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Diablo 4 Frost Lightning Sorcerer Build: Tier 100 Nightmare Farming Guide

Sep 15 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Hello friends and welcome to my Frost Lightning Sorcerer build guide. Today I’m going to explain to you everything you need to know about how to play this build effectively on Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons and tips on how to farm in low level Nightmare.

In this guide, I’ll cover Aspects, Skill Tree, Malignant Hearts, and Stat Priority and some gameplay.

Before I get all set up, let me say that I highly recommend this build. Since it requires no farming for Raiment of the Infinite, it only requires a few Aspects and Diablo 4 items to complete.

You also get a good and simple range play style. It can blitz real CCed mob groups and kill bosses quickly to farm massive amounts of Diablo 4 Gold. No matter what type of creature you face, you can defeat it with this build.

Diablo 4: Easy Lighting Frost Sorccerer Build

How Does It work?

But first let’s see how to use it. For our major source of damage, spam Chain Lightning, which applies burn and spawns Frozen Orbs. Frozen Orbs make enemies vulnerable and apply ultimate freeze damage.

We can also use Lightning Spear to perform large-scale chain stunts. And the extra stun and freeze generated by Aspect of Shared Misery will spread to all CC through Chain Lightning hits. We also use Flame Shield for invincible teleportation for repositioning. Meanwhile, Frost Nova can be used to deal with enemies at close range, while Unstable Currents will give you a huge damage buff.

Diablo 4: Aspect of Shared Misery Oblivion Location


The build uses the following Aspects:

  • Everliving Aspect
  • Aspect of Shared Misery
  • Elementalist’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Disobedience
  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Frozen Orbit
  • Aspect of the Unbroken Tether
  • Accelerating Aspect
  • Recharging Aspect
  • Aspect of Control

Skill Tree

Let’s see which skills to choose first. We put two points into Fireball. This way, we can unlock its enchantment effect to burn targets we hit with Chain Lightning.

Diablo 4: Frost Lightning Sorcerer Skill Tree

For the core skills, we put a little in Frozen Orbs and then Enchanted and Greater upgrades. For Chain Lightning, we invested five points and upgraded it to Enchanted and Destructive’s passive skills. We put two points in Devastation and three points in Elemental dominance. If you don’t have all the extra skill points, just place one in Devastation.

For defense, we put a little in Flame Shield and upgraded it to Enchanted and Mystical. Place a dot in Frost Nova to get Enchanted and Shimmering upgrades. We put two points in Elemental Attunement for extra defense and three points in Glass Cannon for extra damage.

Within the spell, we upgraded Lightning Spear to Enchanted and Invoked, which allows us to create a large amount of stun on a short cooldown. We’ve also placed three spots in all three defensive passives. When we activate any skill with a cooldown, they give us a nice damage reduction and additional obstacles.

On our ultimate, we gained Unstable Currents through Prime upgrade, so it also increases our attack speed. Finally, we have Vyr’s Mastery as our passive skill.

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Malignant Hearts

Next, let’s review Malignant Hearts. First, we take down Caged Heart of The Barber, which gives us a huge damage increase. This heart’s effect stores critical damage we deal for 2 to 4 seconds, then explodes to store all damage. This extra time gives us a chance to spread all of our CCs well.

Diablo 4: Caged Heart of The Barber

Note that shorter duration Malignant Hearts are more beneficial for killing mobs. Hearts with longer duration are better for dealing with bosses. Because this build deals all three types of damage. And we can also get additional Shadow damage from Barber Heart. We’ve quadrupled the damage of Caged Heart of Tal’Rasha. Finally, we took a Caged Heart of Tempting Fate, which significantly increases critical hit damage.

Diablo 4: Frost Lightning Sorcerer Stat Priority

Stat Priority

As you can see, this is the optimal launch priority for this build, the closer the better. We’re looking at critical hit chance and critical hit damage and health gain as our primary stats. Beyond that, we also need to get as close as possible to the statistics being displayed. That’s it for this guide. Good luck!

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