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  • Breaking Down This New Endgame Activity In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Pit Of Artificers

    Apr 19 ,2024

    Here, we’ll take a deep dive into the newly introduced endgame activity in Diablo 4 Season 4: Pit of Artificers. With this guide, you’ll learn the requirements for entering this new endgame, the mechanics of Pit, and what rewards you’ll receive for completing it.

    From dungeon mechanics to Masterworking materials and Stygian Stones, we’ve broken down all the essentials to help you overcome this challenge. Don’t miss it if you like concise and informative guides. May your adventures in Pit of Artificers be both meaningful and enjoyable! Let’s start!

    Breaking Down This New Endgame Activity In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Pit Of Artificers

    How To Unlock Pit Of Artificers?

    Pit of Artificers is a new endgame activity in Diablo 4 Season 4. Before entering, you first need to be in World Tier 4, and then you must run Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon to complete this Priority Quest.

    Obelisk for entering Pit is located in Cerrigar next to Waypoint. But please note that every time you enter Pit, Runeshards are required to enter. Runeshards come from completing most endgame activities, such as Nightmare Dungeons, Helltide Chests, Legion Events, and Whisper Caches.

    Mechanism Explanation

    This Pit has a tier system like Nightmare Dungeon. The higher the dungeon tier you enter, the higher level enemies you will fight, and of course, the more Diablo 4 Gold and loot you will receive upon completion.

    After entering Pit, a timer will start, and defeating enemies will fill up the progress bar. Your goal is to fill this progress bar before time runs out.

    There are multiple tilesets in Pit containing different types of enemies connected through portals. But I must remind you, try to avoid dying in Pit of Artificers! Because this will reduce your remaining time depending on how many times you die.

    Once you complete the progress bar, you’ll get a portal to the boss stage. Defeating the boss will stop the timer and complete your dungeon run. Depending on how much time you have left, this will determine how many additional levels you will unlock.


    After completing Pit of Artificers endgame, you will be able to obtain some equipment, but more importantly, some Masterworking materials and Stygian Stones.

    For Masterworking materials, you have Obducites, Ingoliths, and Neathirons. The materials you get depend on the tier of Pit you run. You can use these Masterworking materials at Blacksmith to upgrade your gear, which replaces the old Blacksmith upgrade system.

    Diablo 4 Season 4: Masterworking materials and Stygian Stones

    You can masterwork your gear a total of 12 times. Every level up except every 4 will increase all your affixes by 5%, while levels up to 4, 8, and 12 will increase random affixes by 25%.

    Neathirons and Ingoliths can be converted by Alchemist at a conversion rate of 1 to 5. This avoids the trouble of being unable to upgrade the gear because we cannot find suitable materials.

    Stygian Stones can be used on any endgame boss to generate a level 200 version of that boss as well as summoning materials. These bosses have a much higher drop rate than the original version. In order to defeat these bosses, you need to be well geared or have extensive experience in mastering the boss mechanics.

    Anyway, that’s it for this quick guide to Pit of Artificers. Let’s look forward to what other exciting new content there will be in Diablo 4 Season 4. Good luck and have fun!

  • Diablo 4 Flameweaver Firebolt Sorcerer Build: How Does This New Build Work In Season 4?

    Apr 17 ,2024

    With Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR over, I’m back with my brand new Firebolt Sorcerer. This is a new Firebolt build for Season 4 based on Flameweaver Unique Gloves. So in this guide, let’s talk about how this new build works and what the highlights are.

    Why Is This Build Worth Trying In Season 4?

    I believe many players know that the new season will introduce a new endgame system with 220 tiers, Pit of Artificers. Even though I haven’t fully unlocked all tiers in PTR, this build can be easily run and even go all the way through T200, at least on PTR.

    I also don’t expect this build to be significantly nerfed compared to other builds that have performed so well. So I think this will be relatively close to what we see in the live patch.

    Diablo 4 Flameweaver Firebolt Sorcerer Build: How Does This New Build Work In Season 4?

