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Diablo 4 Cold Imbuement Twisting Blades Rogue Build: Rogue Endgame Build Guide For Season 3
Diablo 4 Cold Imbuement Twisting Blades Rogue Build: Rogue Endgame Build Guide For Season 3
Feb 22 ,2024

Get ready to delve into the Uber Cold Imbuementment Twisting Blades build. It’s absolutely mind-blowing how well it performs. Surpass my initial expectations, this setup has enabled me to single-handedly navigate through 4-man Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons with relative ease. I’ll cover everything from skills and the skill tree to gear, the seasonal mechanic, paragon boards.

Diablo 4 Cold Imbue Twist Blades Rogue Build: Rogue Endgame Build Guide For Season 3

How It Works

In terms of skills, our lineup includes Concealment, Dash, Twisting Blades, Cold Imbuementment, Caltrops, and Puncture with the specialization in combo points. Opting for Cold Imbuementment in this setup essentially replicates the effects of frostburns. A single strike with Cold Imbuementment and Twisting Blades instantaneously freezes enemies, resulting in substantial damage against frozen targets and offering significant Crowd Control.

Moving on to our utility skills, Concealment serves as our crowd control break and enhances our overall resistance, granting an 80% boost to all resistances upon exiting stealth. Additionally, it boasts a 10-second cooldown reduction on elite kills, ensuring it remains readily available for use.

Next, Caltrops proves to be a valuable asset, dealing considerable damage to enemies within its vicinity. When faced with a large pack of elites, deploying Caltrops will swiftly diminish their numbers.

For our Agility skill, Dash provides exceptional mobility and grants a critical multiplier against enemies we dash through. Combining Twisting Blades with Dash allows us to move quickly through enemy forces, leaving devastation in our wake. Twisting Blades and Puncture serve as our primary combo point generators, offering reliable damage output and ensuring our combo points remain consistently available.

Skill Tree

Just quickly go over the skill tree. We’re going 1 into Puncture with Fundamental Puncture, maxing out Twisting Blades with Advanced Twisting Blades, 3 into Sturdy, 3 into Siphoning Strikes.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Fundamental Puncture

Next, We’re going 2 points into Rugged, 3 into Weapon Mastery, 2 into Dash, picking up Enhanced Dash for that critical strike damage multiplier, 1 into Caltrops with Methodical Caltrops, making them chill, 1 into Concealment, and only picking up Enhanced Concealment.

Moving on, allocate 3 point into Exploit, 3 into Malice, 3 into Precision Imbuementment, maxing out Cold Imbuementment with Mixed Cold Imbuementment to make us do even more damage against frozen enemies. 3 into Frigid Finesse, 3 into Innervation for some more energy sustain, 3 into Second Wind, 1 into Adrenaline Rush, 3 into Haste, and finishing it off with Close Quarters Combat.

Gear Setup

Next up, we have our Diablo 4 Items. Starting with our helmet, we’re going to go with Harlequin Crest, giving us a ton of life, some cooldown reduction, +4 to all our skills, and a 20% damage reduction on top of that.

For the chest piece, go for life damage reduction, and for the last 2 rolls, you want to get 2 resistance rolls, excluding cold resistance, with the Resilient Aspect - Resilient Assailant's Doom Armor, giving us +10 to all of our elemental resistances and max resistances whenever we break Stealth. It also reduces concealment’s cooldown by 10 seconds whenever we kill an elite, making it come up super frequently.

For the gloves, you want to get ranks to twisting blades, crit chance, attack speed, and decks, with the Accelerating Aspect - Accelerating Runic Gloves.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Accelerating Aspect

For the pants, I decided to go with Tibault’s Will since we get Concealment up super fast. We can really take advantage of that 40% damage multiplier that Tibault gives whenever you become unstoppable, as well as it’ll give us another 50 energy back whenever we use Concealment.

Lastly, for the boots, we’re going with Penitent Greaves, allowing us to constantly chill enemies and give up to a 10% damage multiplier against chilled enemies, so it just fits right into this build.


Next, we have our weapons. For the crossbow, we want decks, all stat damage to crowd controlled, and for the last roll, you have a few options. I recommaend use the Bladedancer's Cross Axe. Go for either crit damage, damage to close, or damage with core skills. And for the aspect, we’re going to put Bladedancer's Aspect.

