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  • Best Nightmare Dungeons For XP In Diablo 4

    Sep 25 ,2023

    Level up your Nightmare Dungeon farming to get faster experience points, collect a huge amount of unique and legendary items, and boost your damage output through Paragon Points and the leveling of rare glyphs. 

    By using these tips and tricks, you’ll speed up your progression in Diablo 4, achieving greater efficiency and making the most of your gaming time. 

    In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about nightmare dungeons. How nightmare dungeons work, why you should do them, which nightmare dungeons are the best to farm and tips on how to approach nightmare dungeons more efficiently. 

    Best Nightmare Dungeons For XP In Diablo 4

    How Do Nightmare Dungeons Work?

    To get into nightmare dungeons, you’ll first need to get to 50, clear the capstone dungeon, and transition into World Tier 3. I recommend getting your first nightmare sigil from opening Whisper Caches

    Using a Nightmare Sigil in the consumables tab will transform a normal dungeon into a nightmare dungeon. Mob level is determined by a combination of the Sigil Tier and your current World Tier plus 50. Nightmare Sigils have Positive and Negative affixes that are worth paying attention to. 

    Why You Should Do Nightmare Dungeons?

    Nightmare Dungeons are essential for any Diablo 4 player because currently it is the best way to farm gear, experience points, and the only way to level glyphs. 

    Nightmare Dungeons have the highest mob density in the game, and the least amount of distance between groups of enemies making it the perfect way to farm anything, such as Diablo 4 Gold. The ending screen also gives 4 bonus equipment drops, 2 of which are likely to be legendary

    Nightmare Dungeons are also the only way to level up your rare glyphs for that extra damage. 

    Not all Nightmare Dungeons are created equal. Some dungeons have poorly designed tile sets and objectives, leading to running into dead ends and doubling back more often than other nightmare dungeons, ending up with a lower experience points per hour. 

    The best nightmare dungeons for efficiency are going to have the highest mob density, the least amount of traveling between groups of enemies, and the simplest dungeon objectives. 

    Which Nightmare Dungeons Are The Best To Farm? 

    Let’s go over which nightmare dungeons are the best and why. 

    Sarat’s Lair

    Starting with Sarat’s Lair. 

    This nightmare dungeon has zero downside. Not only is it dense, but you’re also going up against spider type enemies. When you kill spider enemies, they blow up into even more spiders, making this dungeon one of the best XP per hour farms in the game. 

    Sarat’s Lair is also one of the few dungeons to end with a boss that is centered somewhere on the map. After completing all of the objectives, just run to the larger sized room to finish off this nightmare dungeon. 

    Diablo 4 Sarat’s Lair

    Uldur’s Cave

    Uldur’s Cave is recommended by most players for a reason. 

    You will be ambushed by mobs and elites non stop in this nightmare dungeon. Think of it as a free group of elites and mobs without the need to run to them. The different layouts are usually straightforward and easy to navigate, meaning less frustration vs some of the bottom tier maps

    Uldur’s Cave has the potential to be one of the best elite enemies farm in the game. 

    Mariner’s Refuge

    Mariner’s Refuge is another nightmare dungeon where the boss resides in a potentially centralized portion of the map, making it impossible to double back to find the boss. 

    Mariner’s Refuge has two simple objectives. The first objective is to destroy 3 structures located around the edges of the map. And the 2nd objective is just to defeat the boss. 

    Of course mob density is great, but the thing that makes Mariner’s Refuge shine is the circular map. Run one lap around the map, and by the time you finish the lap, you’ll also be running back to the boss. 

    Dead Man’s Dredge 

    Dead Man’s Dredge ever since the beginning of the game has been a fan favorite for leveling. The layout is a mix of both linear, meaning a straight path followed by small loops

    The first portion collecting the animus from elites will always involve some form of doubling back, but the last objective saving the prisoners won’t. Hug the wall all the way around, saving every prisoner. An elite will spawn on top of you, which will finish off the dungeon. 

    Immortal Emanation 

    Immortal Emanation has both an incredibly easy layout, easy objectives, and loads of enemies. 

    The first objective will be to destroy 4 structures in a circle, all of which spawn elites by the way, and end with a boss fight. I would have to say this is probably one of the fastest dungeons to clear in the game, making it the perfect nightmare dungeon for glyph leveling. 

    My only problem with Immortal Emanation is spirit type enemies and vampire type enemies are my least favorite to go up against. 

    Other honorable mentions for great nightmare dungeons are: Mercy’s Reach, Komdor Temple, Charnel House, Nostrava Deepwood, Pallid Delve, and Tomb of the Saints.

    If you encounter any difficulties while farming Nightmare Dungeons, you can check out our Diablo 4 Boosting service.

    Top Tips For Nightmare Dungeons 

    Here are my top tips for any players that are looking to maximize their experience while grinding nightmare dungeons.

    My number one tip for you is to take advantage of the Occultists’ Salvage and crafting system for Nightmare Sigils. 

