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D4Gold.com came into being while Blizzard Entertainment released a new Diablo series after more than ten years. We are bound to become the best supplier of all Diablo IV in-game products or services, and provide the most enthusiastic service and the most affordable products to the fans who are looking forward to and loving Diablo IV!

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March 17, 2023

6th June, 2023

20th July, 2023

PS4/5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

  • Designer:

    Joe Piepiora

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    John Mueller

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    Tiffany Wat

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    Joe Shely & Luis Barriga

  • Developers:

    Blizzard Team 3 & Blizzard Albany

  • Publisher:

    Blizzard Entertainment

  • Mode:

    Multiplayer video game

  • Genres:

    Hack and slash, Adventure game, Fighting game, Action role-playing

  • Classes:

    Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue and Necromancer

  • New Features:

    Re-playable, procedurally generated dungeons, and loot-focused character-building, an open world, and player versus player (PVP) interactions

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Best Nightmare Dungeons For XP In Diablo 4
Sep 25 2023

Level up your Nightmare Dungeon farming to get faster experience points, collect a huge amount of unique and legendary items, and boost your damage output through Paragon Points and the leveling of rare glyphs. 

By using these tips and tricks, you’ll speed up your progression in Diablo 4, achieving greater efficiency and making the most of your gaming time. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about nightmare dungeons. How nightmare dungeons work, why you should do them, which nightmare dungeons are the best to farm and tips on how to approach nightmare dungeons more efficiently. 

How Do Nightmare Dungeons Work?

To get into nightmare dungeons, you’ll first need to get to 50, clear the capstone dungeon, and transition into World Tier 3. I recommend getting your first nightmare sigil from opening Whisper Caches

Using a Nightmare Sigil in the consumables tab will transform a normal dungeon into a nightmare dungeon. Mob level is determined by a combination of the Sigil Tier and your current World Tier plus 50. Nightmare Sigils have Positive and Negative affixes that are worth paying attention to. 

Why You Should Do Nightmare Dungeons?

Nightmare Dungeons are essential for any Diablo 4 player because currently it is the best way to farm gear, experience points, and the only way to level glyphs. 

Nightmare Dungeons have the highest mob density in the game, and the least amount of distance between groups of enemies making it the perfect way to farm anything, such as Diablo 4 Gold. The ending screen also gives 4 bonus equipment drops, 2 of which are likely to be legendary

Nightmare Dungeons are also the only way to level up your rare glyphs for that extra damage. 

Not all Nightmare Dungeons are created equal. Some dungeons have poorly designed tile sets and objectives, leading to running into dead ends and doubling back more often than other nightmare dungeons, ending up with a lower experience points per hour. 

The best nightmare dungeons for efficiency are going to have the highest mob density, the least amount of traveling between groups of enemies, and the simplest dungeon objectives. 

Which Nightmare Dungeons Are The Best To Farm? 

Let’s go over which nightmare dungeons are the best and why. 

Sarat’s Lair

Starting with Sarat’s Lair. 

This nightmare dungeon has zero downside. Not only is it dense, but you’re also going up against spider type enemies. When you kill spider enemies, they blow up into even more spiders, making this dungeon one of the best XP per hour farms in the game. 

Sarat’s Lair is also one of the few dungeons to end with a boss that is centered somewhere on the map. After completing all of the objectives, just run to the larger sized room to finish off this nightmare dungeon. 

Uldur’s Cave

Uldur’s Cave is recommended by most players for a reason. 

You will be ambushed by mobs and elites non stop in this nightmare dungeon. Think of it as a free group of elites and mobs without the need to run to them. The different layouts are usually straightforward and easy to navigate, meaning less frustration vs some of the bottom tier maps

Uldur’s Cave has the potential to be one of the best elite enemies farm in the game. 

Mariner’s Refuge

Mariner’s Refuge is another nightmare dungeon where the boss resides in a potentially centralized portion of the map, making it impossible to double back to find the boss. 

Mariner’s Refuge has two simple objectives. The first objective is to destroy 3 structures located around the edges of the map. And the 2nd objective is just to defeat the boss. 

Of course mob density is great, but the thing that makes Mariner’s Refuge shine is the circular map. Run one lap around the map, and by the time you finish the lap, you’ll also be running back to the boss. 