As for our melee weapons, on one hand, we’re using Condemnation, having some solid base stats and a 30% chance to provide us with 3 combo points and up to a 40% damage multiplier when we attack with 3 combo points. And on our other hand, we’re going to be going with Doombringer. This makes us an absolute tank, giving us a ton of life and reducing enemies' damage with a shadow explosion on a lucky hit.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Condemnation

If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold budget, my recommendation is to upgrade all these weapons to their maximum level. By doing so, you will significantly enhance your strength in the game.


Last up, we have our jewelry. For the amulet, we use the Juggernaut's Amulet. You want to go for movement speed, Dex percent, cooldown reduction, and ranks to Frigid Finesse. For the aspect, you want to go with Juggernaut Aspect, giving you all the armor you’re going to need for the build.

Next we will talk about our rings. For one ring, you want to get the Ring of Starless Skies. This ring has very good base stats and comes with an amazing, unique effect, allowing us to stack up a 40% damage multiplier by just spending energy. And it’s on top of that, it reduces our energy cost.

For your other ring - Rapid Circle, you want to go for life, crit chance, damage to crowd control, and crit damage with the Rapid Aspect. I prefer using rapid for some more attack speed, but you could swap this out for edge masters or expectant for some more damage.

Seneschal Constructs

Next up, we have the seasonal mechanic. For the first set of stones, we want to get Flash of Adrenaline and pair that with Tactical support, Duration support, and Genesis. Having these three supporting stones gives us 100% uptime on Flash of Adrenaline, giving us always 50% more damage.

For our other stone, we want to get Tempest paired with safeguard support, bridgid support, and lastly, Evernight. Tempest has a very low cooldown, making it have 100% uptime on safeguard and Evernight, giving us plus four to all our skills and an additional 15% damage reduction. Frigid support could be swapped out with Fortify support if you feel you have enough freezing capabilities or if you’re wanting some more defense or energy sustain, you can swap it with an different stone.

Paragon Boards

Next up, we have our paragon boards. So we do have a 6 board setup, and starting with our glyphs, we’re picking up closer in the first board, Combat in the Cheap Shot board, Chip in the Tricks of the Trade board, Exploit in the Elrich Bounty board, Control in the No Witnesses board, and finally, the Deadly Ambush board, we have turf.

As for the legendary nodes we pick up, we’re getting Cheap Shot for increased damage for nearby crowd controlled enemies, Tricks of the Trade because we’re alternating between Puncture and Twisting Blades all the time, we get this damage bonus for Twisting Blades, Eldrich Bounty so whenever we use Cold Imbuement, we just get some more cold damage, making Cold Imbuement hit even harder than it already does, and then finally Deadly Ambush giving us that critical strike multiplier to any enemies that are in our Caltrops.

Diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Build: How About This Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3?
Diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Build: How About This Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3?
Feb 20 ,2024

The build I'm presenting today is incredibly powerful, possibly the fastest one for Diablo 4 Season 3 - Arc Lash Sorcerer. A significant advantage is that you can still use this build effectively even without any Ubers. It's absolutely unstoppable! However, if you like this build, you’d better have plenty of Diablo 4 Gold to make it.

Diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Build: How About This Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3?

How It Works

Flickerstep coupled with attacks, reduces evade cooldowns significantly. Each attack not only reduces the evade cooldown but also diminishes the ultimate ability whenever an enemy is hit. However, the rapid kill speed might create a limitation as you may not consistently hit enemies.

Instead of relying solely on special abilities, consider utilizing the space bar, which has a 6-second cooldown. Each attack with the space bar reduces the cooldown, allowing for a sequence of 2 attacks followed by 2 more and then a Flame Shield, effectively resetting the sequence. Typically, 3 attacks suffice for a reset, but employing Unstable Current triggers an immediate reset upon activation, amplifying the build's potency.

The synergy between the Dash, which autonomously reduces cooldowns, and Unstable Current, which randomly activates skills, significantly enhances the build's potency. Once Unstable Currents are active, the abundance of attack speed facilitates faster resets, making every Arc Lash attack serve as a reset. Even without actively using other skills, the cooldown reduction is noticeable, with Ice Armor and Flame Shield activating seamlessly without interrupting movement. Activating Ice Blades ensures the Tal Rasha, although it interrupts movement, preventing simultaneous casting with Arc Lash.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Arc Lash


Here's an overview of the Diablo 4 Items you'll be using. First, we utilize the Harlequin Crest. Then we have the Raiment of the Infinite, offering enhanced AOE and a potent skill. Tibault's Will grants us temporary invincibility and mana, although mana isn't crucial for this build but is essential for the ball lightning build. Flickerstep is another key component, followed by Rapid Aspect for basic attack skill. Attack speed is prioritized once again, while cooldown reduction holds significant importance.