    First, make sure to pick up every nightmare sigil you find, even for low tier dungeons. Next, salvage every nightmare sigil with either a bad dungeon or a bad affix. Craft more Nightmare Sigils and repeat the process until you run out of powder. Now, you should have a generous amount of sigils to spam until you run out. 

    For my next tip, avoid menus at all costs. If your goal is to level as fast as you can, every time you open your inventory or feel the need to hang out in town and talk to the NPCs, you’re losing valuable time. I avoid NPCs and menus by being extremely selective in what I pick up during a dungeon. If I’m leveling but I need a certain Legendary Aspect, I’ll choose to only pick up Legendary drops and nothing else. 

    Tip number 3 is all about speeding up your clear times. An ideal clear speed for nightmare dungeons is between 3 and 5 minutes. If your clear times are higher than 5 minutes, you have some troubleshooting to do. If your sigil tier is too high, consider running a lower tier, faster clears will always result in better xp per hour. Movement speed is really powerful for faster nightmare dungeon clears, try to always have move speed on your feet and amulet. There are even legendary aspects that can greatly increase your move speed.

  • Diablo 4 Tornado Druid Build: Fastest Druid Leveling Build (Level 1-50)

    Jun 27 ,2023

    As someone who's tried every class in different ways, leveling a Druid just sucks. Before you get to the endgame and have a full set of uniques and aspects, the class just feels a bit clunky.

    But among all the clunky skills and build options for leveling, I personally believe this Tornado Druid is the strongest and fastest leveling option from Level 1 until World Tier 3 where you can decide what build you'd like to focus on for the endgame.

    Before I get into the guide, I also want to mention: if you're making a druid to play the Tornado Wolf Variant, this build is the best segue to start with and will have you targeting stats and legendaries that are going to directly translate into your endgame build.

    Tornado Druid Build Overview

    First, let's do an overview of the build.

    Our main source of damage in this build is Tornado. Of the core skill options available while leveling because you don't have access to the uniques and aspects (that you'd want to make some of the other core skills better), Tornado is the strongest core skill option.

    The playstyle for this build is really simple. You generate spirit and spam tornadoes. The build gets a bit more involved once you get aspects and uniques online. But while leveling, the build is very simplified.

    Diablo 4 Tornado Druid Build - Fastest Druid Leveling Build (Level 1-50)

    For our basic skill, we're using Storm Strike. Because this is going to apply some Crowd Control and it's generally the fastest spirit regeneration option while leveling.

    Then, for general skills, first we're going to take Wolves to draw aggro and give us some supporting damage. Then, Earthen Bulwark for some Fortify. It gives us defensives and also enables some of the passive choices that I've made in the skill tree. On top of that, Earthen Bulwark will give us Unstoppable that allows us to get out of Crowd Control.

    Next, we have Hurricane to apply Slow on enemies and also make them Vulnerable, which is going to increase our damage if we build correctly. Because we're planning to deal damage to Crowd Control and slowed enemies.

    For the final skill, we're going to use Trample for some much needed mobility in an additional Unstoppable. I'll also mention you could swap Trample to Blood Howl if you like as a heel and a way to get some spirit. But I prefer Trample for my build.

    So, those are the primary skills. Of course, some of these skills can only be unlocked after you reach a certain level requirement. You'd better prepare plenty of Diablo 4 Gold in advance.


    Now, let's quickly talk about some of the most important aspects.

    Diablo 4 Tornado Druid Build Aspects

    First, an aspect that I really value for the leveling experience is Stormchaser's Aspect. This is going to make it so Tornado is prioritizing hitting three targets rather than just spiraling out of control on its own.

    Next, we have Shepherd's Aspect. This is going to give us some nice increased damage from our two wolf companions.

    Then, Rapid Aspect is a rather important one. Our basic skill is very slow attacking without it. And seeing as while you're leveling, spirit is quite a problem. Rapid Aspect allows you to generate spirit back much faster and is very valuable to have.

    Those are the three most important aspects. But I do want to make some honorable mentions that you can go with if you find them on your journey. Those would be:

    • Conceited Aspect
    • Aspect of the Alpha
    • Edgemaster's Aspect

    Don't worry about prioritizing those aspects. But there's some nice added damage for the build if you manage to find them.

    How Do You This Build?

    Now that we’ve talked about the skills and the aspects, how do you play the build?

    It’s really simple. You’re aiming to use Tornado as often as possible. So, if I engage a pack of enemies, for example, I’ll start by activating Hurricane and then using all my spirit with Tornado.

    Then, when you’re out of energy, use Storm Strike. You might wonder when do we use our other skills.

    Trample is best used for Mobility or to Crowd Control some enemies. Earthen Bulwark is your general defensive option and also provides Unstoppable to get out of Crowd Control. You should use this when you’re in a tough situation. Finally, for the Wolves active ability, I generally use this on priority targets. Those include shield minions, Elites, and bosses.

