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Diablo 4 Mendeln Minions Summoner Necromancer Build: Endgame Build Upgrade Guide

Jul 17 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Welcome to my Mendeln Minions Summoner Necromancer overview and update. After back-and-forth testing, I’ve had a major rethink of how damage and survivability are measured.

For this build, I implemented a further upgrade to Pure Minions Summoner Necromancer I showed you earlier. So here I’m going to explain how the build works and why I chose certain things.

Diablo 4: Mendeln Minions Summoner Necromancer Build Guide

Paragon Board

First, I made a larger change to Paragon Board for this build. I realized it was important that we scale damage to get more Minions damage. Because there are more damage nodes, and their damage output is larger, its damage path is more efficient.

Because this Minion Board has a separate Warriors and Mages cluster. So we need to note that Mendeln doesn’t proc inside the shield. We actually need to do the damage myself. We still have to use Cult Leader Board, but it’s mostly for Minions damage reduction.

Legendary Nodes are still good because it’s a multiplicative modifier. I also put a lot of Diablo 4 Gold on Blood Board, since the build can use Blood Mist to spawn Blood Orbs for healing. Because of Transfusion Passive, Minions survived. So, I don’t need to cast Skeletal Priest manually.

Finally, all level 5 glyphs deal multiplied damage, and some also deal bonus damage. I think this works better than using two separate Minion Glyphs, which only deal additional damage.

Diablo 4: Endgame Paragon Board And All Legendary Nodes

Skills & Aspects

I also made a big tweak to the skills and Aspects, which are all related to skill rotation.

The first skill is Abhorrent Decrepify. It slows enemies down and reduces their damage. But it helps reduce cooldowns. It will also activate Amplify Glyph’s damage mod. Also, the stun will activate the damage mod on Control Glyph.

The second skill is Ghastly Bone Prison, which applies to Vulnerable enemies. It does 0 damage to apply the debuff, as it can trigger Mendeln explosion with a Lucky Hit. It also spawns corpses from Hewed Flesh.

Next up is Plagued Corpse Tendrils, which can gather enemies in one place and apply Vulnerable. Slow and stun will activate Control Glyph’s damage mod. And Aspect of Grasping Veins also gives you extra critical strike chance and damage.

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After that, I use Bone Storm to reduce damage and crit chance, and my Minion also gets these damage bonuses. Aspect of Ultimate Shadow can convert Bone Storm into Shadow damage. So it also triggers Shadowblight, and activates Blighted Aspect of a huge damage boost. 

Shadow DoT will also activate Scourge’s damage mod. I also have Osseous Gale Aspect to increase the duration. Also, Aspect of the Embalmer will also spawn Blood Orbs from corpses that are consumed.

The last skill is Blood Mist, which prevents damage and removes all negative effects such as poison. Blood Mist will activate Aspect of Explosive Mist to trigger Blight Corpse Explosion. Simultaneously trigger Shadowblight and Blighted Aspect. It activates the damage bonuses of Scourge and Aspect of the Embalmer to spawn Blood Orbs. 

While this is happening, Blood Orbs are healing my Minions, so I don’t need to cast Skeletal Priest. And all skills and trigger effects can also trigger Lucky Hit, resulting in more Mendeln explosion.

Diablo 4: Blighted Aspect

Important Stats For Gear

For gear, the stats that really matter are Lucky Hit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, and Critical Strike Chance. I can also reduce the cooldown of Bone Prison and Corpse Tendrils by applying some Diablo 4 Items. There is also the usual Life, Damage Reduction and Damage.

Sacrifice Golem

In the end, I sacrificed this Iron Golem because the sacrifice bonus buffs all Warriors and Mages, and I couldn’t get it on the cast bar at all. Anyway, that’s my detailed guide to upgrading my Mendeln Minions Summoner Necromancer build. Hopefully, this guide helps you better balance damage and survivability with this build.

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