    Gameplay & Mechanics

    The build centers on Flameweaver Gloves, which allow players to unleash devastating Firebolt attacks. This Diablo 4 items will split Firebolt into multiple projectiles when you fire it. These projectiles can also fire at the same target, so you can produce pretty crazy single target damage output.

    Basically, you have these Unique Gloves and you know where to put Firebolt. It’s actually a positioning-like game where you have to try to place Flameweaver in the right spot, such as right in front of an enemy, and Firebolt will impale all enemies.

    You can also choose to keep Firebolt away from AOE and knock down the entire pack with a single attack, or you can try to place it in front of the elite and then hit them with many projectiles.

    All in all, this build has a very interesting new play style that differs completely from other builds I’ve played so far.

    Build Setup

    The way this build is setup is based on DoTs, as Firebolt actually attaches a sizeable portion of DoTs damage. You could also try to make it like a hit-crit build, but I think DoTs might be the more correct choice. Because it’s actually one of the few similar non-crit builds.

    Since your burning effect stacks on enemies, you can burn monsters easily. Then you just watch them melt as you run away, dying in your wake. So that’s really fun.

    But for a more precise setup, I guess we’ll have to wait for the final patch notes, as I expect there will be quite a few balance changes. There will be more of these builds as we progress and once we have the final patch notes.


    Beyond that, this build has incredible survivability. Because this is a basic attack build with a very high attack speed, you can have effects like starting a new life on your item with each click. But more importantly, you can also have other Legendary Powers, like Hectic.

    Hectic is something very useful in building. Every time you attack five times with a basic skill, it reduces your cooldown. Since this is basically what you’re doing all the time, you can refresh your cooldown often. Especially useful for your Flame Shield.

    Some players may be concerned that Flame Shield is at risk of being nerfed in the new season. But regardless, even if it is nerfed or even removed, you can still provide the benefits of this Hectic effect to all other skills here, such as Frost Nova, Teleport, and Inferno.

    So you can do different combinations here. It will constantly reset your cooldown with this Hectic Power. In fact, you could even try putting it on an amulet if you want to reset your cooldown faster.

    Excitingly, I also took down some level 200 Uber Bosses with this build. Because you only need to press more on your Flame Shield and Ice Armor to further increase the efficiency of your build. Even if you don’t play all the mechanics perfectly, it’s easy to survive these bosses.

    Final Thoughts

    Anyway, for now I just wanted to highlight how this new Flameweaver Firebolt Sorcerer build works. I think it’s pretty cool and definitely something to look forward to.

    While Firebolt build isn’t expected to be the absolute best in Diablo 4 Season 4, it’s expected to be one of the best-performing Sorcerer builds. Overall, Season 4 promises to offer a wider range of viable Sorcerer builds for players to explore. Let’s wait and see!

  • New Endgame Bosses Will Be Introduced In Diablo 4 Season 4! - Tormented Echoes Guide

    Apr 10 ,2024

    Those playing Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR will probably find that the developers have made massive changes to the core system, and on top of that, there’s also been a ton of additions to the endgame content. This includes some major changes to the endgame boss ladder.

    In Season 4, we will have a new boss that can be used to farm Uber Uniques. This new boss is called Tormented Echoes. They spawn at level 200 and have a huge amount of life.

    In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about these Tormented Echoes. Let’s get straight to it!

    New Endgame Bosses Will Be Introduced In Diablo 4 Season 4! - Tormented Echoes Guide

    New Uber: Andariel

    First, they added a new member to Boss Ladder, Andariel. She will be in the same camp as Uber Duriel and share the same loot table.

    So this just gives you another boss you can face without having to target farm Andariel. It gives you a chance to get more summoning materials to get Uber Uniques.

    Looking past Andariel now, the developers have actually made a big addition to the boss slider, and Tormented Echoes will affect all boss ladders.

    So with the addition of Andariel and these bosses, they’re all going to have Uber versions that are going to be very difficult and drop more gear. Therefore, it is crucial to create a build that is entirely focused on killing very difficult bosses before Diablo 4 Season 4 begins.