Dead Man’s Dredge 

Dead Man’s Dredge ever since the beginning of the game has been a fan favorite for leveling. The layout is a mix of both linear, meaning a straight path followed by small loops

The first portion collecting the animus from elites will always involve some form of doubling back, but the last objective saving the prisoners won’t. Hug the wall all the way around, saving every prisoner. An elite will spawn on top of you, which will finish off the dungeon. 

Immortal Emanation 

Immortal Emanation has both an incredibly easy layout, easy objectives, and loads of enemies. 

The first objective will be to destroy 4 structures in a circle, all of which spawn elites by the way, and end with a boss fight. I would have to say this is probably one of the fastest dungeons to clear in the game, making it the perfect nightmare dungeon for glyph leveling. 

My only problem with Immortal Emanation is spirit type enemies and vampire type enemies are my least favorite to go up against. 

Other honorable mentions for great nightmare dungeons are: Mercy’s Reach, Komdor Temple, Charnel House, Nostrava Deepwood, Pallid Delve, and Tomb of the Saints.

If you encounter any difficulties while farming Nightmare Dungeons, you can check out our Diablo 4 Boosting service.

Top Tips For Nightmare Dungeons 

Here are my top tips for any players that are looking to maximize their experience while grinding nightmare dungeons.

My number one tip for you is to take advantage of the Occultists’ Salvage and crafting system for Nightmare Sigils. 

First, make sure to pick up every nightmare sigil you find, even for low tier dungeons. Next, salvage every nightmare sigil with either a bad dungeon or a bad affix. Craft more Nightmare Sigils and repeat the process until you run out of powder. Now, you should have a generous amount of sigils to spam until you run out. 

For my next tip, avoid menus at all costs. If your goal is to level as fast as you can, every time you open your inventory or feel the need to hang out in town and talk to the NPCs, you’re losing valuable time. I avoid NPCs and menus by being extremely selective in what I pick up during a dungeon. If I’m leveling but I need a certain Legendary Aspect, I’ll choose to only pick up Legendary drops and nothing else. 

Tip number 3 is all about speeding up your clear times. An ideal clear speed for nightmare dungeons is between 3 and 5 minutes. If your clear times are higher than 5 minutes, you have some troubleshooting to do. If your sigil tier is too high, consider running a lower tier, faster clears will always result in better xp per hour. Movement speed is really powerful for faster nightmare dungeon clears, try to always have move speed on your feet and amulet. There are even legendary aspects that can greatly increase your move speed.

 Best Nightmare Dungeons For XP In Diablo 4
Sep 21 2023
A Comprehensive Guide To Gear Progression In Diablo 4! - Levels 1 To 100

Considering Diablo 4 is a loot-based ARPG, equipment is one of the most important factors affecting your performance. In this gear guide, we’ll cover Diablo 4’s gear upgrade system, how to read gear stats, and farming strategies to get gear quickly.

Gear Rarity

From level 1 to level 50, it’s important to learn all the basics. Gear rarity is the first thing you should consider. Diablo 4 items are color coded, white for common, blue for magic, yellow for rare, orange for legendary, and gold for unique.

Rarity affects the number of add-ons a piece of equipment can have and its own value. These are important for dealing more and more damage in the endgame via multipliers. The higher the rarity of the gear, the more Diablo 4 Gold you’ll earn by selling it.

Legendary gear has some special enhancements. Such as adding functionality to equipment, making something stronger, or even changing the damage type properties of a skill.

Once you hit the level 50 to 100 range, some endgame builds require Uniques to work. Unique items have special aspects that can only be found on that unique item. Currently, most Uniques are useless, but the important ones can have an enormous impact.

Gear Progression System

In World Tier 3 and World Tier 4, Diablo 4 has a gear progression system that renders your previous gear useless. World Tier 3 will drop a new type of equipment called Sacred equipment. The difference between Sacred equipment and non-Sacred equipment is little big.

In World Tier 4, a new equipment type is called Ancestral. It is important to change your equipment immediately to cope with the increasing difficulty of the new World Tier. You can identify Sacred and Ancestral gear by the glow of their borders in your inventory.