    While you’re leveling, it is also important to know what secondary stat lines to keep an eye out for. This is what I’ll do to help you. I’ll highlight some of the most important statlines to keep an eye out for and then I’ll also highlight some important statlines on specific pieces of gear.

    Some of the most General important statlines on your Druid are:

    • Critical Strike Chance
    • Critical Strike Damage
    • Core Skill Damage
    • Damage to Close Enemies
    • Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies

    Once you get later on, Vulnerable Damage is more important, too. But early on, you don’t really have a lot of vulnerable stacking. So, it’s not as important while leveling.

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    Important Stats To Keep An Eye Out For While Leveling

    Anyway, now let’s talk about some certain statlines on specific pieces of gear:

    • Helmets: Maximum Spirit
    • Gloves: Tornado, Attack Speed, Crit Strike Chance
    • Boots: Spirit Cost Reduction
    • Chest & Legs: Defensive Values (Defense)

    For your weapon and jewelry, you should keep an eye out for the stats I mentioned before.

    This build is relatively simple. If you’re already in endgame content, you’ll need stronger builds to strengthen your character. But making a build is not an easy process. If you are worried about this, you may wish to take a look at the Diablo 4 Boosting Service on this site. This service can not only help you achieve rapid character leveling but also provide you with Diablo 4 Builds Service, tailoring 5 builds for endgame for you. You can also find other corresponding services according to your needs. Hope it can help you.

  • Diablo 4 Pure Minions Summoner Necromancer Build: Necromancer Endgame Build

    Jun 27 ,2023

    This is my Endgame Pure Minions Summoner build. It’s a true pure minions build because the minions do all the work while you just curse and crowd control. There’s no Bone Spear or Corpse Explosion here. 

    But it’s still a minion build. So, it will have problems with suppressor shields and not being able to focus fire. The build is built around the unique Ring of Mendeln, which gives your minions a big damage boost. But it relies on Lucky Hit. 

    Note that you need to get a Lucky Hit first before it triggers the 10% chance to explode. 

    Diablo 4 Pure Minions Summoner Necromancer Build - Necromancer Endgame Build

    Skill Tree 

    Here is the skill tree. And note: you need to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold in advance to upgrade the rank of these skills.

    The build doesn’t use a basic skill, so 2 points in anything. 

    The Core Skill is rank 1 Supernatural Blight to get slow and more damage. The build actually uses the Bone Prison Blight Aspect, so Blight isn’t on the cast bar. 

    There’s also rank 3 Hewed Flesh to get Fortify from Corpses. 

    In the 3rd tier, rank 5 Ghastly Bone Prison gives Vulnerable. This is the main spell for triggering Lucky Hit for the Mendeln explosions. Extra ranks from gear will help reduce the cooldown.  

    There’s also rank 3 Skeletal Warrior. The Curse is rank 5 Abhorrent Decrepify for slow, damage reduction, stun and chance to reduce cool downs. Your minions can trigger the cool down reduction.  

    There are also rank 3 Skeletal Mages and rank 3 Death’s Embrace, which I’m using for the 9% damage reduction. 

    In the next tier, it’s rank 1 Plagued Corpse Tendrils for the pull, slow and Vunerable. Extra ranks from gear will help reduce the cooldown. 

    There are also: rank 3 Necrotic Carapace to get fortify; rank 1 Reaper’s Pursuit and rank 3 Crippling Darkness for the stun

    The Ultimate is the Supreme Army of the Dead. While it’s not a strong skill by itself, the build uses the Aspect to get a big DPS boost. The high Lucky Hit chance will also help trigger Mendeln explosions. 

    I also take all the minion passives:

    • Bonded in Essence
    • Death’s Defense
    • Golem Mastery
    • Hellbent Commander
    • Inspiring Leader

    Lastly, the key passive is Kalan’s Edict. I’m still not sure about this because it can be very hard to not take any damage. The other option is Shadowblight, which I think triggers from the Bone Prison Blight, but I’m not sure. 

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    Paragon Board 

    Here is the Paragon Board.

    In the starting board, I have Warrior, with some extra Dexterity nodes, to activate the increased Armour. At lower character levels, I recommend socketing Control here instead and getting the Intelligence nodes to activate the additional bonus. 

    The second board is the Cult Leader. I picked up all the Minion nodes except for Armour Clad. The Glyph is Dead Raiser, which gives a big bonus to the Minion Damage Reduction nodes. This glyph should be the priority for levelling up. 

    The third board is Hulking Monstrosity with the Mage Glyph and extra Intelligence nodes around the socket. 

    The next board is Scent of Death, which is just for the Legendary, which is just for the Legendary node and socketing the Control Glyph. The damage bonus should be active all the time because this build has many sources of slow, chill, stun and frozen. 

    Lastly, I think Bloodbath with Amplify might be a good choice if you have more Paragon Points to spend. Or, you can go back to the other boards to get more minion damage or stats. 

    Book Of The Dead 

    For the Book of the Dead, I chose Reapers with corpse generation to build Fortify from Necrotic Carapace, Cold mages with Vulnerable, and Blood Golem with 15% damage absorb. 