    New Level 200 Tormented Uber Andariel Boss Fight in Diablo 4 Season 4

    New Summoning Material: Stygian Stones

    Season 4 will have six Torment bosses, each requiring a special material called Stygian Stones to summon them. You can get it by completing Pit.

    You’ll first unlock Pit of Artificers dungeon in this Torment World tier via a priority quest, which will introduce you to Runeshard currency required to open it. You can obtain Runeshard from Whispers by opening Legion or Helltide chests, or completing Nightmare Dungeons.

    To start, you’ll get one or two Stygian Stones per run, and you’ll need three in total to summon Tormented Echoes.

    It’s also important to note that, like other boss materials, Stygian Stones can be traded between players. So when Season 4 arrives, you’ll be able to purchase them with Diablo 4 Gold. Remember, if you complete Pit of Artificers with a team, only the team leader will be rewarded with Stones.

    But you’ll also need a lot of normal boss summoning materials, so you can go to Helltide or Nightmare Dungeons to defeat any of the other ladder bosses, and collect materials to face some of the more tough bosses.

    How to get Stygian Stones and what they do in Diablo 4 PTR?

    Torment Bosses Have More Chance To Drop Uniques

    It should be noted that these Torment bosses require more summoning materials than the normal version of the boss, but these bosses will also give you a lot of loot. No matter which level 200 Torment Boss you face, they will all drop 925 Item Power gear.

    This change is important because if you face Beast in the Ice or Lord Zir, they are not guaranteed to drop level 925 gear on normal difficulty, like Duriel.

    This means you have a better chance of getting your top unique items. And because these Torment bosses simply drop more unique items and loot, you’ll increase that chance exponentially, too.

    And considering Season 4’s upcoming Greater Affixes system, where Legendaries and Uniques will drop Greater Affixes, increasing that affix’s stats by 1.5x.

    This means that being able to farm many unique items is important to making your build incredibly powerful. Once your character is strong enough, you’ll be able to kill any of these level 200 bosses with ease.

    Also Read: A Potential Top-Tier Build For The Bone Spear Necromancer In Diablo 4 Season 4 Revealed

    How To Summon Tormented Echoes?

    You can summon these Torment bosses in common lairs and altars in Torment World Tier. But like I said, each boss summons requires five times the materials. For example, to summon Torment Varshan, you need five of each Malignant Body Part instead of one. Thankfully, it’s now easier to get boss materials, as they drop more frequently.

    Although Tormented Echoes don’t appear to have any new attacks, they will spawn at level 200, and any elites they summon in battle will also have a higher level, so before facing any of them, make sure your The characters are at their best.

    Defeating these Torment bosses will net you better rewards than the regular version, including 925 Item Power gear, and a guaranteed Resplendent Spark on your first kill.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I think one of the best things about Diablo 4 is that there are so many bosses and the range of different difficulties faced when challenging them. You can focus almost entirely on killing bosses to get almost all the loot you want.

    So instead of having a good build to get into Nightmare Dungeons super fast, you can just make a boss-killer build and go face off against increasingly hard bosses. That’s all I wanted to discuss.

  • Is Diablo 4 Season 4 Heading Towards Becoming A Pay To Win Game? - My Personal Guess

    Apr 01 ,2024

    Recently, the developers announced the updates they plan to release in Diablo 4 Season 4. Because of the lackluster reception of Season 3 and the launch of other ARPG games, if Diablo 4 is to remain relevant in the genre, the developers will really have to strengthen their game with some updates.

    By looking at the fundamental changes they’ve made to the game so far along with the introduction of multiple new systems, overhauls of major items, and more, it seems like they’re on the right path to making Diablo 4 a better game.

    Season 4 Risks Becoming A Pay To Win Game

    But now, I’m skeptical. The first is because we don’t actually have updates yet. Secondly, Diablo 4 developers are known for making terrible changes that no one asked for. Like nerfing all the good builds to the ground before Season 1 starts, or adding expensive cosmetics to the game.

