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Diablo 4 Season 4 Patch 1.4.1 Note - Quality, UI & Gameplay

May 29 ,2024 Author: D4gold

The May 28th, 2024 Patch for Diablo 4 has been released. Although this update apparently breaks some things in the game, don’t panic. We will discuss the solutions for the update and the detailed interpretation of this patch.It Is A Patch 1.4.1 In Diablo 4 Season 4

The Quality Of Life Patch

The first is the addition of the enchantment window, which now clearly states that you can’t re-roll into a Greater Affix. In addition, Diablo 4 Gold Costs will be reduced, such as:

  • Rank 1-4: Unchanged
  • Rank 5: reduced from 450,000 to 400,000
  • Rank 8: reduced from 1,000,000 to 800,000
  • Rank 12: reduced from 10,000,000 to 2,500,000.

And now, Masterworking materials can be transferred directly without requiring the opening of a Materials Cache to receive them.

The game will also make it clearer what Armor is, and will tell you that you need 9230 Armor to minimize damage from enemies at level 100 and above. In this update, you need Scattered Prisms in order to add sockets to jewelry.

These Scattered Prisms are already dropping at a high rate. Treasure Goblins have an increased chance of being dropped in all World Tiers. World Bosses will also drop Scattered Prisms all the time, and in large quantities. In addition, Butcher, a pretty iconic Diablo surprise boss, will also drop Scattered Prisms during your fight.

The UI Patch

Besides some changes to skills and Diablo 4 items, there are also some slight changes to the game interface. When comparing items, two items will be placed side by side, which will be a little clearer visually. Then there are a lot of bug fixes, most of which are about interface clarity and in-game user interface issues. It seems that Blizzard is listening to users’ suggestions. For example, we fixed some skills that you could not search for by a core in the skill tree.

Another issue that many players complained about but still found interesting was that when you leave Helltide, it will automatically return. During this time, it will continue to spawn Monsters, which will accumulate in the team, so players need to spend a lot of time to deal with these Monsters. Fortunately, this problem has been fixed.

The invisible wall problem that has been bothering players for a long time has also been fixed. It also fixed the problem that players felt trapped in Pit before. After this patch, you can use Ruin Shards to leave Pit.

There was a bug in the game that Blizzard has acknowledged. When players go to Blacksmith with Masterworking, they are told that they cannot use Masterworking. This patch also proposes a solution, which is to allow running any Pit level or transferring some materials to unlock Masterworking again.

The Gameplay Patch

Besides the above-mentioned problems, another controversial part of the patch notes is Bash Barbarians. If you go to the official website and read the patch notes carefully, you will find that Bash Barbarians are not included. Even when you scroll down to Skills or Class Mechanics, you can’t find the description of Bash Barbarians. But don’t worry, Bash Barbarians have not been weakened.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this patch. I am happy to see that they continue to listen to players’ suggestions, and I am also happy that they are constantly improving the definition of tooltips because of the community’s questions about tooltips.

For example, Frigid Fate. According to the information, Frigid Fate will cause additional damage to vulnerable enemies, which is 10% of your own additional damage. But the code shows a maximum of 30%, so when a player enters PVP combat mode, everyone sees and calculates different maximum damage, which causes errors.

Now there are a lot of keyboard warriors arguing that I am not a mathematician and can’t really calculate the available damage. So regardless of the current public opinion, Blizzard has begun to make changes. So I am very happy to see that there are many UI and tooltip related fixes in the game in this patch.

For now, this is the most fun I have played since the release of Diablo 4. In Season 4, I am determined to play multiple characters to level 100! This is not my usual way of playing games, which also shows that the joy brought by Season 4 is unparalleled. And I have defeated all Uber bosses with my Core Druid, especially Uber lilith is now pushing the construction of Masterworking parts in Pit!

Speaking of Druids, if you have problems with Boer Hurricane Bill when you try to run it, don’t worry, there is a way to fix it in this patch.

In my opinion, the game is fun as long as its core keeps looping. So I believe players will also hope that Blizzard will pay attention to improving the quality of life and eliminating more annoying things when adding more new content in the future.

These are some instructions in this patch, and we are looking forward to the season update in a few months. I wish you a merry game!

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