    Legendary Aspects 

    There are two important Aspects for crowd control and triggering Mendeln explosions: Bone Prison spawns Blight and Blight pulls nearby enemies.  

    Diablo 4 Ring of Mendeln

    So, with one cast of Bone Prison, all your enemies will be pulled into one spot. They will get vulnerable from Bone Prison, slow and stun from Blight, and you should get a Lucky Hit to trigger the Mendeln explosions. 

    I also have Bone Prison explode Aspect. The idea is to trigger Lucky Hit a second time, but I’m not 100% sure about this. 

    The other useful aspects are: extra Skeletal Warriors and Mages, Minion Damage Reduction, Cold Mage Blizzard, Minion Attack Speed on the amulet, and Army of the Dead for the DPS boost. 

    Stats For Gear 

    It’s important to get as much Lucky Hit chance as possible on your gear.  

    Wands have Lucky Hit base stat, and you can get a Focus with Lucky Hit from the rare monster in Kehjistan. You can also get Lucky Hit on gloves and rings. 

    For the other stats, focus on survivability. Look for Maximum Life and Damage Reduction, as well as Maximum Minion Life. I also highly recommend Movement Speed on boots and amulet. 

    Skill Rotation 

    The typical skill rotation is: 

    1. Decrepify (curse)

    2. Bone Prison (CC + lucky hit)

    3. Bone Prison (break BP)

    4. Corpse Tendrils (CC) 

    I’ll also cast Skeletal Priest for healing and damage boost, and the Golem ability for extra AoE damage. Against tough Elites or when a boss is staggered, I cast Army of the Dead for the DPS boost. 

    And the rest of the time, I run around avoiding damage. 

    Overall, I think this build is very comfortable to play and both you and your minions will have good survivability and damage.

    I don’t know if you have experienced endgame content now? If you are experiencing it, have you felt difficult because of some tough tasks and world bosses? Luckily, this website has opened the Diablo 4 Boosting service. Whether you want to level up quickly or overcome some difficult world quests quickly, there will be professional players to help you quickly solve your needs.

  • How To Fill Out Your Codex Of Power Quickly In Diablo 4?

    Jun 14 ,2023

    Unlocking all aspects in the Codex of Power requires completing all dungeons in Diablo 4. Doing this also has the added benefit of awarding a lot of renown, which is essential to get permanent unlocks for all characters, including 10 Skill Points and 20 Paragon Points.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways to make completing all dungeons a lot easier and more efficient, all of which will be covered in this guide.

    How To Fill Out Your Codex Of Power Quickly In Diablo 4

    Make Dungeons Easy By Going To World Tier 1 In Kyovashad

    The first way to increase dungeon completion speed is by doing them on World Tier 1 once you’ve reached a higher level.

    If you get above level 50, and go to World Tier 1, the enemies in dungeons are capped at level 50. This makes clearing any dungeon a breeze and doable within a few minutes.

    By the way, if you can reserve a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold in advance, you can buy better equipment and armors, and you can also make different powerful builds to strengthen your characters. This will also be of great help to your quick leveling!

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    Group Up Then Divide And Conquer Dungeons At 4x The Speed!

    The next way to increase dungeon completion speed is by divvying up the task with a group of friends or like-minded people.

    To do this, get in a group of four. Then, have each player go and complete a separate dungeon.

    Players should be going to dungeons they have not gotten completion credit for, which will be indicated on the map by Dungeon Icons that also contain a chest symbol. If the dungeon icon has either a checkmark, or is just absent a chest symbol, it means you’ve gotten completion credit for it already.

    As of the latest patch, you’ll get completion credit for any dungeon that a party member completes, even if you are not in that dungeon for said completion. You will also get the 30 Renown Points and Aspect Entry in the Codex of Power from that dungeon.

    The only potential downside is that dungeon difficulty will be scaled up for 4 players. But if you are playing on World Tier 1, especially at higher levels, it shouldn’t make a noticeable difference.

    From my own experience, if these two methods are combined, all dungeons can be completed within a few hours.

    Diablo 4 Codex Of Power

    Do Dungeon Side Quests Alongside Dungeons For Efficiency

    Now, there is one more way to make your dungeon delving more efficient and earn you even more renown.

    Some dungeons have side quests associated with them, and each side quest also awards 20 Renown in the region it is completed in.

    Seeing as at least some side quests will need to be completed to reach max renown in each region, it is worthwhile to be completing side quests alongside dungeons whenever possible. Of course, if you encounter difficulties in completing the quests, you can try D4 Boosting service of this website. We will have professional players to help you solve such difficulties.

    Check The Areas Surrounding Dungeons For Altars Of Lilith

    In addition, there are often Altars of Lilith near dungeon entrances. So, I recommend investigating the surrounding areas on the map for enclosed spaces or deadends, as you will often find those altars, which grant small permanent buffs, as well as 10 Renown each.

    Mapgenie also offers an interactive Diablo 4 map that is great for finding those altars.

