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Diablo 4 Charge Barbarian Build: A Formidable Barbarian Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3 (Level 50-100)

Feb 07 ,2024 Author: D4gold

In Diablo 4 Season 3, the Charge Barbarian reigns supreme as the epitome of speed, strength, and destruction. I will unveil an endgame build of this build that not only excels at Level 100 but also dazzles from Level 50 to 100 without the need for any Unique items. Next, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this powerful build.

Diablo 4 Charge Barbarian Build: A Formidable Barbarian Endgame Build Guide Of Season 3 (Level 50-100)

Build Overview

Introducing this ultimate Level 50-100 Charge Barbarian build, designed to dominate World Tier 3 and Tier 4 content effortlessly. By combining the power of HotA with Charge, we'll go through both mid-game and end-game challenges. Then I combine the AOE power of Charge with Battle Shout so you can spam Charge infinitely, have constant healing, and 100% uptime on Berserking.

Besides, this build also combine the power of Charge with Hammer of the Ancients, and not only our AOE damage is insane, but we also have very respectable single-target DPS right out of the gates. So I'll cover the skill tree for the build, the aspects you need for that build, the gear you want, and the Paragon board for the build as well.

When embarking on this build, it's essential to ensure you have a sufficient amount of Diablo 4 Gold available.

Skill Tree

Let’s go over the skill tree in more detail. You want 1 point into Lunging Strike and 1 point into Enhanced Lunging Strike. You do not need anything more than 2 points, as that’s enough to unlock the next portion of the skill tree. I’ve then put 5 points into Hammer of the Ancients, 1 point into Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients, and 1 point into Furious Hammer of the Ancients. I’ve then got 1 point into Rallying Cry, 1 point into Enhanced Rallying Cry, 1 into Strategic Rallying Cry, which gives us movement speed, resource generation, Unstoppable, and Fortify.

1 into Challenging Shout, 1 point into Enhanced Challenging Shout, and 1 point into Tactical Challenging Shout. Then put 2 points into the passive Imposing Presence for more life, 1 point into War Cry, 1 point into Enhanced War Cry for the Berserking bonus. 3 points into Booming Voice and 3 points into Raid Leader for the healing, which while leveling from Level 50 to 100, is very useful for speeding through Dungeons and Vaults.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Charge

5 Points into Charge, 1 point into Enhanced Charge, and 1 point into Power Charge. 3 points into Aggressive Resistance for the damage reduction, so we can put 3 points into Battle Fervor and 3 points into Prolific Fury for more Fury Generation. 3 points into Pit Fighter, 1 point into Thick Skin, so we can put 3 points into Counter Offensive, 1 point into Wrath of the Berserker, and then 1 point into each of the modifiers. 4 points into Wallop and finally 1 point into our key passive, Unconstrained.

Gear & Aspects

I placed the Steadfast Berserker’s Aspect, which gives us a chance to become fortified on damage while Berserking. Fortify gives us a 10% damage reduction, which is very useful. In terms of stats, you want cooldown reduction, damage while Berserking, maximum life, total armor, or maximum Fury. With the aspects we use, we hit the armor cap very quickly, which is around 14,000 for max-level monsters. So you do not need total armor on more than 1 piece of your gear because once your 2 armor aspects kick in, you’ll double the armor, which is already overkill.

For your chest piece, put the Juggernaut Aspect, which provides a massive flat chunk of armor. We don’t use Evade in the build because Charge provides us with amazing Mobility Aspect. In terms of stats, you want damage reduction from close enemies, damage reduction, maximum life, or other damage reduction types, or total armor, depending on what your other armor’s roll.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Juggernaut Aspect

For your gloves, I placed the Aspect of Limitless Rage, so when we use our hotter ability at maximum Fury, we can increase its damage even further. In terms of stats, you want ranks of Hammer of the Ancients as your number one priority, and then Critical Strike Chance closely behind.

For pants, I placed the Aspect of Obedience for even more armor stacking. Then go for ranks of Charge as your priority, damage reduction from close, damage reduction, and maximum life. I’d avoid total armor in this slot.

For boots, I placed the Ghostwalker Aspect, so whenever we’re unstoppable, we have even more movement speed. And 3 of our abilities in this build give us unstoppable, so we have this up nearly all the time. Fire and Poison explosions seem to be the most common in most Dungeons and Vaults, so I prioritize those resistances on my boots.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Ghostwalker Aspect

For amulet, this is where I placed the Aspect of Ancestral Force. This is so we get more Hammer of the Ancients damage, and so HotA gets more of a cone AOE effect, making it much more usable.

For your rings, you want to place the Bold Chieftain’s Aspect and Aspect of Echoing Fury. This reduces the cooldown of your shout skills and provides lots of Fury when you use your Shouts. You ideally want Critical Strike Chance, resource generation, damage while Berserking, and maximum Fury or maximum life for your ring rolls.

For your weapons, you want your Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon to be the weapon you use when you use Charge, so it benefits from the Wallop passive. If you focus your highest DPS weapon for your Two-Handed Mace specifically while leveling, and then your other weapons are basically stat sticks with aspects on them. So for your Two-Handed Mace, you want damage while Berserking, all stats, strength, damage against close enemies.

For your gems, and also for your armor and weapons, you need Rubies. Rubies give percentage Overpower damage and they give percentage life. Then for your jewelry, put on gems that give you resistances against the elements not really covered by your boots.

Paragon Board

Let’s go over the Paragon Board briefly. Start off by placing the Marshall glyph in your first slot. It’s the most important glyph for making this build work, so we want to unlock it as quickly as possible. Then place the Bone Breaker board down. This is one of the major ways we cause massive hits with this build. When an Overpower hits enemies, we Overpower every 12 seconds with this legendary node, which is amazing, which is why we stack all those Overpower damage bonuses.

Then unlock the Blood Rage legendary node. This is why damage while berserking is one of the most important stats for this build because it’s essentially multiplied by 25% with this Paragon node. I then place the Crusher glyph so we cause even more damage with maces and we cause even more Overpower damage.

Then we want to use the Carnage board and place the Ire glyph so we gain more damage while berserking and 10% damage reduction while berserking. Go across and next place the War Bringer board down and place the Exploit glyph so we do more vulnerable damage. Then go back and get the Decimator board and place the Dominate glyph.

Your final Paragon board will be the Hemorrhage board. You don’t need to unlock the legendary node here, but you just place the Brawler glyph for even more Charge damage.

Seneshcal Setup

Your pet is actually really powerful, so I highly recommend leveling from 50 to 100 in Nightmare Vault rather than regular dungeons or overworld. So you can level up your stones at the same time. You want Flash of Adrenaline with Tactical Support, Duration Support, and Initiative Support, so you have a constant damage bonus applied to you.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Seneshcal Setup

Then you want to use Tempest with Swift Support, Resource Support, and Safeguard Support so your Tempest fires every 0.7 seconds now, and you get Fury and even more damage reduction really quickly.

Final Thought

This Level 50 to 100 and beyond Charge Barbarian build will help you destroy absolutely everything in sight and requires no Uniques at Level 100. A more HotA-focused build does become more powerful once your focus goes towards bossing and you start adding more Uniques and perfect gear into the mix, but for Level 50 to 100, especially focusing on Charge, is just way more fun and way quicker to speed through Dungeons.

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