    I was surprised at how much fun I had with it. It’s also going to farm everything. Even I think Uber Bosses are going to be absolutely fine with this. But this is definitely an amazing build for AFK.

  • Diablo 4 Charge Barbarian Build: A Formidable Barbarian Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3 (Level 50-100)

    Feb 07 ,2024

    In Diablo 4 Season 3, the Charge Barbarian reigns supreme as the epitome of speed, strength, and destruction. I will unveil an endgame build of this build that not only excels at Level 100 but also dazzles from Level 50 to 100 without the need for any Unique items. Next, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this powerful build.

    Diablo 4 Charge Barbarian Build: A Formidable Barbarian Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3 (Level 50-100)

    Build Overview

    Introducing this ultimate Level 50-100 Charge Barbarian build, designed to dominate World Tier 3 and Tier 4 content effortlessly. By combining the power of HotA with Charge, we'll go through both mid-game and end-game challenges. Then I combine the AOE power of Charge with Battle Shout so you can spam Charge infinitely, have constant healing, and 100% uptime on Berserking.

    Besides, this build also combine the power of Charge with Hammer of the Ancients, and not only our AOE damage is insane, but we also have very respectable single-target DPS right out of the gates. So I'll cover the skill tree for the build, the aspects you need for that build, the gear you want, and the Paragon board for the build as well.

    When embarking on this build, it's essential to ensure you have a sufficient amount of Diablo 4 Gold available.

    Skill Tree

    Let’s go over the skill tree in more detail. You want 1 point into Lunging Strike and 1 point into Enhanced Lunging Strike. You do not need anything more than 2 points, as that’s enough to unlock the next portion of the skill tree. I’ve then put 5 points into Hammer of the Ancients, 1 point into Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients, and 1 point into Furious Hammer of the Ancients. I’ve then got 1 point into Rallying Cry, 1 point into Enhanced Rallying Cry, 1 into Strategic Rallying Cry, which gives us movement speed, resource generation, Unstoppable, and Fortify.

    1 into Challenging Shout, 1 point into Enhanced Challenging Shout, and 1 point into Tactical Challenging Shout. Then put 2 points into the passive Imposing Presence for more life, 1 point into War Cry, 1 point into Enhanced War Cry for the Berserking bonus. 3 points into Booming Voice and 3 points into Raid Leader for the healing, which while leveling from Level 50 to 100, is very useful for speeding through Dungeons and Vaults.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Charge

    5 Points into Charge, 1 point into Enhanced Charge, and 1 point into Power Charge. 3 points into Aggressive Resistance for the damage reduction, so we can put 3 points into Battle Fervor and 3 points into Prolific Fury for more Fury Generation. 3 points into Pit Fighter, 1 point into Thick Skin, so we can put 3 points into Counter Offensive, 1 point into Wrath of the Berserker, and then 1 point into each of the modifiers. 4 points into Wallop and finally 1 point into our key passive, Unconstrained.

    Gear & Aspects

    I placed the Steadfast Berserker’s Aspect, which gives us a chance to become fortified on damage while Berserking. Fortify gives us a 10% damage reduction, which is very useful. In terms of stats, you want cooldown reduction, damage while Berserking, maximum life, total armor, or maximum Fury. With the aspects we use, we hit the armor cap very quickly, which is around 14,000 for max-level monsters. So you do not need total armor on more than 1 piece of your gear because once your 2 armor aspects kick in, you’ll double the armor, which is already overkill.

    For your chest piece, put the Juggernaut Aspect, which provides a massive flat chunk of armor. We don’t use Evade in the build because Charge provides us with amazing Mobility Aspect. In terms of stats, you want damage reduction from close enemies, damage reduction, maximum life, or other damage reduction types, or total armor, depending on what your other armor’s roll.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Juggernaut Aspect

    For your gloves, I placed the Aspect of Limitless Rage, so when we use our hotter ability at maximum Fury, we can increase its damage even further. In terms of stats, you want ranks of Hammer of the Ancients as your number one priority, and then Critical Strike Chance closely behind.

    For pants, I placed the Aspect of Obedience for even more armor stacking. Then go for ranks of Charge as your priority, damage reduction from close, damage reduction, and maximum life. I’d avoid total armor in this slot.

    For boots, I placed the Ghostwalker Aspect, so whenever we’re unstoppable, we have even more movement speed. And 3 of our abilities in this build give us unstoppable, so we have this up nearly all the time. Fire and Poison explosions seem to be the most common in most Dungeons and Vaults, so I prioritize those resistances on my boots.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Ghostwalker Aspect

    For amulet, this is where I placed the Aspect of Ancestral Force. This is so we get more Hammer of the Ancients damage, and so HotA gets more of a cone AOE effect, making it much more usable.

    For your rings, you want to place the Bold Chieftain’s Aspect and Aspect of Echoing Fury. This reduces the cooldown of your shout skills and provides lots of Fury when you use your Shouts. You ideally want Critical Strike Chance, resource generation, damage while Berserking, and maximum Fury or maximum life for your ring rolls.

    For your weapons, you want your Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon to be the weapon you use when you use Charge, so it benefits from the Wallop passive. If you focus your highest DPS weapon for your Two-Handed Mace specifically while leveling, and then your other weapons are basically stat sticks with aspects on them. So for your Two-Handed Mace, you want damage while Berserking, all stats, strength, damage against close enemies.

    For your gems, and also for your armor and weapons, you need Rubies. Rubies give percentage Overpower damage and they give percentage life. Then for your jewelry, put on gems that give you resistances against the elements not really covered by your boots.

    Paragon Board

    Let’s go over the Paragon Board briefly. Start off by placing the Marshall glyph in your first slot. It’s the most important glyph for making this build work, so we want to unlock it as quickly as possible. Then place the Bone Breaker board down. This is one of the major ways we cause massive hits with this build. When an Overpower hits enemies, we Overpower every 12 seconds with this legendary node, which is amazing, which is why we stack all those Overpower damage bonuses.

    Then unlock the Blood Rage legendary node. This is why damage while berserking is one of the most important stats for this build because it’s essentially multiplied by 25% with this Paragon node. I then place the Crusher glyph so we cause even more damage with maces and we cause even more Overpower damage.

    Then we want to use the Carnage board and place the Ire glyph so we gain more damage while berserking and 10% damage reduction while berserking. Go across and next place the War Bringer board down and place the Exploit glyph so we do more vulnerable damage. Then go back and get the Decimator board and place the Dominate glyph.

    Your final Paragon board will be the Hemorrhage board. You don’t need to unlock the legendary node here, but you just place the Brawler glyph for even more Charge damage.

    Seneshcal Setup

    Your pet is actually really powerful, so I highly recommend leveling from 50 to 100 in Nightmare Vault rather than regular dungeons or overworld. So you can level up your stones at the same time. You want Flash of Adrenaline with Tactical Support, Duration Support, and Initiative Support, so you have a constant damage bonus applied to you.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Seneshcal Setup

    Then you want to use Tempest with Swift Support, Resource Support, and Safeguard Support so your Tempest fires every 0.7 seconds now, and you get Fury and even more damage reduction really quickly.

    Final Thought

    This Level 50 to 100 and beyond Charge Barbarian build will help you destroy absolutely everything in sight and requires no Uniques at Level 100. A more HotA-focused build does become more powerful once your focus goes towards bossing and you start adding more Uniques and perfect gear into the mix, but for Level 50 to 100, especially focusing on Charge, is just way more fun and way quicker to speed through Dungeons.

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