  • How To Get The Spectral Charger Ghost Mount In Diablo 4? - A Full Guide

    Jun 13 ,2023

    The Ghastly Reins is an item in Diablo 4 that unlocks the Spectral Charger Ghost Mount. This guide will cover how to give yourself the best odds of obtaining this mount.

    How To Do “The Gathering Legions”?

    The Ghastly Reins has a small chance of dropping at the end of any Gathering Legions live event.

    These events occur periodically in the open world (around 1 to 2 times an hour) and can take place at one of five different locations scattered across the map. Two of these locations, Kor Dragan and Crusader’s Monument, require completion of a Stronghold event at each respective location first and these can be done at any time.

    5 Minutes before a Gathering Legions event starts, an icon and countdown timer will appear on the map at the location it is going to happen. That means you’ll want to check your map regularly for the best chance of catching these events before they happen.

    In addition, to consistently reach each Gathering Legions location, you will want to activate one of the Waypoints near it for quicker travel.

    A Complete Guide On Getting The Spectral Charger Ghost Mount In Diablo 4

    Bonus Tip

    As a quick tip, if you show up to an event before it starts, try to find and stand next to a campfire while you wait. It will grant a stacking buff that temporarily boosts XP gained from defeating monsters.

    Successfully completing all objectives in the Gathering Legions event gives you the best odds of getting the Ghastly Reins. So, let’s cover how to do that.

    “The Gathering Legions” Live Event Explained/Walkthrough

    The first phase of the event is broken into two parts.

    The first is to slay enemies to provoke the Servants of Hell within a set amount of time. For this, pay attention to the minimap and go towards the pulsing circles, as that is where the enemies are spawning. You will often find that there are two trails of enemy spawners to follow, so try to split up evenly with other players to divide and conquer all locations within the time limit.

    Once you’ve completely filled up the progress bar, you’ll move on to the second part of the first phase, where a Servant of Hell will spawn in and must be defeated within the time limit. The Servant will spawn alongside 3 structures, indicated on the minimap by diamond symbols. These must be destroyed before the Servant can be damaged. Once those are dealt with, the Servant will quickly follow suit.

    After the first servant is defeated, you will have to start the process over again for the second, and finally, the third servant. While the process is similar, the difficulty of enemies will increase, and the time limit will decrease. You’ll want to do your best as the number of reward chests at the end of the event is determined by the number of Servants defeated, with a maximum of 3 Chests. You may get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold for this.

    Diablo 4 Gathering Legions

    After defeating all 3 Servants, or failing to do so before the time limit runs out, the second major phase of the event will start, and an Overlord will spawn at the location indicated in the Minimap. In order to get the best rewards, all major bosses will need to be defeated. If your group’s damage is lacking, focus all damage on a single boss to have the best odds of defeating at least one.

    Once the event ends, a number of chests with loot of varying quality will appear, depending on how well you did.

    Odds Of Finding The Ghastly Reins

    Even with a flawless completion of the Gathering Legions event, your odds of finding the Ghastly Reins are pretty low and the amount of event completions needed to finally get it will vary from person to person.

    For example, I played in a full group for the majority of the game. The first one of us to get this mount was level 38 when it happened. Meanwhile, I didn’t find one for myself until level 57. At that point, all 3 of my party members had already gotten it many hours earlier. In other words, if you want to get the Ghastly Reins, you have to keep leveling. If you don’t have much time to spend on leveling, you can take a look at the Boosting service on this website. We will have professional players to help you quickly meet your leveling needs or other needs.

    In any case, the Gathering Legions events are a fairly good source of both XP and loot, especially early on. So, just stay patient and participate in these events whenever you see one. Eventually you’ll find your spectral steed.

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    How To Equip Spectral Charger & Unlock “Donan’s Favor” Mount?

    Once you do, use the item in your inventory and then go to the Stables at any town to equip it.

    Even if you have the mount, you won’t be able to use it until you’ve completed the Donan’s Favor Quest. This quest is made available shortly after starting Act 4 of the Main Story, which can be accessed after completing all main quests in Acts 1, 2, and 3.

    How To Get Bonemail & Pale Barding Horse Armors?

    You can equip any armor or trophy to the Spectral Charger, including the thematically appropriate Bonemail, which is only obtainable through the in-game shop. However, I personally like the Pale Barding, which I found during a Helltide, in a Tortured Gifts of Mysteries Chest, just outside of Kyovashad.

  • Diablo 4 Shadow Minion Summoner Necromancer Build: How To Build It?

    Jun 10 ,2023

    This is about the Shadow Minion Summoner build, which is a Necromancer build. It does a lot more damage than my other build, but it’s a lot harder to manage the essence pool.

    I’ll go over the Skill Tree, Paragon Board, Book of the Dead, key aspects and key stats for the gear. I’ll also go over how I play the build.

    Diablo 4 Shadow Minion Summoner Necromancer Build: How To Build It?

    Skill Tree

    Here is the skill tree.

