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Diablo 4 Lightning Conjuration Sorcerer Build: A Tier S Build Guide For Season 1 Patch 1.1.1

Aug 10 ,2023 Author: D4gold

With hours of researching and testing, patch 1.1.1 has finally come. I made this Tier S Lightning Conjuration build that:

  • Oneshot Elites that are 30 Levels Higher
  • Take down Bosses that are 35 Levels Higher in 28s
  • 0 Cooldown Ultimate that the Ult is 10s uptime and just 10s on Cooldown

This build is fast and has:

  • Infinite Mana: Speed Farm Dungeons in 3 minutes.
  • Auto Aim: you just cast skills. Both Chain Lightning and Conjurations do the heavy lifting and auto crush enemies in 360 degrees for you.
  • Tanky: You can face tank enemies 20 Levels higher easily.
    Diablo 4 Lightning Conjuration Sorcerer Build: A Tier S Build Guide For Season 1 Patch 1.1.1

I will cover the Infinite Mana, Skills, Gears and Paragon Board one by one.

Infinite Mana

First, 1.1.1 made it super easy to achieve Infinite Mana for Chain Lightning build. The Recharging Aspect has been updated to gain Mana each time Chain Lightning bounces, instead of bounces off you.

From my testing, even with the lowest 1.5 value on Recharging, as long as I have 35% Base Crit Chance and 10% Mana Cost Reduction, I am able to cast Chain Lightning freely.

I will cover the specific skills and gear in the following sections. But you can start using this build right after entering World Tier 4, Like Level 65 or even earlier.

One extra note: There is a need to move around to collect the Cracking Energy on the ground because each of them gives 12 Mana. So, make sure you spend time exercising your running skills to get Infinite Mana.


For Skills, this build doesn’t use any basic skill.

So, put 2 points in whatever skill you like. Then put 5 Ranks to Chain Lightning as it is one of the Main DPS skills in the build. And make sure to use Destructive Chain Lightning to get enough Crackling Energy for Infinite Mana. Don’t use Greater Chain Lightning. And we are running only one Defensive Skill, Teleport, in the build.

This build has pretty good survivability that doesn’t need 3 defensive skills because the build has massive Crowd Control skills and high Armor.

With the Raiment of the Infinite unique chest armor, Teleport becomes Frost Nova that Crowd Control everything around. If you don’t have this Diablo 4 Item, please check the related services on this site. There will be professional players to help you solve this problem.

Diablo 4 Raiment of the Infinite

Next, put 5 Ranks to Hydra as it is another Main DPS of the build. Make sure to take the Invoked Hydra as it is a direct 35% damage boost if you have 35% Crit Chance and 300% Crit Damage, while the Summoned Hydra is just a 2% damage boost each second.

Then, pick Precision Magic for 15% Lucky Hit Chance, Ice Blades for Vulnerable State and Cooldown Reductions, and Ice Blades in Enchantment to synergize with all Cooldown Skills. Like instant 4 Ice Blades at the beginning of a Boss Fight, what a beautiful start! This is also why the build has 0 Cooldown Ultimate.

Then, pick Lightning Spear for Stable Stun and Conjuration Mastery for insane damage boost. On average, this build has 8 Conjurations at the same time. So, it is a 48% global damage boost.

Then, pick Mana Shield for an extra 21% Damage Reduction, and Protection for 100% Barrier Uptime.

Next, put 2 Ranks to Ball Lightning as it is the Main AOE DPS. We use it in the Enchantment only since this build focuses on Crit Chance. A single Teleport can sometimes trigger 3 static Ball Lightnings for insane AOE damage. It also generates Crackling Energy for Infinite Mana.

And, pick Static Discharge for further Crackling Energy, and Invigorating Conduit to enable all Crackling Energy to generate 12 Mana, which is the main source for Infinite Mana.

Finally, we add points to the Ultimate and Unstable Currents. And we pick Coursing Currents for more Crit Chance, Electrocution for 15% Damage Reduction, and Overflowing Energy to enable Crackling Energy to reduce Skill Cooldowns.

Gears & Aspects

First, I want to summarize all the Gears and Skills used in this build. If you want to become more powerful, then you need to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade them quickly.


  • Exploiter’s Aspect (Helm)
  • Raiment of the Infinite (Chest Armor)
  • Accelerating Aspect (Gloves)
  • Everliving Aspect (Pants)
  • Esu’s Heirloom (Boots)
  • Conceited Aspect (Weapon)
  • Aspect of Disobedience (Amulet)
  • Recharging Aspect (Ring 1)
  • Aspect of Control (Ring 2)
  • Serpentine Aspect (Offhand)

Gems: Emerald, Ruby, The Barber, Tal’Rasha, Revenge

Skills: Chain Lightning, Hydra, Teleport, Ice Blades, Lightning Spear, Unstable Currents

Enchantments: Ice Blades, Ball Lightning

Diablo 4 Gear & Skills

Here, I will mainly cover the keys of all the Gear Stats Priority and Aspects.

First, always get % Total Armor on Helm. If you find one that has Ranks of Hydra, it is even better. Use Raiment for the Chest Armor to enhance Teleport to be Group Crowd Control. And get high Crit Chance on Gloves. And get Lucky Hit to Slow because this build is very good at triggering Lucky Hit. It crowd controls enemies to trigger the 25% Damage Reduction from the Everliving Aspect more easily and staggers Boss really fast for further DPS.

Next, get 4 Defensive Stats on Pants:

  • % Total Armor
  • Damage Reduction (from Close/Distant Enemies)
  • Dodge Chance (against Close/Distant Enemies)
  • Maximum Life

Use Esu’s Heirloom for a constant 10+% Crit Chance Boost. And after using the Evade, it will be 30+% Crit Chance Boost. If you don’t have the Esu’s Heirloom, use the Fortune Aspect for Lucky Hit Chance and get Movement Speed and Mana Cost Reduction first for stats. If you are running the Frost Nova variant, get plus Frost Nova stat.

For Main Weapon, make sure you have High Item Power, Intelligence and Vulnerable Damage. Make sure you have Mana Cost Reduction and Crit Chance on Offhand. And make sure you have High Crit Chance and the Revenge Heart for one Ring and High Crit Chance and the Tal Rasha Heart for the other Ring.

And finally, make sure you have Movement Speed, % Total Armor and Disobedient at the Amulet with the Barber Heart.

Gear Stats play an extremely important role in the endgame.

Paragon Board

For Paragon Board, start with the Destruction Glyph in the first Board.

Then, get the Enchantment Board and get the Enchantment Master as soon as possible to enhance both Ice Blades and Ball Lightning Enchantments.

Then, get the Rare Nodes on the path to further improve Non-Physical Damage and use the Elementalist Glyph since the build deals all 3 Elemental Damage.

Then, move up to Frigid Fate Board for the Control Glyph and further Vulnerable Damage Nodes.

Then, move right to the Static Surge Board and use the Exploit Glyph.

Afterwards, it will be the Crackling Energy Board and the Burning Board While I will be using the same Glyphs, there will also be a few Glyph Position Changes. So, update your glyph position as you level up.

Skill Rotation

This build is pretty flexible in terms of Combat Style, where you can fight enemies both Melee and Ranged.

On top of that, I have 2 tips that may help you further enjoy the build:

First cast 2 Hydras before the fight. Teleport then evade right after Teleport. And spam Chain Lightning. In this way, all conjurations and Chain Lightning will benefit from the 30+% Crit Chance buff from Esu’s Hairloom.

Second, usually there will be many static Ball Lightnings on the ground. You can teleport to pull enemies into them, triggering massive damage.

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