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Diablo 4 Fireworks Lightning Sorcerer Build: How To Build It?

Jul 05 ,2023 Author: D4gold

I’m really excited to share this new Fireworks Lightning Build that I recently developed. The build is too satisfying, both visually and audibly.

Build Feasibility

Charged Bolts’ base damage has increased by 7% after Diablo 4 patch 1.0.3 update. It has also increased the damage of Piercing Charged Bolts from Staff of Lam Esen by 7%. This has increased damage by 14.8%.

In addition, Charged Bolts deal 25% more damage to stunned enemies wearing Raiment, Teleport Enchantment and Boots. This build has a powerful stun source of up to 5 Teleport Charges. Like Static Surge, Raiment Teleport fully restores mana with a single cast.

Diablo 4: Fireworks Lightning Sorcerer Build

We also have 5 Teleport Charges plus Prodigy’s Aspect. This grants additional Mana Regeneration with 4 cooldown skills, making it infinite Fireworks.

For further damage, Raiment Teleport can pull enemies to an arbitrary location. Deal massive burst AOE damage to every enemy by using Piercing Charged Bolts and Lightning Nova. An additional note is that you need to use Aspect of Control on your Amulet. Because default often fixes as Staff of Lam Esen the weapon.

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Boss Fighting

Unfortunately, Staff of Lam Esen is bad for boss fights, as it reduces the damage to Charged Bolts. But we can prepare another weapon to switch in front of the boss, I recommend using Conceited Aspect. For boss fights, you can also use all Crowd Control skills and Evade Teleport to knock back the boss and smash it.

I highly recommend that you start the boss’ battle after reaching a certain level. But if you’re desperate to get started but suffering from low damage. You can choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service to help you upgrade quickly, to increase the damage output for a short time.

Diablo 4: Staff of Lam Esen

Gears And Skills

For most gear and synergies, it will be the same as Thor Build. One difference is that Fireworks Lightning Build gloves will use Charged Bolts Stats and Aspect of Retribution, since we have a lot of stun sources. Another difference is that Fireworks Lightning’s Teleport is level 5, and it will reduce the cooldown of Evade Teleport from 17 seconds to 13.9 seconds.

Diablo 4: Sorcerer Charged Bolts Lightning Stun Build

Paragon Board

For Paragon Board, it will be Destruction Glyph of the initial Board. Then there’s Burning Board with Tactician Glyph. Next is Static Surge Board with Control Glyph. And there is Frigid Fate Board with Territorial Glyph. Finally, there is an Enchantment Master Paragon Board with Exploit Glyph.

Survival often becomes challenging for players above level 80. So I recommend you can get these tools through Diablo 4 Gold, using these can improve your Survivability.

Diablo 4: Paragon Board

Survivability Tips

First, since we have almost unlimited Teleport abilities, you get a steady 30% Damage Reduction from Shimmering Teleport every 3 seconds of using it.

Second, you can update your key passive skill to Vyr’s Mastery, which gives you another 25% Damage Reduction. Third, we can also use Tactician Glyph to double Damage Reduction of burning enemies.


Ultimately, this Fireworks Lightning Sorcerer build helped me beat a level 66 Nightmare Dungeon at level 85. So, if you want to try out a new Sorcerer build, or have a headache because of the difficult Nightmare Dungeon. I recommend you try this new build. Believe that its effect will not let you down.

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