    The basic skill is level 4 Reap. I think it works better than Decompose because it can hit multiple enemies in one attack.

    The core skill is level 5 Supernatural Blight, which also slows enemies and boosts minion damage.

    The third tier has level 3 in both Skeletal Warriors Mastery and Grim Harvest. The curse is level 1 Abhorrent Decrepify, which gives a small chance to reduce the cooldown on the Golem’s slam. There’s also level 3 Skeletal Mages. By the way, some skills in this build require gold to level up, please prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold in advance.

    I take 5 passives in tier 5, all with 3 points: Necrotic Carapace, Reaper’s Pursuit, Crippling Darkness, Gloom and Terror.

    The build uses Reapers to generate corpses so fortify builds up pretty quickly. And all the darkness passives help scale damage from the Skeletal Mages and my Necromancer.

    The ultimate is Supreme Army of the Dead, which I’m using to easily resummon minions after dying or when there are no corpses.

    Lastly, the key passive is Shadowblight.

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    Paragon Board

    I’m still working on the Paragon Board. The starting board has the Mage glyph. The next board is Cult Leader with Warrior glyph, and the damage rare nodes. I’m not sure what the second board is yet. But I’m thinking about Wither and maybe the Darkness glyph or Scourge.

    Book Of The Dead

    For the Book of the Dead, I have Reapers with corpse generation Shadow Mages with extra attack and Iron Golem with vulnerability.


    There are 4 key aspects for the build:

    Blight vacuum to stack all the monsters into one spot - Sovereign Vambrace of the Void

    Shadowblight stacking and Shadowblight increased damage to scale the damage from my Necromancer and Shadow Skeletal Mages - Gargoyle Greatsword of Decay & Blighted Band

    Skeletal Mages on amulet to get +3 mages - Viscous Amulet

    Diablo 4 all Aspects for this build

    Here are all the aspects you need:

    • Aspect of the Embalmer (Helm)
    • Aspect of Hardened Bones (Chest Armor)
    • Blood Getter’s Aspect (Gloves)
    • Aspect of the Protector (Pants)
    • Aspect of the Void (Boots)
    • Aspect of Decay (Weapon)
    • Viscous Aspect (Amulet)
    • Blighted Aspect (Ring 1)
    • Aspect of Frenzied Dead (Ring 2)

    Key Stats For Gear

    I think the key stats are: Darkness Damage, DoT Damage, Minion Life and Minion Attack Speed.

    Skill Rotation

    Here’s the skill rotation.

    Firstly, cast Blight. This will pull all the monsters into one spot.

    Next, use Golem slam for stun and vulnerability.

    Then, cast Decrepify to get the cooldown reduction.

    After that, spam Blight until the Essence pool is empty.

    There are two ways to regenerate Essence. Against regular monsters, you can use Reap. And against elites or bosses, stand at a distance and spam Raise Skeleton to get 6 essence from each corpse and also healing your skeletons.

    If you want to make all kinds of powerful builds to strengthen your characters like me, you must first achieve a quick leveling. Because you can only unlock some powerful skills if you reach a certain level. If you are busy and don’t have time to spend on boring leveling, you may wish to take a look at our Boosting service. We are very looking forward to your arrival!

  • Diablo 4 Blood Necromancer Build: How To Build It?

    Jun 09 ,2023

    Here I explain how I built my Necromancer in Diablo 4. I’ve completed World Tier 2 and completed many side quests in just two days.

    If you want to challenge Hardcore, then definitely follow this guide. I’ll let you know what’s changed in this build and what to look out for. We’ll start talking about skills, and I’ll save gear for last.

    Diablo 4: The Best Blood Necromance Build


    In Diablo 4, you can change your skill points at any time. So I will explain not only the different types of builds of Necromancer but also the different settings for these builds for different purposes. This is mainly useful in Hardcore.

    Here, we’ll focus on my favorite Blood Necromancer build. We’ll start with a generic multipurpose skill set. This is a very tanky building, as we will have almost permanent fortifications. We’ll use all Potion Orbs we get to replenish them.

    Diablo 4: Best Necromancer Skills

    Basic Skills

    Starting with our basic attack skill, Hemorrhage, we need to keep spending Diablo 4 Gold to get Fortify effect plugin. If you’re not playing on chief difficulty or Hardcore modes, or if you use one-handed weapons and shields. Maybe you’d prefer Fortify attack speed addon. But for me Fortification option is much better.

    Core Skills

    Now moving on to the core skills we built. We’ll take a Blood Lance and develop it into a Supernatural Blood Lance. Because the buff damage is much better compared to this build’s attack speed and Essence cost reduction.

    Then we also learn Blood Surge and Supernatural Blood Surge add-ons to augment our Fortification. And keeping it increases damage by 20% while we are healthy.

    Most of the time, I find that another option, Paranormal Blood Surge, is rarely triggered when you need to cast it. Because it takes 6 casts to activate Empower effect, which is very unusual for a mana cost. Because usually with 2 or 3 casts, you’ll kill all the small normal mobs around you. Lastly, is a multi-target skill, so you won’t be using it on elite mobs or bosses.