    Therefore, in this guide, we will focus primarily on the immense danger to the potential success of the upcoming Season 4: this is the risk of Diablo 4 becoming a pay-to-win. We’ll discuss the impact this change has on the game, and how it itself may cause carefully crafted updates in Season 4 to become wasted.

    Is Diablo 4 Season 4 Heading Towards Becoming A Pay To Win Game? - My Personal Guess

    Players Can Buy Materials From Third Parties

    The ability to pay real money for items and consumables is now in the game. Players can purchase items with Diablo 4 Gold or even with real money on some websites.

    In particular, the demand for buying and selling Duriel materials was and is very high. Because Uber Unique items have ridiculously low drop rates and high-power levels, players are forced to run Duriel hundreds of times.

    Granted, collecting the materials to summon Duriel isn’t difficult, but overall it’s time-consuming and troublesome, so it’s no surprise that many players choose the easy way out.

    Of course, paying third parties for actual in-game services is against the game’s terms, but the chances of getting banned are low. They don’t really stop many players from using wallets to get the best items in the game faster.

    Diablo 4: Duriel Materials Summon Set

    Uniques & Legendaries Cannot Be Traded Between Players

    To this day, only rare items can be traded between players, but trading of Uniques and Legendaries is not possible. This way, players can’t simply buy all the items they need. The downside to this is that group members cannot provide each other with items they find, which creates some frustration within the player base.

    Possible Impacts Of Season 4 Update

    Excitingly, this will all change in Season 4. Once the new update goes live, you will trade unmodified Legendary items and Uniques. But this has some huge implications.

    First, players on the same side can now easily share loot, which is a positive thing, but at what cost? It is not difficult to predict that this change will result in an increase in the number of items sold for D4 Gold. On top of that, more and more items will be sold for real money, eventually and potentially making Diablo 4 a pay-to-win game.

    Now, thankfully, modified items cannot be traded. So technically, you won’t be able to get the best items.

    Issues With New Trading Options

    But items with Greater Affixes can be traded. These are the base items that will be used to create the best items through Masterworking.

    So, with these trading options, the question becomes: Will players in Diablo 4 feel forced to use real money to get really good items? If so, this would create a similar experience to the beginning of Diablo 3, where the auction house offered far better items than you could find while actually playing the game.

    The major difference between them is that in Diablo 3, transactions are conducted through a controlled system, while in Diablo 4, funds will be processed through third-party websites.

    The most important consequence is that the easiest way to obtain these top items is to buy them instead of playing the game. Then no matter how good the game is, no matter how many new systems are added, no matter how hard the developers try to fix the problems, players will spend money buying items instead of actually playing the game. This will simply overwrite all the good stuff in this patch.

    Most players will complain about this situation. But if the developers don’t respond to that, they’ll quit and move on to one of the other A-RPGs in the market.

    All in all, I firmly believe that this new update may push Diablo 4 further towards its demise. But what do you think? Is this new patch a step towards pay-to-win game for Diablo 4? Let me know what you think and I’ll see you next time.

  • What New Changes Will Appear In Itemization In Diablo 4 Season 4?

    Mar 22 ,2024

    Diablo fans, I believe you have noticed that the developers revealed a series of new changes in Season 4 in the latest Diablo 4 Campfire Chat. Indeed, with the current poor state of Diablo 4, some improvements are urgently needed. The large-scale itemization overhaul announced by the developers of this time seems to have really achieved this goal.

    However, I have some major concerns with the changes, especially the large amount of RNG involved in the process of obtaining actual Diablo 4 items using the new and updated system. Here, I’ll discuss the most important itemization changes and the potentially huge flaws that could push Diablo 4 back into failure.

    What New Changes Will Appear In Itemization In Diablo 4 Season 4?

    Itemization Changes

    But first, I’ll cover the major changes related to itemization. In general, itemization has many variations, and I will only mention the most influential ones here.

