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Diablo 4 Shadowmancer Necromancer Build: Season 1 Endgame Guide

Jul 14 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Here I bring you my Shadowmancer Necromancer Endgame build. I’ve upgraded this build to level 96. I will detail Skills, Aspects, Paragon and some tricks of this build in Nightmare Dungeon.


The basic attack of this build is Reap. When you upgrade it to Acolyte’s Reap, it spawns a corpse every 4 seconds. So you need to get into the habit of using it every 4 seconds, because having extra corpses will only hurt you more.

Diablo 4: Shadowmancer Necromancer Build Season 1 Endgame Guide

Also, you can choose Blight because it has a high Lucky Hit Chance. It does pretty decent damage, and he also slows down enemies. Then you can use Supernatural Blight, which also increases our damage by 15%. There is also a Blighted Aspect, which can be another form of CC.

Corpse Explosion is our core skill. This is a major factor in our damage. Grim Harvest will keep our Essence fully loaded while we consume corpses. Then Fueled by Death also increases our damage, which is good for the build.

I also use Blood Mist, which is the only defensive ability for this build. It makes me immune to direct damage for 3 seconds and then spawns a corpse with Ghastly Blood Mist every second.

The next skill I chose was Corpse Tendrils. This is a great CC ability. It attracts enemies, blocks them, and then deals with damage. Then we can use Plagued Corpse Tendrils to make the enemy vulnerable for 3 seconds. So whenever you can explode a corpse with Corpse Tendrils, it will do stacking damage for quite a while.

For Ultimate, I chose Bone Storm with Aspect of Ultimate Shadow. It is a Darkness skill, so everything will enhance it in this build. And I prefer the passive skill here, since we can use Momentum independently.

Diablo 4: Shadowmancer Necromancer Skills

Paragon Boards

Next we’re going to talk about Paragon Boards for this build. The first board we got was Wither Node. Your Shadow damage has a 5% chance of dealing 50% more damage. For every 50 Willpower, this value increases by 1%, and the bonus damage increases by 2.5%.

Glyph I got here is Territorial. You can also increase the damage buff by 10% by using some Diablo 4 Items. But this is damage to enemies at close range.

The next Board I grabbed after that was Flesh-Eater Node. After eating five corpses, we increase our damage by 40% for 6 seconds. But after you’ve consumed five corpses, you need to get five more before you can start stacking the next one.

Diablo 4: Territorial Glyph

There are about 13 Intelligence Nodes here. This way I can do double damage to elites. Then I put Scourge Glyph in there. Over time, this increases our shadow damage, which is our main damage dealer.


For our Aspect picks, the first thing you’ll need to look out for is cooldown reduction. So what we want to use here is an Aspect of Shielding Storm, which acts as a shield for your Bone Storm. So, every time it deals damage to an enemy, you get up to 5% Barrier in life.

Also, I have Aspect of Disobedience. It grants you 0.5% bonus Armor each time you deal damage, up to a maximum of 50% absorbed. You can do damage reduction in almost every form. I think this is the uniqueness that is important to this build.

Diablo 4: How To Get Aspect of Disobedience?

For defense, I chose Aspect of The Protector. When we damage the elite, after Aspect of Shielding Storm drops, or if you’re between the shields, you get a barrier. This will give you an extra hurdle to allow you to take some hits.

Finally, Blight draws you to Aspect of the Void. There are also Corpse Tendrils rings that reduce cooldowns. And it moves fast and has a chance to dodge. So it’s a pretty good choice.

Nightmare Dungeon Potions

Bonus tip on this build, I just wanted to put out the best potions for this build. These are good potions when you’re running Nightmare Dungeon. So I suggest you can use Diablo 4 Gold to get enough potions before starting the adventure, just in case.

Any Slaying Strike is good, as anything above 20% damage is pretty amazing combat wealth. And Curative Elixir can make you unstoppable for a second, and then your resistance to poison will also proliferate. The two work together to allow you to win the challenge. Then there’s another potion that enhances Fortitude, which increases your health by 30%.

Diablo 4: How To Get Curative Elixir Recipe?


I am happy with this Shadowmancer Necromancer build. We can pair it with Bone skill in your Necromancer. While it doesn’t deal instant damage, Shadow damage it gives you must be amazing if you give it enough time.

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