The Aspect of Adaptability serves as an additional aspect, providing a resource boost and multiplying our capabilities. Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop is utilized for its multiplier and cooldown reduction benefits, which could be further enhanced with additional cooldown reduction. As for the amulet, the focus is on the ball lightning build, hence mana cost reduction isn't necessary. Mastery passive or DPS-focused abilities are preferable.

Seneschal Constructs

Now, let's discuss the construct stones. Opt for Tempest with Efficiency and Breaking Support and Evernight. If Evernight isn't available, you can consider Safeguard instead. Flesh of Adrenaline with tactical duration and Genesis for 1.5 second is consistently powerful and is a staple in almost every build in Season 3.

Skill Tree

We have a lot of skills and like Lightning spells because our Unstable Currents proc them and they do a lot of damage actually like just all the accumulated procs. And we also have Fireball max, which we use the enchantment off together with teleport enchants for even more DPS. You might want to take some points off because it’s doing too much damage and the monsters are dying too fast. So you can’t really reset your Flickersteps that easily.

Max teleport, extra cooldown, which is really good and then max Glass Cannon. We don’t need this one anymore because we’re not spending mana. Lightning Spear, and enough Flames for more Fireball damage. You can also get rid of this and take, like movement speed or damage reduction. Then we have Unstable Currents, Esu's Ferocity, this is for the attack speed. It also works for your Lightning skills and ball lightning, more procs and good DPS. And Shocking Impact whenever we stand an enemy, which our lightning spear and our teleport do, we are doing another 45 base damage.

Paragon Board

Wwe prioritize destruction and utilize Ceaseless Conduit with Control. Then, the Frigid Fate is maximized. Moving up, we incorporate Enchantment Master to enhance our cooldown on teleports by 20%, a crucial aspect. Charged glyph aids in generating crackling energy through our Unstable Currents.

Additionally, Enchanter boosts our multiplier for Frigid Fate, resulting in higher DPS. The setup is quite comfortable, achieving the desired 1.3 multiplier. This setup includes the Pargon board and incorporates Searing Heat for added fire damage, coupled with Exploit for another 1.3 multiplier. We leverage our pet to proc vulnerability, making it one of the fastest and most enjoyable builds currently available.

Diablo 4 Boulder Storm Druid Build: A Thorough Druid Build Guide Of Season 3
Diablo 4 Boulder Storm Druid Build: A Thorough Druid Build Guide Of Season 3
Feb 19 ,2024

I eagerly anticipate sharing this Diablo 4 Season 3 build with all of the builders - the endless Boulder Storm Druid. I am confident that you will recognize the exceptional qualities of this build and its straightforwardness in acquiring the required gear.

Diablo 4 Boulder Storm Druid Build: A Thorough Druid Build Guide Of Season 3

How It Works

We opt not to rely on Boulder as a core skill, hence we forgo the use of Spirit. Specific gear is not a requirement. All you need is a single unique item that facilitates progression to endgame content. With this item, you'll have the capability to farm various targets, including Varshan, Grigoire and the beast in the eyes.

There are only 2 things you need to make this build work: the first being the unique Dolman Stone, and the second is the Symbiotic Aspect. It’s very simple to gear, and since Boulder is such a powerful ability naturally, gear required for this is going to be a lot less strict. All the Uniques that enhance this build are relatively common.

These Uniques being Vasily's Prayer, Insatiable Fury and then late-game Uniques such as Tibault's Will. So, it has a lot of potential, and then eventually, you could turn Boulder into the core skill version of this build. And prepare for some Diablo 4 Gold will benefit a lot when you do this build.


For the abilities, you can utilize Trample primarily for movement, although it also provides a source of Unstoppable. Following that, Hurricane is employed. It slows enemies damaged by it by 25% for 2 seconds, reducing their damage output by 20%, essential for the build. Earthen Bulwark serves as our secondary Unstoppable source, while also adding extra damage to our ultimate. Petrify is utilized to stun nearby enemies in stone for 3 seconds, increasing Critical Strike damage by 30% (boosted to 50% against bosses) to affected enemies.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Druid Skills

As for the basic attack, Claw is chosen. It boosts attack speed by 15%, with an additional point invested to grant a chance for double attacks. This enhances the frequency of Symbiotic Aspect procs, reducing cooldowns for all abilities, particularly Boulder, which forms the cornerstone of damage output. With Boulder, its Critical Strike Chance increases by 3% with each damage instance, as it rotates around us, enhancing its likelihood of hitting enemies and further boosting its Critical Strike chance.