Gear Stats

Here are some special nuances you need to know about gear:

  • Gear types can only roll specific affixes.
  • Accessories seem to have the largest affix pool.
  • Weapons can only roll offensive affixes.
  • Armor can mostly roll defensive affixes, with a few exceptions. For example, we can roll Chest Armor with Damage%, Primary Stats, and all stats.
  • Gloves are another exception with Crit Chance, Core Skill Ranks and Attack Speed.

Some types of gear have something called inherent affixes. For example, Rogue’s Crossbow has an Inherent Vulnerable Damage affix. You can also find other inherent add-ons on items like boots and pants. These add-ons can provide additional Evade Charges or add special bonuses for using potions.

Unique gear has static affixes, meaning they never change. But you can find better rolling affixes. We can re-roll affixes on Occultist through Enchantment Slots system.

Legendary Aspects have categories where only specific types of gear can be rolled. If you hover over Aspects, you extracted from Occultist. You can see that Utility Aspects as an example can only be printed on Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves and Amulets.

This also means that any other type of device cannot function in Utility Aspects. We can drop any equipment through sockets except Boots or Gloves.

You can add sockets at jeweler, but there are restrictions. Even though the maximum number of slots is 2, you can only add 1 slot for gear. So, although a Chest Armor can have 2 slots, if the dropped Chest Armor has no slots, only a maximum of 1 slot can be added.

The most popular gems in gear are Rubies in Armor, which increases the maximum health percentage. Emeralds in the weapon can improve Critical Damage and Vulnerability.

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Farming Strategies To Quickly Get Gear

Finally, let’s talk about the fastest way to farm equipment in Diablo 4. In early leveling, any dungeon with a Boss or Legion Event will drop guaranteed legendary items after level 35.

At level 15, Treasure Goblins drop guaranteed legendary items. Your major goal in early leveling should be to farm strongholds to gain experience. If you haven’t fully leveled up your Renown yet, please complete some unfinished dungeons in the meantime to gain Renown, gear, and levels.

When you reach level 50+, your best bet for getting new gear is farming Nightmare Dungeons, which you can complete quickly. Nightmare Dungeons takes you about 3-5 minutes to complete.

Of course, there are other ways to farm gear. You can use Murmuring Obols to exchange for rare equipment at Curiosities NPC. Collect caches by completing Whispers of the Dead. Alternatively, you can focus on opening Helltide with Mystery Chest or any other specific gear type you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, don’t miss our tips on quick and efficient ways to farm gear. Good luck and have fun on your journey to becoming a true Diablo 4 gear master.

Sep 15 2023
Diablo 4 Frost Lightning Sorcerer Build: Tier 100 Nightmare Farming Guide

Hello friends and welcome to my Frost Lightning Sorcerer build guide. Today I’m going to explain to you everything you need to know about how to play this build effectively on Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons and tips on how to farm in low level Nightmare.

In this guide, I’ll cover Aspects, Skill Tree, Malignant Hearts, and Stat Priority and some gameplay.

Before I get all set up, let me say that I highly recommend this build. Since it requires no farming for Raiment of the Infinite, it only requires a few Aspects and Diablo 4 items to complete.

You also get a good and simple range play style. It can blitz real CCed mob groups and kill bosses quickly to farm massive amounts of Diablo 4 Gold. No matter what type of creature you face, you can defeat it with this build.

How Does It work?

But first let’s see how to use it. For our major source of damage, spam Chain Lightning, which applies burn and spawns Frozen Orbs. Frozen Orbs make enemies vulnerable and apply ultimate freeze damage.

We can also use Lightning Spear to perform large-scale chain stunts. And the extra stun and freeze generated by Aspect of Shared Misery will spread to all CC through Chain Lightning hits. We also use Flame Shield for invincible teleportation for repositioning. Meanwhile, Frost Nova can be used to deal with enemies at close range, while Unstable Currents will give you a huge damage buff.


The build uses the following Aspects:

  • Everliving Aspect
  • Aspect of Shared Misery
  • Elementalist’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Disobedience
  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Frozen Orbit
  • Aspect of the Unbroken Tether
  • Accelerating Aspect
  • Recharging Aspect
  • Aspect of Control

Skill Tree

Let’s see which skills to choose first. We put two points into Fireball. This way, we can unlock its enchantment effect to burn targets we hit with Chain Lightning.