    • Base items will have fewer affixes: 3 for rare items and 4 for legendary items.
    • Only Sacred items will drop in World Tier 3, and only Ancestral items will drop in World Tier 3.
    • Legendary and Unique items are now tradable, but Uber Uniques are still not.
    • Monsters of level 95 or higher will always drop 925 item level gear.
    • Codex of Power will store all Legendary Aspects you extract, and you will apply the strongest Aspects you extracted to items an unlimited number of times.
    • Three brand new systems will be added that can be used to improve the new items you loot. These are Masterworking, Tempering and Greater Affixes.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 itemization changes are big

    New System

    Masterworking replaces the current item upgrade system and makes it more complex. Players will be able to “masterwork” each item 12 times, and most of these upgrade levels will increase all the item’s affixes by one point, once every 4 levels. Therefore, a random affix will be added at levels 4, 8, and 12, and the same affix can be added multiple times using this system.

    Tempering is the name of the second newly added system, which involves adding entirely new affixes to items. Recopies that add affixes drop randomly, and once you get them, you can randomly add an affix to an item from 4 different affixes.

    You will temper Ancestral items twice, so you can add 2 new affixes to these items. But you cannot adjust Unique items.

    Greater Affixes are affixes that only Ancestral items can have. These affixes always roll max, and the value of these affixes is increased by 50% compared to normal items.

    An item can have multiple Greater Affixes. These Greater Affixes can be increased through Masterworking, but items with Greater Affixes cannot be crafted or re-rolled.

    Is Too Much RNG Really A Good Thing?

    All of this looks great, but I have some very serious concerns about each of these systems: they involve too much RNG.

    This, in itself, is not necessarily a problem. Some items dropped, or some low-probability events do not break immediately. For example, the rarest rune in Diablo 2 was really hard to come by because of its rarity, but Rune System was, and still is, beloved by the community.

    However, RNG case that Diablo 4 is about to add is not a pleasant or exciting type of RNG. Unlike the excitement of rare drops, you just need to farm materials to keep re-rolling items until you get the perfect result. The difference is that repeatedly re-rolling items to get rare results is more frustrating than farming for rare drops.

    Potential Problems With The New System

    But let’s look at the specifics of each system one by one!

    Diablo 4 Tempering Explained: How to upgrade gear in Season 4?


    The problem with Tempering comes from its randomness: you randomly add an affix to your item from a list of 4 affixes. This means you can easily get the wrong affix, which will most likely be useless to you. You can re-roll it, but only a limited number of times. The number of times you can re-roll Tempered Affixes is called Tempering Durability.

    So what happens when you use up all your re-rolls and still don’t get a good affix? Then the item is destroyed.

    This is new in Diablo 4: you can easily and irreversibly destroy an item if you don’t get the right affixes using this new Tempering system.

    New Crafting System Coming with Diablo 4 Season 4 - Masterworking


    Not only is Masterworking more complex than the current item upgrade system, it also involves more RNG. Keep in mind that levels 4, 8, and 12 of Masterworking process involve randomly adding an affix to an item, which may affect the same affix multiple times.

    Obviously, you want to spend hundreds of materials to masterwork your item until you randomly roll the correct affix for an increased number of times?

    Let’s look at an example. If you have an item with 4 affixes, one of which is critical strike chance, you want to maximize that. In this case, you have a 1.5% chance of getting 3 critical hits. Therefore, if you want this to happen, you have to masterwork your items until you reach the 1.5% chance.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Greater Affixes

    Greater Affixes

    Greater Affixes are not inherently bad. Although RNG obtains them through random drops, you don’t have to farm some hard-to-summon boss to get Greater Affixes. You farm them just by playing the game, without forcing you to do any targeted farming.

    But Greater Affixes can become problematic when they interact with other systems. Ideally, if you want Greater Affixes with Masterworking, then you can only hope that RNG gods will bless you.

    All in all, I like the changes the developers have planned for next season, but I’m definitely worried about the execution. But what do you think? Will Season 4 have too much bad RNG? Or will it be better than Season 3 situation? Let’s wait and see!

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