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Diablo 4 Bleed Barbarian Build: The Best Barbarian Build For Gauntlet In Season 3

Mar 11 ,2024 Author: D4gold

The Bleeding Barbarian build I'm about to introduce to you is surprisingly powerful. It's hands down the quickest setup I've ever assembled, boasting not only incredible speed but also the highest and most reliable damage output in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Diablo 4 Bleed Barbarian Build: The Best Barbarian Build For Gauntlet In Season 3

This build operates with seamless efficiency. It effortlessly plows through tier 100 challenges, annihilating foes with a single blow from the Ring of the Ravenous. If by any chance the enemy survives, use Rend to quickly dispatch it. It's also the setup I started off with in the Gauntlet. I think you're just as obsessed with this build as I am right now.

Build Overview

This build stacks a ton of bleed damage by picking up the Hemorrhage node in the Paragon board. We can easily get multiplicative scaling on our bleeds. It then unleashes all of this bleed damage with Rend, using Ring of the Ravenous for destroying bosses. It also uses Rupture.

The build shoves this ability, making your enemies explode with ease. For staying alive, the build also uses Iron Skin. When combined with the Disembowel and Marshal glyphs, we can keep up Iron Skin permanently.

Gear Setup

Let’s take a look at the gear and aspects making this build possible. If you have any issues with survivability, then I recommend swapping on Diablo 4 Items for more defense.

I’ll first show you items for the helmet. You definitely need the Shako. However, it is difficult to obtain. As an alternative, you can grab Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty, which is equally good.

As for the chest, you want to get the Juggernaut's Archon Armor. For the Gauntlet, you can also use Rage of Harrogath. We need a good defensive chest for Tier 100 farming or else we’ll die.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Rage of Harrogath

On our gloves, you should look for the same as I have with 1 exception: you don’t need the crit chance. Swap it for all stats if you can, since damage over time abilities can’t be crit. As for aspect, take Aspect of Elements for insane DPS.

For pants, we’re using Tibault’s Will. This is pretty important as it's our main source of Fury in this build, and the increase in damage is absolutely insane.

When choosing boots, we need to consider movement speed and resistance. The Ghostwalker Aspect is great, as we will be permanently unstoppable in this build. The stats that we want on them are all stats, strength, damage while berserking, and vulnerable to damage.

Then, let's talk about weapon. On the hammer, you’re going to want to imprint the Conceited Aspect. If you’re only interested in pushing Gauntlet and not Tier 100 farming, then you can drop the Conceited Aspect and Iron Skin to instead grab another aspect. You would then also pick up Leap.

For the dual wield weapons, just grab the correct stats. You also want to imprint Aspect of Ancestral Charge and Aspect of Berserk Ripping and easy-to-hit charges. If you have the Doombringer, then you can replace Aspect of Berserk Ripping.

As for the slashing weapon, you want to get a two-handed sword for the bleed damage and imprint Aspect of Limitless Rage. If you have the Grandfather, then you can use it as well for higher survivability, but since we can’t crit, the damage it brings is huge.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Grandfather

For the amulet, we can get some stats. We definitely want cooldown reduction and movement speed. I also recommend grabbing Brawling Skill ranks in case you miss a charge and need the cooldown reduction from it. Other than that, the Counteroffensive passive is a great damage option as well. For aspect, you’re going to want to imprint the Edgemaster’s Aspect. If you have any issues with survivability, then you can easily grab some defensives as well.

For rings, you first need to grab Ring of the Ravenous, as it is pretty much mandatory. For the other ring, we can get Ring of Starless Skies. It’s so good that it can double your damage if you find it. The stats that you can grab are damage to close enemies, damage while berserking, vulnerable damage, and max life. You can also use Aspect of Unrelenting Fury to more easily spam.

Seneschal Construct

Here are some stones I recommend: Tempest, Evanite, Resource, and Bleeding Support. These stones are not only enjoyable but also incredibly powerful. I utilize Bleeding Support to amplify my bleed damage and Resource to maximize my Rend spamming capabilities.

On the flip side, I employ Flash of Adrenaline for increased damage output, accompanied by Duration Support and Tactical Support, to prolong its effects. While I currently use Safeguard, I plan to switch to Genesis once it becomes available.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Genesis

Skill Tree

Let's optimize our skill selections for maximum effectiveness. First, prioritize maxing out Rend and selecting Enhanced and Violent Rend for added damage. In terms of defense, focus on bolstering your defenses with skills like Rallying Cry for continuous resource generation and Fortify, alongside Iron Skin and Enhanced Iron Skin to ensure its effectiveness.

Transitioning to brawling skills, prioritize War Cry for significant damage output, and maximize Charge for reduced cooldowns and increased damage. Additionally, acquire Power Charge for easy Charge resets. For those opting for speedruns and skipping Iron Skin, Leap becomes a viable alternative. Battle Further, our primary source of berserking, is also crucial for maintaining permanent uptime as long as we utilize Charge. Lastly, incorporate Swiftness to enhance our mobility significantly.

Let's delve into Weapon Mastery skills, which can prove highly valuable. Prioritize acquiring Rupture and Enhanced Rupture for potent boss-killing potential. Don't overlook key passives to enhance our damage output significantly. Moving on to ultimate skills, prioritize Invigorating Fury for self-healing upon using Rend, followed by Wrath of the Berserker for added offensive prowess.

When it comes to key passives, we consider Unbridled Rage, offering substantial damage boosts, albeit limiting Rend usage to twice before exhausting Fury. This remains my preferred choice for most scenarios, especially with Starless Skies equipped.

Alternatively, Unconstrained becomes viable for those prioritizing Rend spamming and facing Fury depletion issues. However, unless facing specific circumstances, Unbridled Rage typically remains the optimal choice.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Unconstrained

Paragon Board

Let's then turn to the paragon board. Starting with the Exploit node on the initial board, prioritize acquiring as many dexterity nodes as possible to maximize vulnerability. Transition to the Blood Rage board next, securing the legendary node to amplify damage during berserking and socketing for additional damage while berserking.

Proceed to the Carnage board to obtain the legendary node for increased attack speed and slot the Marshall glyph for continuous cooldown resets, offering significant advantage. Moving to the Decimator board, prioritize acquiring the legendary node for enhanced damage and select Disembowel glyph, not only for its damage boost but also for its ability to reset cooldowns upon killing bleeding enemies.

Transitioning to the Hemorrhage board is essential to make vulnerability damage multiplicative and to secure additional damage nodes. On the Warbringer board, focus on acquiring maximum Fury nodes to allow for an additional Rend press and conclude by selecting the Mortal Draw glyph for its high damage scaling. This strategic skill tree progression ensures maximum damage output and efficiency.

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