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Diablo 4: Everything About Co-op, Open World, PVP & Strongholds

May 27 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Diablo 4 will be released soon. As the fourth work in the Diablo series, the release of Diablo 4 indicates that players will usher in a lot of new content. Players will be busy running various dungeons, collecting various loot or participating in various competitive PVP combats.

In this article, I mainly introduce Diablo 4’s Co-op, open world, PVP and Strongholds.


In Diablo 4’s campaign, you play a mysterious wanderer out to stop Lilith from achieving her goal of dominating Sanctuary and humanity itself. Destined to be another timeless, Blizzard antagonist, Lilith is certainly a big priority and the journey to defeat her will take you through a massive world full of stories, quests, and lore.

You can team up with a diverse cast of allies and even choose your own path through the story, as the first three acts can be tackled in whatever order you like. But there’s even more to the Diablo 4 experience than just the campaign against Lilith.

Diablo 4 Co-op

Open World

Diablo 4’s huge seamlessly traversable world is a shared one. You could see other players running around in it and interact with them. This means you can spontaneously team up with other people to tackle challenges that no solo adventurer or even standard party of four could survive.

Periodically, you’ll encounter the intimidating world bosses, which are massively powerful enemies. Truly, these behemoths are a sign that Hell has set its sights on Sanctuary and the return of Diablo is imminent. Up to 12 players can team up to take on a world boss, although the group can be loosely organized. Coordinate with friends or make new ones during the fight. Just take those monsters down before it’s too late.

Players will also encounter world events while exploring Sanctuary, which are spontaneous activities that vary depending on the region you’re in. You might come across an Ancient Obelisk that needs to be activated by standing on pressure plates while fending off incoming waves of enemies or perhaps a defiled ground event where you find monsters worshiping a Corrupted Shrine. Kill these monsters, and you will get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold.

Destroy the shrine, stop their worship and maybe slow the plans of evil down a little. Find a twisted Jar of Souls, an ancient urn that feeds on the souls of your enemies as you slay them, only to release the evil trap within that you must also kill obviously.

Diablo 4 Open World


World events ensure that there’s always something to do as you traverse Sanctuary. If you’re not into playing nice, there’s also, of course, PVP. Much like an MMO, there are two dedicated PVP zones, the aptly named Fields of Hatred, where you can slaughter your fellow players in your heart’s content.

In these zones, you’ll find Shards of Hatred, which need to be purified to be earned by your character. If you can fend off other players long enough to purify a shard, you can use purified shards to purchase loot.

Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred


One of the most intriguing new additions to Diablo 4 are the Strongholds. These unmarked places are held by hordes of monsters and players will have to cleanse them. These locations can be liberated in each zone and doing so will actually change the area permanently. A freed Stronghold can become a friendly town containing vendors, NPCs, and new quests.

A Stronghold might also unlock new dungeons or more far-reaching activities well beyond the scope of a single location. Their dynamic new ways to impact the world of Sanctuary and there are over a hundred of them.

Diablo 4 Strongholds

What we’re saying is clear your schedule. You’re going to have a dizzying amount of quests to tackle when Diablo 4 releases on June 6.

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