For the aspects, there are several unique Diablo 4 Items to optimize the build. Firstly, Vasily's Prayer, while not essential, enhances the build significantly. It transforms Earth skills into Werebear skills, fortifying you in the process, thereby empowering Boulder with both Earth and Werebear damage.

Quicksand, chosen for the chest aspect, ensures that our Earth skills slow enemies by up to 50%, amplifying damage with other aspects. Symbiotic gloves are employed to reduce non-ultimate cooldowns of the opposite type by 5 seconds when Nature’s Fury triggers a free skill. Disobedience leg gear grants increased armor for 4 seconds upon dealing any form of damage, stacking up to 66%. Ballistic boots bolster skills by 2 ranks when Fortify is active. Edgemaster's Aspect, selected for the weapon, offers a flat 20% increased damage buff.

Nature’s Savagery offhand ensures that Claw triggers the Symbiotic Aspect. Craft Stone Band, our first ring choice, boosts Critical Strike damage of Earth skills by up to 40% against crowd-controlled enemies, which is always the case due to the Quicksand Aspect. Airidah's Inexorable Will, though not essential, enhances gameplay by pulling enemies towards you upon casting your ultimate, in addition to dealing physical damage. Finally, the indispensable Dolmen Stone allows Boulders to rotate around you when cast during Hurricane activation.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Dolmen Stone

Skill Tree

Basic Attack & Core Skills: Start with Claw as the basic attack, with one point in Enhanced Claw and Wild Claw. In core skills, invest 3 points in Predatory Instinct and 3 points in Iron Fur.

Defensive Skills: Allocate 1 point in Earth Enhanced Boulder and 1 in Earthen Bulwark. Then, assign 2 points in Ancestral Fortitude for maximum resistances and 3 points in Vigilance to progress further down the tree.

Wrath Skills: For the Wrath skills, invest 1 point in Elemental Exposure and 3 points in Endless Tempest to extend the duration of Hurricane. Prioritize Hurricane, Enhanced Hurricane and Savage Hurricane. Allocate 5 points into Enhanced Boulder and then Savage Boulder for increased damage potential.

Additional Skills: Invest in Crushing Earth (3 points), Safeguard (3 points), Stone Guard (3 points), and Trample (1 point) for movement. Enhance Trample for better mobility.

Ultimate Skills: Allocate 1 point in Petrify and consider adding another point for extended Critical Strike damage duration. Invest in Defiance (3 points), Natural Disaster (3 points), Resonance (3 points), and Quickshift (3 points) for increased damage output during shape-shifting.

Key Passive: Utilize the Nature’s Fury key passive, where casting Earth skills triggers a free Storm skill and vice versa. Combine this with the Symbiotic Aspect to reduce cooldowns and enhance skill usage frequency.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Symbiotic Aspect

Spirit Boons

For the spirit boons, I’m using Weariness and Aven Wrath to gain 30% Critical Strike damage. Bolster could be moved to Obsidian Slam. More overpowers are going to cause us to do more damage, especially with the glyphs that we have set up. And finally, we’re using Calm before the Storm. Nature magic skills have up to a 10% chance to reduce a cooldown of your ultimate skill. This is going to greatly increase the uptime of our ultimate. Other good options would be Iron Feather, 14% maximum life, or Swooping Attacks. More attack speed, faster procs.

Scythe Talons is actually not that great in this build because our Critical Strike Chance for Boulder is so high, and it increases its own Critical Strike damage is very important to this build, not chance for our construct abilities.

Seneschal Constructs

For the constructs, we use the Flash of Adrenaline, Tactical Support, Duration Support, and you can also have the Evernight. If you don’t, you’re just going to take Safeguard from Tempest. Then for the Tempest: Fortify Support, Efficiency Support, and if you end up moving Safeguard Support, you would be applying Piercing Support to help Tempest Rise.

Paragon Board

Start with the Outmatch glyph to increase resistance and physical damage against non-Elites and bosses. Proceed to the Inner Beast board, focusing on shape-shifting damage and attack speed. Then, move to the Earthen Devastation board for increased Critical Strike damage with Earth skills and enhanced damage against crowd-controlled or vulnerable enemies.

