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Follow These Tips To Summon The New Uber Andariel In Diablo 4 Season 4! - Farming Summoning Materials & Tips

May 15 ,2024 Author: D4gold

The exciting Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn is finally here! In the new season, a new Uber Boss joins the endgame, and this is Andariel. She is similar to her brother boss Duriel: she is level 100, only available in Torment World Tier, and has the exact same loot table.

If you’re tired of farming Duriel repeatedly, then you can try summoning Andariel and get new Uber Uniques. But summoning Andariel requires different Diablo 4 items, thus meaning you have to fight a different boss. So, below we will talk about how to get the required materials and summon Andariel in Season 4.

Follow These Tips To Summon The New Uber Andariel In Diablo 4 Season 4! - Farming Summoning Materials & Tips

Collect Materials

In order to summon Andariel, we need to raise two endgame bosses to obtain Pincushioned Doll from Beast of Ice and Sandscorched Shackles from Lord Zir.

Beast Of Ice

Beast of Ice can be farmed primarily by completing Nightmare Dungeons. You can obtain Distilled Fear by completing Nightmare Dungeons at tier 30 and above in Torment World Tier. Since the material drops randomly upon completion, you may not always get it. The good news, though, is that playing higher-level Nightmare Dungeons has a chance to reward you with additional Distilled Fear.

Once you get 9 of them, go to Occultist to craft Nightmare Sigils: Glacial Fissure. Glacial Fissure works just like Nightmare Dungeon. You activate it like Nightmare Dungeon and select it on the map to instantly teleport there.

Unlike other endgame bosses, you need to go through a fairly long dungeon to reach the boss area. Also, different from other endgame bosses, there will be no summoning altar here. The battle with Beast of Ice will begin as soon as you enter the boss arena. Defeating Beast of Ice will drop Pincushioned Doll, one of the two items required to summon Andariel.

Lord Zir

Another summoning item comes from defeating Lord Zir. To summon Lord Zir, you need 9 Exquisite Blood. Exquisite Blood can be obtained by completing World Bosses or Legion Events. World Bosses grant 3 Exquisite Blood every 3 hours and 30 minutes, and Legion Events grant 1 Exquisite Blood every 25 minutes.

In addition, in Season 4, you can also get a large amount of Exquisite Blood through Helltides, completing events, and random drops from general elites.

Like Duriel, Lord Zir Boss is only available in World Tier 4. Fortunately, World Bosses now appear every three hours instead of six, so they’re easier to farm.

Once you have enough Exquisite Blood, head to Darkened Way. After that you will see another door in Ancient’s Seat. Deposit your Exquisite Blood on the summoning altar to generate Lord Zir. Defeating Lord Zir will drop Sandscorched Shackles, the second item required to summon Andariel.

How To Summon Andariel?

Now we are ready to summon Andariel. We need to take all the summoning materials we obtained to the level 100 dungeon Hanged Man’s Hall and summon Andariel. You can find the entrance to this dungeon east of Tarsarak, the major city in the Kehjistan region.

Like all other boss dungeons in the game, the lobby will have a unique icon. As you scroll through the area, look for skulls with horns on the gate. If you’ve never completed the dungeon, they’re hard to miss and have an orange dot.

How to Summon Andariel in Diablo 4?

Once you enter Hanged Man’s Hall, you must reach the altar. To start the battle, place summon items from Lord Zir and Beast of Ice into Altar of Anguish. Andariel consumes 2 Pincushioned Dolls and Sandscorched Shackles each time it is run.

Keep in mind that Andariel’s summoning materials will only be used once, so your best bet is to run a boss grind squad to save time. Otherwise, you have to keep grinding away previous bosses on the boss ladder to get more materials.

The combat was really simple during PTR, so I didn’t see much of Andariel boss fight. Although Uber Andariel is a tough boss, with the right strategy, you can defeat Andariel. So use your abilities, predict her moves, and keep moving, and you’ll easily have the upper hand and enjoy those sweet loot drops! Regardless, you can definitely defeat her in the Hanged Man’s Hall.

Tormented Echo

You can also collect Stygian Stones from Pit of the Artificers if you want a higher difficulty challenge. These can be combined with standard Andariel summoning items to obtain her level 200 Tormented Echo variant.

Higher levels mean more rewards for each victory. More importantly, for Duriel and his sister, it means a better chance of getting Uber Unique items. Once you’ve conquered this season’s Pit of the Artificers, the uber grind will probably take up the rest of your endgame grinding time.

That’s everything we need to know about summoning this new endgame boss in Diablo 4 Season 4. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, I believe you are ready to tackle this boss fight. With perseverance and skill, you can conquer Uber Andariel and become invincible in Season 4!

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