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Diablo 4 Rapid Fire Rogue Build: Quick Leveling Guide (Level 1-50)

Jul 21 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Welcome to one of the most action-packed, fun, and effective builds in Diablo 4, Rapid Fire Rogue. It will take you to the final stages of the game and play Hive Nightmare dungeons.

I have multiple guides for this build detailing all the build’s offensive and defensive mechanics. I’m going to cover the leveling guide from level 1 to level 50 for this build here. If you are going to start playing Diablo 4 Season 1, then you must not miss this guide.

Diablo 4: Rapid Fire Rogue Build Leveling Guide

Skills & Key Aspects

Let’s start by reviewing the skills in this build. We’ll use Puncture, Rapid Fire, Penetrating Shot, Dash, Shadow Imbuement and Dark Shroud for leveling.

We’ll eventually get rid of Dark Shroud as we gain power and move into the late game. We’ll be using Umbrous Aspect, which will allow us to summon an additional Dark Shroud shadow without using Dark Shroud. But when leveling, I still recommend that you invest more Diablo 4 Gold in Dark Shroud first. Because this will bring us faster movement speed and improve our upgrade efficiency.

And Dash is really useful for moving faster around the map for faster clarity. Then it’s back to Penetrating Shot, which allows us to have more AOE cleanup ahead of Rapid Fire.

Another Aspect I suggest you try early is an Aspect of the Protector. Next, we need Aspect of Repeating, and put it on our Amulet. Because when you level up, you don’t want to change it every time you get a new weapon. But when we level up, just wear the amulet instead of replacing it.

Diablo 4: Aspect of the Protector

Skill Tree Progression

When you level up, you don’t build a real target farm and get all the aspects you need. You will only use what and skills you have acquired. So, I’ve put together a guide here that tells you exactly which skill we should place points where at each level.

We start with Puncture first, then Penetrating Shot and Enhanced Puncture. This way we get Fundamental Puncture.

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Then we’re going to get Rapid Fire, then we’re going to Enhance Penetrating Shot, Enhance Rapid Fire, Advanced Penetrating Shot. Finally, come back here to maximize the damage output of our Penetrating Shot.

Then we need to use Dark Shroud to get some Mobility. Next, we go here for an AOE cleanup to clear our Shadow Ambient while also giving us energy. Finally, we keep going back here to buff Dash so we can get a little crit damage. But even more important is Disciplined Dash, which allows us to dash through the slows and stuns of enemies for additional Crowd Control.

Diablo 4: Rapid Fire Rogue Build Skill Tree

Next, we’re back here again with more points for more damage in Rapid Fire. Then we can choose five different options here, and I’m probably going to close quarters combat. Because high accuracy is only helpful if you have a good chance to crit. And until we get better gear, we may not have that opportunity for a while.

If we need some healing, melee combat is probably the best option overall. So when we use Dash to pass through enemies, this is considered Cutthroat Skill. Because it helps us in close quarters combat. It increases hit damage when you dodge, and Rapid Fire increases critical damage, which is very helpful.

Addition Build Notes

I have some additional notes to help you with other questions. So first go from level 10 to level 15. I’ll go to Lost Archives for Aspect of the Protector. This eases the hurdle for you when you run into elites and reach level 35.

Diablo 4: Rapid Fire Rogue Addition Build Notes

If you’re still using Penetrating Shot, go to Bastion of Faith for Trickshot Aspect. Once you get Aspect of Repeating, I would recommend getting rid of Penetrating Shot and picking up Poison Imbuement and maxing out Poison Beam.

I also suggest that if you get any boots that attack with cooldown reduction at movement speed, you definitely use them. Until you can replace them with similar or better boots or other Diablo 4 Items. This will help you a lot with dodging and healing.

Malignant Hearts

This season brought us a new mechanic, Malignant Hearts. So I went through all Malignant Hearts and picked out the ones I thought might be useful.

Diablo 4: All Malignant Heart Powers In Season 1

So, in the ancient game, first we had Picana, so the critical hit would give enemies an electric shock, causing an Arc Lash between them and other charged enemies. Then we can cast AOE from other aspects. So this could turn our single-target Rapid Fire into a potential AOE ability. Then AOE may burst with our Shadow Decoy Trap.

The above is my guide for leveling 1-50 in Rapid Fire Rogue in Diablo 4 Season 1. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand how Rapid Fire Rogue works. Finally, I hope you have a good start in Season 1, and see you in the game.

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