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Which Class Is Your Best Bet For Endgame Victory In Diablo 4 Season 4? - Class Tier List

Jun 06 ,2024 Author: D4gold

For players, choosing the class that is more suitable for them in the game is a big dilemma. Because the class choice is the most important decision, a player will make, it will affect every way they interact with the game. Therefore, this guide will give you direction on choosing the class in the game based on leveling difficulty, ability to farm end-game content, boss fight viability, and build diversity.

All classes in Diablo 4 Season 4 are viable and can reach level 50 and complete end-game content without encountering too much challenge. But the changes to Diablo 4 items, crafting, and world events in Loot Reborn have fundamentally changed the class rankings. While all classes in Loot Reborn have generally become stronger, certain classes are still ranked higher than others.

Which Class Is Your Best Bet For Endgame Victory In Diablo 4 Season 4? - Class Tier List

Although the meta in Loot Reborn is still being explored by players and has not yet been finalized, current information has given some indications about how the rankings may eventually look. Let’s take a look at which classes are more worth choosing!

5. Sorcerer

Sorcerer is by far the best ranged choice for Diablo 4 players since the game’s release. Of the classes listed in this guide, Sorcerer is the best class for rushing to level 50 quickly.

Between the various elemental magics, Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage all provide very useful build paths that are fairly simple for new players. Specialized builds such as Chain Lightning and Fire Sorcerer provide excellent AoE damage that can clear dungeons and encounters at an incredible speed.

Despite Sorcerer’s excellent AoE damage, it is inevitable that there are disadvantages. Survivability and single target damage are two important factors in end-game activities, especially against bosses and Uber bosses.

Due to Sorcerer’s low health, the end-game survivability of this class is the major problem. This class also has little room for error in the more difficult boss fights. Therefore, if used alone, Sorcerer players may have a hard time in the endgame.

While some builds have been able to keep up with end-game content, such as Ball Lightning, few Sorcerer builds have strayed away from AoE damage. As a result, Sorcerer is a great addition to any team if they have teammates.

4. Rogue

In Season 4, Rogue has shifted towards its ranged options, prioritizing Barrage, Penetrating Shot, and similar options. No build can match the strength of Rogue in the past, and even Twisting Blades builds, one of the strongest builds ever in Diablo 4, has been nerfed.

Despite Rogue’s shift towards its ranged options, melee builds are still a viable option for this versatile class, but you can expect it to deal much less damage than last season. It also has relatively weak health pools compared to Barbarian and Druid. Rogue players in Diablo 4 will start to feel the limitations of their class as they reach end-game content, similar to Sorcerer.

Rogue avoids the bottom of the pack with excellent single-target damage and easily levels up from level 1 to 50, but is nowhere near as good as higher ranked classes. Rogue players also have a harder time farming end-game content such as Helltides due to their lack of strong AoE abilities.

You can use Diablo 4 Gold to help Rogue level up and improve its combat capabilities.

3. Barbarian

Diablo 4 Barbarian

For players just starting out in Diablo 4, Barbarian is very accessible. Despite the fact that the class has been nerfed so much that it has fallen off the charts, Barbarian’s health, single-target damage, and area damage options are powerful tools that allow players to thrive in Diablo 4’s main story and most of the add-on game options.

Hammer of the Ancients and Charge builds that dominated Season 3 have been thoroughly buried. Players have generated several new viable options to replace Hammer of the Ancients build. Double Swing Dust Devil is a powerful build that can wipe out end-game content with a tornado that deals sustained damage. Bash build can deal equally devastating area damage when paired with Tempering Affix.

Recent nerfs balance out the melee class abilities that Season 4 may have over-tuned. As Developer has been working hard to develop other often-overlooked classes, Barbarian is far from a bad class.

2. Druid

Druid is a class that can easily turn players off. On the one hand. This class is difficult to get started with. On the other hand, this class is very slow to level up. Even during this long leveling process, Druid offers a lot of build options, but there is also the problem of fast farming plot and end-game content before level 100.

If you can make it to the end of the game with a Druid, then you have one of the best Diablo classes ever.

While Druid has both melee and caster options, its morphing components are better than ever and are easily the most popular build option at the moment.

Tornado Werewolf Druids are only rivaled by Hammer of Ancients Barbarians from Season 3. This incredible build has screen-clearing damage capabilities and has long been one of the best builds in Diablo 4.

Additionally, Druid’s survivability is excellent, with plenty of shields, healing, and other defensive options. Whether it’s fighting an Uber Boss alone or clearing a Nightmare dungeon, few classes can do a better job than Druid.

1. Necromancer

Diablo 4 Necromancer

In Season 4, minions received a base damage increase, along with a stun effect, meaning minions will be doing most of the work for this caster class. The moment developers decided to buff Necromancer’s army of minions, the class’s priority quickly rose.

The class’s core function, summons, is more powerful than ever and has few rivals. This makes it hard to believe that Necromancer was once the worst class in Diablo 4.

However, the class is not the best for leveling, and Bone Necromancers are easily one of the weakest individual builds in the game.

In addition to summons, Blood and Corpse Explosion builds are also better than ever for clearing early and end-game content. If you choose to test Skeleton Army Calling build, you will quickly transform Diablo 4 from an action-adventure game to an RTS, taking control of any battlefield.

If you have never played Necromancer in Diablo 4, or have avoided it due to the early weaknesses of this profession, now is the time to experience it.

Through these professions introduced in this guide, you have learned about the upgrade difficulty, the ability to farm endgame content, the feasibility of boss battles, and the diversity of construction. I believe you must have your favorite career choice, go and experience your game journey!

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