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Diablo 4 Shadow Minion Summoner Necromancer Build: How To Build It?

Jun 10 ,2023 Author: D4gold

This is about the Shadow Minion Summoner build, which is a Necromancer build. It does a lot more damage than my other build, but it’s a lot harder to manage the essence pool.

I’ll go over the Skill Tree, Paragon Board, Book of the Dead, key aspects and key stats for the gear. I’ll also go over how I play the build.

Diablo 4 Shadow Minion Summoner Necromancer Build: How To Build It?

Skill Tree

Here is the skill tree.

The basic skill is level 4 Reap. I think it works better than Decompose because it can hit multiple enemies in one attack.

The core skill is level 5 Supernatural Blight, which also slows enemies and boosts minion damage.

The third tier has level 3 in both Skeletal Warriors Mastery and Grim Harvest. The curse is level 1 Abhorrent Decrepify, which gives a small chance to reduce the cooldown on the Golem’s slam. There’s also level 3 Skeletal Mages. By the way, some skills in this build require gold to level up, please prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold in advance.

I take 5 passives in tier 5, all with 3 points: Necrotic Carapace, Reaper’s Pursuit, Crippling Darkness, Gloom and Terror.

The build uses Reapers to generate corpses so fortify builds up pretty quickly. And all the darkness passives help scale damage from the Skeletal Mages and my Necromancer.

The ultimate is Supreme Army of the Dead, which I’m using to easily resummon minions after dying or when there are no corpses.

Lastly, the key passive is Shadowblight.

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Paragon Board

I’m still working on the Paragon Board. The starting board has the Mage glyph. The next board is Cult Leader with Warrior glyph, and the damage rare nodes. I’m not sure what the second board is yet. But I’m thinking about Wither and maybe the Darkness glyph or Scourge.

Book Of The Dead

For the Book of the Dead, I have Reapers with corpse generation Shadow Mages with extra attack and Iron Golem with vulnerability.


There are 4 key aspects for the build:

Blight vacuum to stack all the monsters into one spot - Sovereign Vambrace of the Void

Shadowblight stacking and Shadowblight increased damage to scale the damage from my Necromancer and Shadow Skeletal Mages - Gargoyle Greatsword of Decay & Blighted Band

Skeletal Mages on amulet to get +3 mages - Viscous Amulet

Diablo 4 all Aspects for this build

Here are all the aspects you need:

  • Aspect of the Embalmer (Helm)
  • Aspect of Hardened Bones (Chest Armor)
  • Blood Getter’s Aspect (Gloves)
  • Aspect of the Protector (Pants)
  • Aspect of the Void (Boots)
  • Aspect of Decay (Weapon)
  • Viscous Aspect (Amulet)
  • Blighted Aspect (Ring 1)
  • Aspect of Frenzied Dead (Ring 2)

Key Stats For Gear

I think the key stats are: Darkness Damage, DoT Damage, Minion Life and Minion Attack Speed.

Skill Rotation

Here’s the skill rotation.

Firstly, cast Blight. This will pull all the monsters into one spot.

Next, use Golem slam for stun and vulnerability.

Then, cast Decrepify to get the cooldown reduction.

After that, spam Blight until the Essence pool is empty.

There are two ways to regenerate Essence. Against regular monsters, you can use Reap. And against elites or bosses, stand at a distance and spam Raise Skeleton to get 6 essence from each corpse and also healing your skeletons.

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