    Diablo 4: The Immortal Necromancer Blood Mist Build

    Passive Skill

    Then we’ll learn two passive skills, Unliving Energy and Imperfectly Balanced, to increase our Essence and our damage. Although we will consume more Essence, it is really worth it. Because Essence has a lower cost and can greatly increase our damage when we deal with critical hits.

    In the next set of skills, we will only need to learn level 1 Blood Mist. We can use it as a defensive skill if we need to run and heal, or if it caught us between mobs, or a dangerous and hard to dodge skill to avoid a boss.

    Now we’ll learn Death’s Reach and Death’s Embrace to increase our damage again and increase our defense against enemies at close range. We’ll leave the curse to the other settings for this build.

    Then we need to learn all the passive skills related to Blood skills. But we won’t be learning those passive abilities that heal our minions because it poorly built those or are more minion-focused.

    Ultimate Skill

    Surprisingly, our Ultimate skill is not a Blood skill. Even though we’re focusing on Blood build, I think its Bone Storm is much better than Blood Wave. It does much higher damage. It is not only against us but also against our Golem. So the damage is doubled, and the add-on increases Critical Strike chance by 20%.

    Even though this is not a Critical Strike chance build, our gear add-on and Dexterity modifier can easily hit 30% Critical Strike chance. Dealing with Critical Strike on activation, as the duration is long enough to also use multiple abilities on activation.

    Diablo 4: How to Unlock Golem for Necromancer?

    At the same time, the skill does more damage at the end. But if that wasn’t enough, the add-on gives us 15% damage reduction, allowing us to deal with massive damage attacks. I think the total damage we can do due to this skill can be three times or more than Blood Wave. Especially if we do Critical Strike with Empowered skill.

    Now we will learn the passive skill of Standalone. Even though just one minion gives us 16% damage reduction, two points of our Golem Mastery are enough. Or you can also try Boosting service here to help you quickly increase your level damage.

    Finally, we’ll pick Rathma’s Vigor to increase our health by 10%. And give us an Empowered effect every 15 seconds during our next Blood skill.

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    In our Book of the Dead, we’re sacrificing Skeletal Warrior for 15% non-physical damage resistance. Because it’s not built based on Critical Strike rate damage, and we don’t do Shadow damage. Then we will also sacrifice Skeletal Mage to increase Empower effect by 40%, because this Bill is based on Empower.

    Finally, we’ll use Blood Golem and add-ons to make the enemy take 15% of the damage we’ll take. Blood Necromancer’s second skill set focuses on buffing its tank and single-target damage. It’s great for Hardcore or really hard single target content. To do this, we just need to swap out Blood Surge ability for Curse Decrepify and invest a point in passive amplification.


    Now let’s talk about gears. The key attribute I like to boost in this build is Intelligence.

    Then I prioritize add-ons in the following order: skill ranks, Blood skill damage, Elemental resistances, Empower damage, reduces base skill cost and damage reduction.

    Diablo 4: How To Get The Best Aspect For Your Build?

    The Aspects I use are:

    • Aspect of Might
    • Blood Seeker’s Aspect
    • Aspect of Explosive Mist
    • Aspect of The Protector
    • Edgemaster’s Aspect
    • Aspect of the Expectant
    • Aspect of Disobedience

    All in all, that’s all I have to say about the abilities and gear that Blood Necromancer build. What are your thoughts on Blood Necromancer? Hope it helps you.

  • Diablo 4 Penetrating Shot Marksman Rogue Build: Rogue Leveling Build (Level 1-50)

    Jun 09 ,2023

    When I was playing Diablo 4 recently, I noticed that a lot of rogue players were focusing on the melee playstyle, both leveling up and endgame. If you’re looking to try a ranged playstyle that utilizes a bow or crossbow, then the Penetrating Shot Marksman Rogue Build I’m going to cover next is just what you need.

    Skill Tree

    *The basic skill we’re going to pick up is Forceful Arrow, which fires a powerful arrow at an enemy and every third cast makes them vulnerable.

    Enhanced Forceful Arrow increases the Critical Strike Chance on that third shot as well.

    Then, you should pick Fundamental Forceful Arrow, which will keep you alive by knocking back enemies if they’re close and even sometimes knocking them down for one and a half seconds.

    You don’t want to level this beyond rank one out of five at least early on in the game, as there are far more important skills to unlock and there’s very little return gain from that skill point.

    Diablo 4 Penetrating Shot Marksman Rogue Build - Rogue Leveling Build (Level 1-50)

    *Our main ability is going to be Penetrating Shot, which fires an arrow that pierces through in a straight line.

    Enhanced Penetrating Shot increases the damage of the arrow by 10% each time it passes through an enemy.

    Then, Improved Penetrating Shot increases your Critical Strike Chance by a whopping 20% for your next Penetrating Shot if you hit at least three enemies with it.

