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Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Build: Quick Leveling Guide (Level 1-50)

Jul 11 ,2023 Author: D4gold

This Twisting Blades Rogue build in Diablo 4 has hardly any special gear and is very easy to pick up. There is no burden, even for novice players.

So I’ll explain how this character works, what setup and gear I use. I’ll also end this guide by sharing some tips I’ve learned the hard way. I hope you know these tips before starting the game for a better experience.

Diablo 4: Rogue Twisting Blades Leveling Guide

Build Mechanism 

The way Twisting Blade’s work is you attack your target, doing some initial damage. But after 1.5 seconds, Blades will return to you. Doesn’t do a lot of damage but will do significant damage to enemies after you get Bladedancer’s Aspect.

Blades will spin around you when they return and deal with a lot of damage. This will be your major source of damage. Next, you can throw Poison Trap to knock enemies down, poisoning them and dealing with damage. During leveling up, you can boost your Trap-related damage later on by throwing in more Diablo 4 Gold.

I also tried using Shadow Imbuement, which does massive AOE damage. But then I found out that Poison Trap is much safer. Because it knocks down enemies, Crowd Control Effects and Shadow Step skills are good. During a boss fight, use it to become Unstoppable the moment the boss is about to attack you.

Often you’ll walk in the opposite direction from the boss hit and end up avoiding getting hit. You can also use Puncture as your base skill, making enemies vulnerable to 20% damage. Puncture slows down enemies and gains energy on cue time.

Diablo 4: Twisting Blades Build Mechanism

Skill Tree

This is a 50-level Rogue skill tree, and the fundamental skills can be developed according to the main points. You’ll use Basic Puncture, Advanced Twisting Blades, Methodical Shadow Step, Disciplined Dash, Enhanced Poison Trap, and Subverting Dark Shroud, which are very good defense mechanisms.

The above skills need to give priority to the study of Damage Reduction Siphoning Strikes, and return blood when critically struck. The tanky Concussive of this build increases critical chance. After knocking down enemies, we can gain movement or attack speed and Debilitating Toxins with Malice and huge damage boosters.

Diablo 4: Twisting Blades Rogue Build - Quick Leveling Guide

Two Most Important Things

No matter what Diablo 4 Items you need, the only thing that matters is getting Bladedancer’s Aspect. You can get it from legendary drops, or early game priority from dungeons. You’ll place it on a Crossbow to maximize. When you get this effect, you’ll finish the campaign with ease.

The second most important thing is after you reach level 15 of Inner Sight Specialization. When you attack a marked enemy, a mark will appear on the enemy. Once it fills up, your Inner Sight bar fills up and you gain infinite power for 4 seconds. This will allow you to spam Twisting Blades in combat, especially useful for taking down bosses quickly.

When I finished the campaign at level 50, I cleared Cathedral of Light dungeon without a problem, unlocking Nightmare difficulty. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first because I had hardly any resistance. I need to avoid many ground effects such as Poison, Fire, Ice. Once I did that, I could survive without a problem.

Diablo 4: Bladedancer’s Aspect

Beginner Tips

First, at first I just used Twisting Blades to attack. I find my energy drains quickly. Then I just have to run around and wait for the energy to recharge. Instead of waiting, you can actually use Puncture to help regenerate energy faster.

Second, you can go to options. Then control uncheck the combo, move the interaction base skill bar and change your base skill to another key that is more convenient for you to use. You won’t get stuck when you want to move around in combat, or you won’t get stuck if you miss clicking on a target you don’t need.

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Third, you can right click on the map of your destination, and a red route will appear on the map. Then you can follow it to get where you want to go easily. If you stray off the track, you can undo it by right-clicking again.

In the end, Diablo 4 is an open world. So you don’t have to worry about where you can go on the map. Enemy levels also adjust to your level. This also means that you can complete actions out of sequence. So explore and don’t worry about missing anything.

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