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Your Ticket To The Vault Of The Loom & The Echo Of Malphas In Diablo 4 Season 3 - Igneous Cores Explained

Feb 08 ,2024 Author: D4gold

In Diablo 4 Season 3, the recently introduced boss-summoning artifact, the Igneous Core, serves as your gateway to confront the Echo of Malphas within the Vault of the Loom. 

This robotic demon promises potent spoils and Diablo 4 Gold for both you and your construct companion, yet demands careful preparation. If you find yourself nearing level 100 and residing in world tier 4, you'll need to engage in the new seasonal activities to earn an opportunity to face this season's formidable adversary.

Your Ticket To The Vault Of The Loom & The Echo Of Malphas In Diablo 4 Season 3 - Igneous Cores Explained

Igneous Cores Overview

Following its introduction post-launch of season 3, Igneous Cores have replaced the previous method of summoning the Echo of Malphas, also known as "Uber Malphas". 

To access his domain within the Vault of the Loom, you'll require:

  • 7x Igneous Cores 
  • 250x Shattered Stone

However, if you aim to unlock the additional chests at the culmination of the encounter, offering a chance at acquiring one of the 2 exceedingly powerful construct companion Tuning Stones, it's advisable to bring along 4 to 5 Pearls of Warding as well.

In your pursuit of Igneous Cores, you'll encounter various other seasonal items, including the essential Shattered Stones, as well as the Governing and Tuning Stones for your robotic spider companion. Given the collective efforts of numerous players engaged in similar endeavors, your chances of acquiring Igneous Cores are significantly heightened.

Igneous Core Items Farming Loop

Here's a simplified breakdown of the Igneous Core farming loop, which will be further elaborated below:

  • Locate and deactivate Igneous Obelisks in the open world to acquire Elemental Cores.
  • Utilize 3 Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stone on Voltaic Braziers to summon a Herald of Malphas.
  • Defeat Heralds of Malphas for a chance to obtain an Igneous Core.
  • Repeat this process until you have accumulated 7 Igneous Cores and sufficient Shattered Stone.

The primary source of Igneous Cores in Diablo 4 Season 3's open world are the Arcane Tremors. These can be easily identified by zooming into various areas on the map. By traversing the terrain and deactivating Igneous Obelisks—visible as pillars emitting fireballs and red lightning—you'll gather Elemental Cores and Shattered Stone required for summoning Heralds of Malphas at Voltaic Braziers.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Shattered Stones

Although the terminology may seem complex, the process is straightforward: 

  • Deactivate traps and utilize the dropped items to summon a mini-boss, who has a chance to yield Igneous Cores (approximately a 25% chance). 
  • Repeat this sequence until you have amassed enough Igneous Cores and Shattered Stone to summon Uber Malphas.

Ideally, execute this loop in areas near braziers marked with red icons, signifying that they provide Grim Favors for redemption at the Tree of Whispers. These locations are frequently targeted by other players, potentially yielding Igneous Cores from any Heralds of Malphas they summon.

Alternatively, Igneous Cores are guaranteed drops from the Son of Malphas boss, who sporadically appears in Arcane Tremors and vaults—similar to unexpected appearances by the Butcher in dungeons. 

Given the Son of Malphas's formidable nature and full boss health bar, exercise caution if encountering him. In the absence of a consistent method to locate the Son of Malphas, the aforementioned steps must be repeated to acquire Igneous Cores.

Specific Steps To Get Shattered Stone

The introduction of Diablo 4 Season 3 brings forth a variety of new robotic construct adversaries, all of which yield Shattered Stones upon defeat. 

By adhering to the aforementioned steps and ensuring thorough looting of all Diablo 4 Items on the ground, you'll find yourself amassing an abundance of Shattered Stones, more than sufficient to summon Malphas. 

Additionally, embarking on vault dungeon runs will also prove fruitful in acquiring these resources.

How To Unlock Echo Of Malphas With Igneous Cores?

Here's a concise set of steps for farming Uber Malphas, followed by a more detailed explanation:

  • Go to the Gatehall.
  • Descend downstairs and enter the portal to the Vault of the Loom.
  • Utilize 4 to 5 Pearls of Warding.
  • Interact with the Corrupted Altar to unlock the vault door.
  • Complete all 4 wings and enter the portal for the Malphas boss fight.

To access the Vault of the Loom, locate the Gatehall situated on the eastern border between Kehjistan and Hawezar (identified by a blue gate icon). Descend the stairs from the room containing the waypoint to find the entrance to the vault. Although you can enter at any time, the locked door requires specific materials for entry.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Echo Of Malphas

For those intending to venture into the Vault of the Loom, it's advisable to expend 4 or 5 Pearls of Warding at the Statue of Zoltun Kulle, positioned just before the Corrupted Altar near the locked door. Opening the door precludes interaction with the statue, so ensure you acquire the necessary buffs to mitigate potential damage from traps encountered en route to and during the boss encounter. 

Upon readiness, interact with the Corrupted Altar and expend 7 Igneous Cores and 250 Shattered Stone to unseal the door, with only one player per group needing to do so.

Navigation through the 4 wings of the vault is required to locate objects for placement in the corresponding pillars. Subsequently, 2 small chests containing 1 Zoltun's Warding each will be accessible upon completion, although it's crucial to note that 14 Zoltun's Warding are required to unlock both bonus chests post-fight, necessitating judicious management of resources.

The portal will transport you to the boss encounter against the Echo of Malphas, set upon a spacious disc. The camera perspective will expand to provide a comprehensive view of the platform and the hazards therein. Successfully evade the boss's assaults and traps while eliminating spawned pillars to ensure a smooth confrontation.

Upon Malphas's defeat, loot will be dropped, followed by the opportunity to utilize Zoltun's Warding on 2 bonus chests. The Major Wardwoven Chest presents a 3% chance of yielding the Evernight or Genesis unique Tuning Stones for your construct companion.

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