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Diablo 4 Bouncing Fireball Sorcerer Build: Setup And Build Guide

Jul 13 ,2023 Author: D4gold

I’ve recently become very interested in Bouncing Fireball Sorcerer build in Diablo 4. Because usually, Sorcerer meta build with Ice Shards uses too limited skills. In the process, I discovered that Fire skill might make Sorcerer build more possible, so I made this build.

Next, I’ll walk you through this build. I will mainly divide it into four parts to explain: Mechanism, Skill, Item & Aspect, and Paragon Board.

Diablo 4: Bouncing Fireball Sorcerer Setting and Build Guide

Build Mechanism

With Gloves of the Illuminator, Fireball rebounds quickly. We should note that Fireball will not disappear on walls or other places, and has penetrating power to objects. So you can hit more monsters multiple times than you can hit once with Fireball.

Because of the enhancement of Fireball, as the distance increases, the attack range also increases, and it can hit more monsters. Enchanting Frost Bolt applies Chill to direct damage. And this time, if you use Aspect of the Umbral. Whenever an enemy hit by Fireball, you will spawn Chill and mana will be restored. So this can solve the problem of insufficient mana when dealing with many monsters.

You can also use Gloves of the Illuminator and Crippling Flames respectively to stun and immobilize monsters. Therefore, every time you give CC to a monster, the mana will be restored. In addition, status abnormalities such as Stun, Immobility, and Freezing caused by the accumulation of Chill are also related to the increased damage of Aspect of Control.

As mentioned before, if we hit the monster multiple times, you can get 10% of Burning damage as direct damage from the larger Fireball. The more Burning damage you do, the more damage you can do. So I recommend you invest a lot of Diablo 4 Gold on Burning damage with this build.

Diablo 4: Gloves of the Illuminator


First, we use Frost bolt and Fire Bolt for enchanting. As mentioned earlier, Frost bolt is used to provide Chill and Freezing, while Fire Bolt is used to deal Burning damage.

In low level Nightmare dungeons, Burning damage got through enchantment is enough to use Fireball. But as you get into higher level Nightmare instances, Burn damage is so minimal that Hydra’s Burn damage becomes more and more important.

So Hydra does Burning damage, and Fireball does bonus damage. If you can restore enough mana without Enchanting Frost Bolt, you can use Chill or other Crowd Control Effect instead of Frost bolt.

You can also use Flickering Fire Bolt in battle to restore mana, or use Flickering Fire Bolt to deal more Burning damage to monsters gathered in one place in hell.

In fact, on-hit damage is helpful in low-level Nightmare dungeons. But in high-level Nightmare copies, the damage is a much smaller percentage. Therefore, there are cases where Fireball points are deducted and invested elsewhere. But whenever Fireball hits an enemy, it deals 10% of Burning damage as direct damage.

Diablo 4: Fireball Enchantment

As a defensive skill, I will use 1 Teleport to achieve movement. Teleport lets you out of Crowd Control, so you can use it in various battles.

Hydra is the key to Burning’s damage. Using a summoned Hydra can deal Burning damage. I use Mana Shield for damage reduction as well. In mastering the skill, using passive nodes, Inner Flames and Crippling Flames is essential. Especially with dense monsters, these skills are often of great help in restoring health.

Finally, I use Combustion as a key passive node to increase Burning damage. Hoarfrost can also be used to increase damage against Chilled or Frozen enemies.

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Item & Aspects

Next, I would like to introduce Diablo 4 Items required for this build. Of all armors, Intelligence is the most important. This is to increase our Burning damage in Paragon Board. Armor and Pants also gives us the option to reduce the damage of close range, long range and Burning enemies.

As Defensive Aspects, I use Everliving Aspect and Aspect of Disobedience. Also, I use Aspect of Shared Misery, which works great for propagating CC.

I’m using Aspect of Control here to add a lot of damage. Such as DoT, Critical damage, Fire damage, and Maximum Life and other options. For weapons, I use options like DoT, Critical damage and Intelligence.

In focus, I use Smiting Aspect to extend the enemy’s Crowd Control time. With options like reducing damage done by Burning enemies, reducing mana cost, or restoring primary resources with Lucky Hits.

Diablo 4: Everliving Aspect

Paragon Board

I use 6 Glyphs and 2 Legendary Nodes on Paragon Board. We can also change some things depending on the situation.

On the first starting board, I use Conjurer to increase Hydra’s damage. You can also use Enchanter instead of Conjurer.

The second board is Burning Instinct. I took down this Legendary Node. Also, because of this node, Critical damage and Intelligence become very meaningful.

The third board is Searing Heat Node. As for Glyphs, I’m using Pyromaniac, which only requires 25 Willpower for extra bonuses.

The fourth board is Elemental Summoner. I use Torch Glyph to increase Fire damage. I spent 54 Willpower, maxing out Glyph’s efficiency. Hydra’s damage increased through Conjurer's rare node.

The last Board is Enchantment Master. This Legendary Node increases Burning damage of Fire Bolt used to enchant it. Imbiber Glyph is used here. But this Glyph can be replaced with Frostbite as it can do more damage.

Diablo 4: Paragon Board


That concludes my detailed guide to build Bouncing Fireball Sorcerer. Best to refer to this guide if you want to try it out for the rest of the preseason.

Sorcerer has many problems, such as balance problems between skills, and meaningless elemental resistance. As a user who mainly plays mage, I hope Blizzard will do their best to solve these problems. This guide ends here, looking forward to Diablo 4 Season 1.

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