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Diablo 4 Pure Minions Summoner Necromancer Build: Necromancer Endgame Build

Jun 27 ,2023 Author: D4gold

This is my Endgame Pure Minions Summoner build. It’s a true pure minions build because the minions do all the work while you just curse and crowd control. There’s no Bone Spear or Corpse Explosion here. 

But it’s still a minion build. So, it will have problems with suppressor shields and not being able to focus fire. The build is built around the unique Ring of Mendeln, which gives your minions a big damage boost. But it relies on Lucky Hit. 

Note that you need to get a Lucky Hit first before it triggers the 10% chance to explode. 

Diablo 4 Pure Minions Summoner Necromancer Build - Necromancer Endgame Build

Skill Tree 

Here is the skill tree. And note: you need to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold in advance to upgrade the rank of these skills.

The build doesn’t use a basic skill, so 2 points in anything. 

The Core Skill is rank 1 Supernatural Blight to get slow and more damage. The build actually uses the Bone Prison Blight Aspect, so Blight isn’t on the cast bar. 

There’s also rank 3 Hewed Flesh to get Fortify from Corpses. 

In the 3rd tier, rank 5 Ghastly Bone Prison gives Vulnerable. This is the main spell for triggering Lucky Hit for the Mendeln explosions. Extra ranks from gear will help reduce the cooldown.  

There’s also rank 3 Skeletal Warrior. The Curse is rank 5 Abhorrent Decrepify for slow, damage reduction, stun and chance to reduce cool downs. Your minions can trigger the cool down reduction.  

There are also rank 3 Skeletal Mages and rank 3 Death’s Embrace, which I’m using for the 9% damage reduction. 

In the next tier, it’s rank 1 Plagued Corpse Tendrils for the pull, slow and Vunerable. Extra ranks from gear will help reduce the cooldown. 

There are also: rank 3 Necrotic Carapace to get fortify; rank 1 Reaper’s Pursuit and rank 3 Crippling Darkness for the stun

The Ultimate is the Supreme Army of the Dead. While it’s not a strong skill by itself, the build uses the Aspect to get a big DPS boost. The high Lucky Hit chance will also help trigger Mendeln explosions. 

I also take all the minion passives:

  • Bonded in Essence
  • Death’s Defense
  • Golem Mastery
  • Hellbent Commander
  • Inspiring Leader

Lastly, the key passive is Kalan’s Edict. I’m still not sure about this because it can be very hard to not take any damage. The other option is Shadowblight, which I think triggers from the Bone Prison Blight, but I’m not sure. 

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Paragon Board 

Here is the Paragon Board.

In the starting board, I have Warrior, with some extra Dexterity nodes, to activate the increased Armour. At lower character levels, I recommend socketing Control here instead and getting the Intelligence nodes to activate the additional bonus. 

The second board is the Cult Leader. I picked up all the Minion nodes except for Armour Clad. The Glyph is Dead Raiser, which gives a big bonus to the Minion Damage Reduction nodes. This glyph should be the priority for levelling up. 

The third board is Hulking Monstrosity with the Mage Glyph and extra Intelligence nodes around the socket. 

The next board is Scent of Death, which is just for the Legendary, which is just for the Legendary node and socketing the Control Glyph. The damage bonus should be active all the time because this build has many sources of slow, chill, stun and frozen. 

Lastly, I think Bloodbath with Amplify might be a good choice if you have more Paragon Points to spend. Or, you can go back to the other boards to get more minion damage or stats. 

Book Of The Dead 

For the Book of the Dead, I chose Reapers with corpse generation to build Fortify from Necrotic Carapace, Cold mages with Vulnerable, and Blood Golem with 15% damage absorb. 

Legendary Aspects 

There are two important Aspects for crowd control and triggering Mendeln explosions: Bone Prison spawns Blight and Blight pulls nearby enemies.  

Diablo 4 Ring of Mendeln

So, with one cast of Bone Prison, all your enemies will be pulled into one spot. They will get vulnerable from Bone Prison, slow and stun from Blight, and you should get a Lucky Hit to trigger the Mendeln explosions. 

I also have Bone Prison explode Aspect. The idea is to trigger Lucky Hit a second time, but I’m not 100% sure about this. 

The other useful aspects are: extra Skeletal Warriors and Mages, Minion Damage Reduction, Cold Mage Blizzard, Minion Attack Speed on the amulet, and Army of the Dead for the DPS boost. 

Stats For Gear 

It’s important to get as much Lucky Hit chance as possible on your gear.  

Wands have Lucky Hit base stat, and you can get a Focus with Lucky Hit from the rare monster in Kehjistan. You can also get Lucky Hit on gloves and rings. 

For the other stats, focus on survivability. Look for Maximum Life and Damage Reduction, as well as Maximum Minion Life. I also highly recommend Movement Speed on boots and amulet. 

Skill Rotation 

The typical skill rotation is: 

1. Decrepify (curse)

2. Bone Prison (CC + lucky hit)

3. Bone Prison (break BP)

4. Corpse Tendrils (CC) 

I’ll also cast Skeletal Priest for healing and damage boost, and the Golem ability for extra AoE damage. Against tough Elites or when a boss is staggered, I cast Army of the Dead for the DPS boost. 

And the rest of the time, I run around avoiding damage. 

Overall, I think this build is very comfortable to play and both you and your minions will have good survivability and damage.

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