For the core skills, we put a little in Frozen Orbs and then Enchanted and Greater upgrades. For Chain Lightning, we invested five points and upgraded it to Enchanted and Destructive’s passive skills. We put two points in Devastation and three points in Elemental dominance. If you don’t have all the extra skill points, just place one in Devastation.

For defense, we put a little in Flame Shield and upgraded it to Enchanted and Mystical. Place a dot in Frost Nova to get Enchanted and Shimmering upgrades. We put two points in Elemental Attunement for extra defense and three points in Glass Cannon for extra damage.

Within the spell, we upgraded Lightning Spear to Enchanted and Invoked, which allows us to create a large amount of stun on a short cooldown. We’ve also placed three spots in all three defensive passives. When we activate any skill with a cooldown, they give us a nice damage reduction and additional obstacles.

On our ultimate, we gained Unstable Currents through Prime upgrade, so it also increases our attack speed. Finally, we have Vyr’s Mastery as our passive skill.

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Malignant Hearts

Next, let’s review Malignant Hearts. First, we take down Caged Heart of The Barber, which gives us a huge damage increase. This heart’s effect stores critical damage we deal for 2 to 4 seconds, then explodes to store all damage. This extra time gives us a chance to spread all of our CCs well.

Note that shorter duration Malignant Hearts are more beneficial for killing mobs. Hearts with longer duration are better for dealing with bosses. Because this build deals all three types of damage. And we can also get additional Shadow damage from Barber Heart. We’ve quadrupled the damage of Caged Heart of Tal’Rasha. Finally, we took a Caged Heart of Tempting Fate, which significantly increases critical hit damage.

Stat Priority

As you can see, this is the optimal launch priority for this build, the closer the better. We’re looking at critical hit chance and critical hit damage and health gain as our primary stats. Beyond that, we also need to get as close as possible to the statistics being displayed. That’s it for this guide. Good luck!

Sep 05 2023
Why World Tiers Are Important In Diablo 4? - A Comprehensive Guide

Diablo 4 introduces World Tiers, where ascending through increasing levels of difficulty will unleash progressively challenging trials upon you.

So, in this guide, we’ll cover how to unlock world tiers, why increasing world tiers is important for progression, and how to keep up with the difficulty. 

How To Unlock World Tiers?

Right when you start a character, you’ll have 2 world tiers immediately available. 

Think of World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 as normal mode and hard mode. The best practice at this point is just to leave it on World Tier 1 until level 50. 

Keep in mind you can also change world tiers at any time by going to the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad. Diablo 4 leveling rewards speed over difficulty, meaning if you clear mobs faster, you’ll level faster. 

You can unlock World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 by completing something called a Capstone Dungeon. There was a patch that placed a level requirement on unlocking the capstone dungeons, but this was ultimately reversed. 


The easiest way to complete the capstone dungeons is having a higher level friend beat the dungeon for you. Here, I recommend you to look at D4gold.com’s Diablo 4 Boosting service. There will be professional players with you and help you clear these difficult dungeons quickly.

Otherwise, you’ll have to complete it by yourself. If you attempt a capstone by yourself, be prepared with a good understanding of your class and high-level equipment. It’s not easy. 

Why Increasing World Tiers Is Important For Progression?

Here’s why you would increase the difficulty in Diablo 4. 

World Tiers are tied to both content and rewards. In World Tier 3, you’ll unlock the content Hell Tide. Hell Tides are a great way to get new high level legendary equipment faster than you normally would. 

Nightmare Dungeons are also unlocked in World Tier 3, offering one of the best ways to level in the game. 

On top of this, World Tier 3 and 4 offer a huge boost to experience points, more Diablo 4 Gold, and even new kinds of drops not available in the other world tiers. 

Increasing the difficulty in Diablo 4 unlocks new content, makes you stronger, and levels you faster. 

How To Keep Up With The Difficulty?

World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 have 2 new types of equipment, Sacred and Ancestral

You’ll need to get these new types of equipment immediately when you bump up the difficulty. These will be much stronger than what you were wearing before. 

The equipment progression loop is pretty simple. In World Tier 3, find an entire set of Yellow Sacred Equipment. As you find more Rare Sacred Equipment, switch them out based on their affixes. Replace any bad affixes at the Occultist through Enchanting. Imprint any high roll Legendary Aspects to this new equipment. Upgrade the Diablo 4 Items at the Blacksmith and at the Jeweler.   