On the top board, prioritize Ancestral Guidance for an extra glyph. Utilize the glyph to apply vulnerability to enemies when damaged, ensuring consistent application of crowd control. Head back down to the Inner Beast board and proceed for the Survival Instincts board. Acquire damage and Werebear armor while in Werebear form. Use the Spirit glyph to increase damage inflicted by critical strikes. Move to the Constricting Tendrils board. Use the Fang and Claw glyph to enhance damage dealt by most enemies while in Wolf or Werebear form.

Finally, proceed to the Thunderstruck board and select the Overpower glyph. This glyph increases damage inflicted by 12% for 5 seconds when overpowering an enemy, contributing to the overall enhancement of Boulder damage without making it a core skill.

What do Items do in Diablo IV?

As we have seen in Diablo 4, there are too many item types that play different roles in your class's career. So many D4 Items are very useful and in high demand, such as Runes, Gears, Bases, Jewls, Miscs, Sets and more. You know, with these items, as we begin our campaign in Diablo 4, would have a qualitative leap in terms of strength and life-saving. D4Gold.com exists to help every gamers achieve the greatest results!

Available Diablo 4 Items Full Analysis

  • Normal Items (Grey): They only have the value of being broken down into materials.
  • Magic Items (Blue): With few affixes, it can be used early in the game and can be replaced by rare items later in the game. You can break down some of them to get materials.
  • Rare Items (Gold): Rares originally have three affixes. After reaching a certain item level, they will have four affixes. You can collect Rares with perfect affixes. A rare item with perfect affixes and a high item level can be sold for a very high price in the early stages of the game.
  • Legendary Items (Orange): Legendaries (not tradeable) have 4 Affixes. Even at low levels, they can be disenchanted for either crafting materials or extracting Aspects. Aspects are special effects that count as a 5th affix if you want. You can have only 1 Aspect per legendary item.
  • Sacred & Ancestral Items (Silver & Gold): They are advanced versions of common gear pieces (dropped at levels 1-50). Since they only drop on higher difficulties, they are essentially new item tiers. Sacred Items start dropping on World Tier 3, while Ancestral Items only appear on World Tier 4.
  • Unique Items (Purple): Uniques are the highest level and rarest items in Diablo 4. Some uniques can provide you with powerful effects, and some can completely change the way you play character builds.
  • Uber Uniques: The drop rate of Uber Uniques is as low as 1 in 1,000. Since Uber Uniques only drop from enemies level 85 or above, you may need to be at or above that level to have a chance of defeating the enemy and getting Uber Uniques.
  • Nightmare Sigils: The sources of Nightmare Sigils are mainly bounty missions, Nightmare Dungeon drops, and synthesis. You can use Nightmare Sigils to strengthen their corresponding dungeons. Later, these strengthened dungeons will provide stronger monsters, as well as more gold and gear based on affixes.
  • Aspects: Aspects are items that can be equipped on a character. They can provide some additional effects, such as increasing the damage of a certain attribute or skill. Aspects come in different types and levels, and each character can equip up to two Aspects. Aspects can be earned by completing specific tasks or events.
  • Gems: Gems can be inserted into slotted weapons or armor to add additional attributes or effects. Gems come in different colors and shapes, and each gem has a different effect (such as increasing attack speed or reducing skill cooldowns). Gems can be crafted or disassembled to increase or decrease their level.
  • Currency: There are various forms of currency in Diablo 4, including Murmuring Obols that can only be used at the Purveyor of Curiosities, Red Rust that can only be obtained in PvP zones, Platinum used to purchase cosmetics, Smoldering Ashes used to purchase Season Blessings, etc.
  • Consumables: Consumables include items that can be used in combat, such as Elixirs to restore health or mana, scrolls to increase attributes or effects, Incense to buff yourself and team members, runes to summon allies or enemies, etc. These items usually have a limit on how many times they can be used or how long they last, and they disappear after use.
  • Whisper Keys: Whisper Key is an important prop in the game, used to open treasure chests or unlock hidden rooms.
  • Upgrade Materials: These are things you will definitely encounter during your journey through the game and can be used to craft new items, strengthen weapons, etc. You can get a lot of upgrade materials by completing side quests.
  • Vampire Powers: Vampire Power is a new resource added in Season 2 and comes in two forms - Minor Vampire Power and Primary Vampire Power.

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