    At level 15, you gain access to the Rogue specific questline, which I recommend you do as soon as possible. It unlocks Combo Points, which further enhances your Penetrating Shot.

    Your rotation will become simple at this point. You accumulate three Combo Points for every three Forceful Arrows you fire. You can also activate Penetrating Shots and unleash this skill. All in all, these Combo Points not only do massively increased damage but also give you a 30% chance to hit a lucky hit.

    Diablo 4 Combo Points

    Trust me. It’s way better if you use Penetrating Shot at three Combo Points rather than two or one. I see a lot of players making this mistake early on and that’s unlocking tons of offensive abilities of which you won’t be able to use them all on the battlefield. That is because you have limited energy resource.

    *The next ability you want for this build is Dash, which gives you two charges that lets you maneuver the battlefield effectively while dealing some damage.

    I would definitely get Enhanced Dash by using Diablo 4 Gold as that increases Critical Strike Damage for 5 seconds for any enemies damaged by your Dash.

    *Dark Shroud is going to give you even more damage reduction up to a maximum of 40%. You gain five charges of this and each time you’re hit you lose 8% damage reduction. Before an engagement, make sure Dark Shroud is up for maximum survivability.

    Enhanced Dark Shroud gives it a 10% chance that on a hit you don’t actually lose a ball and lose the damage resist.

    Then Countering Dark Shroud is super nice because when you have four or more active Dark Shroud, you gain a whopping 8% Critical Strike Chance.

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    *You definitely want to pick up Weapon Mastery fairly quickly as well. With bows, we get 12% increased damage to vulnerable enemies. And for crossbows, you get 15% increased Critical Strike Damage. This build heavily focuses around doing massive crits. So, my preference would be for a crossbow. But a bow isn’t too far behind.

    *You want to pick up three ranks of Exploits, which helps you do increased damage by a mass of 18% when enemies are either at the top end of their health bar or at the bottom end. Remember, for any passives, when you’re leveling, don’t prioritize them early on. It’s way more fun to unlock new abilities before you start making them three out of three.

    *For this build, when we’re dealing with large groups of enemies, we’re going to be using Shadow Imbuement. Because Shadow causes explosions and are great for taking out groups of enemies.

    What Shadow Imbuement does is powering up your next two attacks with Shadow energy. In this build, that will be your Penetrating Shot primarily, but also Dash can be imbued as well.

    Enhanced Shadow Imbuement gives you even more Critical Strike Chance of warping 15% against injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement.

    Then Blended Shadow Imbuement makes enemies affected by the initial explosion vulnerable. Honestly, you can make whole crowds of enemies vulnerable because of this.

    *We also pick up Poison Imbuement for this build. Because when you want to deal with bosses or you want large single target DPS, Poison Imbuement is going to be a lot better because it applies damage over time.

    Enhanced Poison Imbuement increases the poison damage over time by one second longer. And more importantly, it unlocks Blended Poison Imbuement whereby Critical Strikes deals 75% increased poisoning damage.

    *Precision Imbuement here is great and increases your Critical Strike Chance by 9% when three out of three. You will eventually make Poison and Shadow Imbuement 5 out of 5. But again, you can leave them one out of five until later on when leveling.

    You want to unlock your key passive Precision as soon as it’s available. It’s going to progressively stack up Critical Strike Damage bonuses and when you reach maximum stacks, it’s going to guarantee a Critical Strike that does 40% increased damage.

    *Again, we’re stacking so much Critical Strike chance and damage just by the build itself. You’re going to hit some pretty big numbers. Then, finish off the build by getting one point in Adrenaline Rush. So, you can unlock Haste, which 3 stacks of which will give you a bonus to movement speed or attack speed, depending on how your energy resource levels are.


    In terms of aspects, the main aspect you want is the Trickshot Aspect, which you get a little later in the game in the Bastion of Faith dungeon. But you can roll this early on using the Obols Curiosity Vendor. If you want to try your luck, I’d recommend going for gloves as they cost the least Obols and can roll the aspect.

    Diablo 4 Raethwind Wilds Dungeon

    Trickshot is going to create two further penetrating arrows perpendicular to your initial shot, which just makes the skill ridiculous, as it becomes so much easier to hit multiple enemies. This means that you can activate all the effects of Enhanced and Improved Penetrating Shot much easier.

    An aspect, which I’d recommend getting earlier on is the Aspect of Inner Calm, which you can get in the Raethwind Wilds Dungeon in Scosglen. It increases your damage by 5% for each second you stand still, up to a total of 30%.

    You’re often going to be firing arrows from a distance while standing still. This is a great aspect to get put this one on your dagger or sword. So, you don’t need to replace it very often. Because your damage is going to be determined by your crossbow or bow for this build, which means you’ll be upgrading it often when leveling.

    As we all know, some of Rogue’s skills can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level. It doesn’t matter if you don’t meet the level requirements, you can take a look at the Boosting service on this website. This way you can skip the boring leveling process and make all kinds of powerful builds to strengthen your characters.

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