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Diablo 4 Double Swing Barbarian Build: Best Barbarian Endgame Build Guide In Season 1

Sep 02 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Here I bring you a new Diablo 4 build guide, Double Swing Barbarian. If you follow this, you’ll never even need the other Barbarian builds in Diablo 4.

Double Swing Barbarian has a ton of Crowd Control, damage, and survivability. Even better, this build requires only a handful of unique Diablo 4 Items, making it achievable even if you’re on a modest budget. Next let’s take a look at what makes this build work, and why it’s such a horror for those pesky monsters in Nightmare Dungeons.

Diablo 4 Season 1: Double Swing Barbarian Build Guide

Key Terms

First, let’s take a look at some terms we’ll be using in this guide and what they actually mean.

Fortify: Fortify is damage reduction. Let’s take an example: If you have 4,000 defense, but your max health is 10,000, you will take full damage until your current health drops to 4,000. When your health drops below the current amount of Fortify, you will start taking 10% less damage.

You become Fortify when your amount of Fortify equals your total health. This means that it reduced all the damage you take by 10%.

Berserking: Berserking is a buff that appears above your health bar when activated. While you are Berserking, it increased your damage by 25% and movement speed by 30%.

Unstoppable: You are immune to Crowd Control effects for the duration of this buff. When you’re Unstoppable, a giant golden sigil will appear above your head. This means you cannot be Crowd Controlled. You’ll also occasionally see enemies with this effect.

Diablo 4: How Does Fortify Work?

Skills Decomposition

Now that we understand some basic terminology, let’s take a look at some skills we use in this build.

First up, we have Lunging Strike, a Barbarian basic attack that allows us to close the gap on those pesky ranged enemies we all hate. Lunging Strike also allows us to be Berserking for a second and a half after using it to strike an enemy. We can clear all enemies and harvest a lot of Diablo 4 Gold in a short time.

Ground Stomp is an AOE Crowd Control ability that stuns enemies around the player. Deals a small amount of damage, but the main thing is that it can Double Swing, causing more damage to stunned enemies.

War Cry gives us Fortify and Berserking, and increases our damage output. Best of all, War Cry’s damage bonus also applies to nearby allies. This is a powerful ability that enhances your build and supports your close allies.

Rallying Cry is great for increasing movement speed and assisting our Fury spawn. Just like War Cry, it also works on nearby allies and increases their primary resource generation.

Diablo 4: Farming Nightmare Dungeons Double Swing Barbarian Build

Challenging Shout is a taunt. It puts you in the spotlight and forces enemies to attack you. During Challenge Shout, you get a ton of damage reduction, which makes you an amazing tank.

Double Swing is the foundation upon which we build. This is our resource hog and will deal a lot of damage to enemies standing directly in front of you.

The actual power of this build comes from pairing Double Swing with Ground Stomp and other stun sources. If your target is stunned by Double Swing, you spawn 25 Fury. This means you can cast Double Swing infinitely as long as the enemy is stunned.

Skill Tree

Before we get bogged down in specific mechanics and how to play builds, let’s take a look at the skill tree and get an overview of builds. Put your first point into Lunging Strike, take Enhanced Lunging Strike, then we’ll choose to take Combat Lunging Strike. It will allow us to gain Berserking in the critical strike when using the ability.

Next, we’ll select Double Swing by placing all five points here. We’ll then pick up some passives that help us gain extra max life to reduce the extra damage from elites. Don’t worry too much about the increased Fury cost from the passive, as their damage is worth it.

Diablo 4: Double Swing Barbarian Build Skill Tree


In addition, you can also pay attention to the following two Aspects to help Fury spawn.

Bold Chieftain’s Aspect

Whenever you cast a Shout ability, each nearby enemy reduces the cooldown by 1-1.9 seconds, up to a maximum of 6 seconds. This means we can have greater uptime across all Shouts, which is invaluable to our builds. And means we get less downtime for the powerful buffs we get from Shout.

Diablo 4: Aspect of Echoing Fury Sirocco Caverns

Aspect Of Echoing Fury

Your Shout ability generates 2-4 Fury per second while active. This helps mitigate some of our Fury generation issues. Because every time we use Shout, we get up to 4 Fury points per second.

At this point, the build is complete. Hope it helps you find an interesting Barbarian build. Looking forward to seeing you next time.

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