Now, you’re ready to tackle the next world tier capstone and repeat the process all over again. 

Sep 02 2023
Diablo 4 Double Swing Barbarian Build: Best Barbarian Endgame Build Guide In Season 1

Here I bring you a new Diablo 4 build guide, Double Swing Barbarian. If you follow this, you’ll never even need the other Barbarian builds in Diablo 4.

Double Swing Barbarian has a ton of Crowd Control, damage, and survivability. Even better, this build requires only a handful of unique Diablo 4 Items, making it achievable even if you’re on a modest budget. Next let’s take a look at what makes this build work, and why it’s such a horror for those pesky monsters in Nightmare Dungeons.

Key Terms

First, let’s take a look at some terms we’ll be using in this guide and what they actually mean.

Fortify: Fortify is damage reduction. Let’s take an example: If you have 4,000 defense, but your max health is 10,000, you will take full damage until your current health drops to 4,000. When your health drops below the current amount of Fortify, you will start taking 10% less damage.

You become Fortify when your amount of Fortify equals your total health. This means that it reduced all the damage you take by 10%.

Berserking: Berserking is a buff that appears above your health bar when activated. While you are Berserking, it increased your damage by 25% and movement speed by 30%.

Unstoppable: You are immune to Crowd Control effects for the duration of this buff. When you’re Unstoppable, a giant golden sigil will appear above your head. This means you cannot be Crowd Controlled. You’ll also occasionally see enemies with this effect.

Skills Decomposition

Now that we understand some basic terminology, let’s take a look at some skills we use in this build.

First up, we have Lunging Strike, a Barbarian basic attack that allows us to close the gap on those pesky ranged enemies we all hate. Lunging Strike also allows us to be Berserking for a second and a half after using it to strike an enemy. We can clear all enemies and harvest a lot of Diablo 4 Gold in a short time.

Ground Stomp is an AOE Crowd Control ability that stuns enemies around the player. Deals a small amount of damage, but the main thing is that it can Double Swing, causing more damage to stunned enemies.

War Cry gives us Fortify and Berserking, and increases our damage output. Best of all, War Cry’s damage bonus also applies to nearby allies. This is a powerful ability that enhances your build and supports your close allies.

Rallying Cry is great for increasing movement speed and assisting our Fury spawn. Just like War Cry, it also works on nearby allies and increases their primary resource generation.

Challenging Shout is a taunt. It puts you in the spotlight and forces enemies to attack you. During Challenge Shout, you get a ton of damage reduction, which makes you an amazing tank.

Double Swing is the foundation upon which we build. This is our resource hog and will deal a lot of damage to enemies standing directly in front of you.

The actual power of this build comes from pairing Double Swing with Ground Stomp and other stun sources. If your target is stunned by Double Swing, you spawn 25 Fury. This means you can cast Double Swing infinitely as long as the enemy is stunned.

Skill Tree

Before we get bogged down in specific mechanics and how to play builds, let’s take a look at the skill tree and get an overview of builds. Put your first point into Lunging Strike, take Enhanced Lunging Strike, then we’ll choose to take Combat Lunging Strike. It will allow us to gain Berserking in the critical strike when using the ability.

Next, we’ll select Double Swing by placing all five points here. We’ll then pick up some passives that help us gain extra max life to reduce the extra damage from elites. Don’t worry too much about the increased Fury cost from the passive, as their damage is worth it.


In addition, you can also pay attention to the following two Aspects to help Fury spawn.

Bold Chieftain’s Aspect

Whenever you cast a Shout ability, each nearby enemy reduces the cooldown by 1-1.9 seconds, up to a maximum of 6 seconds. This means we can have greater uptime across all Shouts, which is invaluable to our builds. And means we get less downtime for the powerful buffs we get from Shout.

Aspect Of Echoing Fury

Your Shout ability generates 2-4 Fury per second while active. This helps mitigate some of our Fury generation issues. Because every time we use Shout, we get up to 4 Fury points per second.

At this point, the build is complete. Hope it helps you find an interesting Barbarian build. Looking forward to seeing you next time.

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