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Diablo 4 Werebear Summoner Druid Build: How To Build It?

Mar 31 ,2023 Author: D4gold

I’m going to be showing you my pulverizing Werebear, which is a drill build that focuses on the use of some Werebear skills as well as summoning skills and there’s a ton of fun to play.


First of all, let’s talk about the main mechanic of this build, which is based around Pulverize.

Enhanced Pulverize

Pulverize is sort of AOE and a medium smallish AOE around you. That deals a ton of damage if you have the Enhanced Pulverized passive. Because essentially what it does is it allows you to overpower this attack every 10 seconds as long as you have 80% or higher HP.

That means if you have the spirit and you walk up to a group of enemies and hit Pulverize, you will usually wipe them all out in one attack. Because the amount of damage this does is absolutely incredible.

Now, the caveat to this is that you have to be above 80% health and if you drop below 80% health anytime in that cooldown period of 10 seconds, it will restart like it won’t even start again until you’re above 80%.

Diablo 4 Werebear Summoner Druid Build

So, you need to pay attention to your health very carefully with this build and getting things like raising your max HP, popping potions a little more frequently and using Earthen Bulwark, which is our damage shield for this build are very important so that you can maintain that extra damage you get from Pulverize. Because that’s really what’s going to allow you to just tear through groups of enemies.

Additionally, getting bonuses on your gear like overpower damage or damage to healthy targets is also really good because this will allow you to get the most possible damage when you lead off with Pulverize.

Now, sometimes obviously you’re not going to have enough Spirit to just walk up and hit full rise and you’ll have to attack with them all first. But generally speaking, you want to try and have some left over from your previous battle that you can just walk up and hit Pulverize.

So, just make sure you know if you’re fighting like two enemies or something you don’t waste your Pulverize on them and you use them all in order to build up Spirit so that when they’re dead that you can go on and pulverize the next group very easily.


Let’s take a look at Maul.

Now that we’ve talked about Pulverize, this is your resource gainer. This is what you’re going to use in order to game Spirit to use Pulverize and it attacks very slowly. But it does hit in an area a little so that you can clip a lot of enemies at once with it.

Rapid Aspect

But what I recommend doing is getting the Rapid Aspect on your weapon in order to increase your attack speed drastically because you get double the effect if it’s a two-handed weapon.

In order to use this much more effectively, you use this a lot during boss fights and you do use it a lot in regular fights as well. So, it’s not a bad thing to take and if you don’t want to put it on your major weapon or something like that, at least get it on winning pieces of armor so that you have some increase to your attack speed. Otherwise, it’s going to feel very slow.

Earthen Bulwark

So, this takes us to Earthen Bulwark.

Diablo 4 Earthen Bulwark

This is our damage shoulder barrier that we used with this build and it’s very important to have something like this with our build because you’re going to get hit and you’re going to be in melee range, but you don’t want your HP to go below 80% if possible.

So, using that Earthen Bulwark, which only has a three second duration. You have to kind of learn when to use it and how to use it and to anticipate getting hit before your overpower comes off cooldown or whether your Pulverize comes off cooldown with that 10 second time to get that overpower extra damage.

Because ideally, you want to use Pulverize in between your overpowers, but you also want to make sure that timer is counting down so that when it hits 10 seconds, you get that extra burst damage.

You don’t want it to fall below 80. You didn’t notice and then all of a sudden you’re doing lots of pull rises, but you’re not getting that damage that you want. So, keeping that health above that and Earthen Bulwark is really the needs that we used to do that.

Aspect Of Mending Stone

The Aspect of Mending Stone actually extends the duration of this to six seconds, which I think is great to pick up. So, if you want to get that on your legendary gear, that’s really good for this build because three seconds is not a lot of time for a damaged shock. Beyond this, we also use Vine Creeper, Wolves and Ravens.

Vine Creeper

Vine Creeper is a kind of poison damage to a random enemy by itself passively. But then, when you use the active skill, it’ll actually root everything in a good space around you, much wider than Pulverize and deal poison damage to it over time.

It is possibly one of the best Druid skills out there no matter what Druid build you’re using just because of this huge AOE CC that deals damage at the same time. You can root enemies with it and then walk up and pulverize very easily.


What I like about Ravens is that it’s not the passive damage that they deal every so often. It’s the AOE damage over time that they can drop somewhere.

Ferocious Ravens

It gives you another AOE ability but also the fact that you can upgrade this to apply vulnerable in that area. So, you can drop it on a boss or drop it on an Elite and make them vulnerable for a certain amount of time while it’s ceiling damage and while you’re attacking them with your attacks while you’re using Pulverize on them at the same time.

So, this is a really good effect to have, and it’s one that you should use like as often as you possibly can. It’s also good for dealing with like ranged enemies that you don’t want to walk all the way over to. You don’t have a lot of movement speed as a Werebear usually. Being able to take out ranged enemies without having to go all the way over to them can also be very helpful.


Now, in our last spot, I alternate between Wolves and Hurricane. Wolves are really good for boss fights. In my opinion, their attack a single target is good for boss fights, but more importantly, they can tank bosses.

I’ve done a lot of difficult bosses in this game that I think were only possible because I had those Wolves where I could sit back and arrange them with Ravens and I could use Hurricane or something like that in the distance or I could use Pulverize at a distance or hit and run tactics while I let my Wolves tank them.

This is because even if like a wolf dies in combat, they’ll respawn and come back, so they can just sit there and tank bosses for you where you stay at a safe distance and some of the hardest bosses in this game are actually made possible by having them.

Diablo 4 Druid


Unfortunately, the Wolves aren’t as good out on the landscape as they are in boss scenarios, which is why I recommend also having Hurricane and swapping them back and forth maybe depending on what you’re doing because Hurricane is really good out pulling trash or in dungeons. Because it’s just AOE damage around you wherever you move and you’re constantly going into melee range, anyway.

If you root everything with like Vine Creeper for instance and then walk in with Hurricane and then drop over eyes, everything on the screen is toast.

So, that’s a really good one if you get into a boss fighter. You know you’re going to a bathroom. Swap it out for Wolves and you’ll have a bit easier of a time.

Recommended Bonuses

Things you want to look out for this build:

  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Overpower Damage
  • Damage To Close Enemies
  • Damage To Vulnerable Enemies
  • Damage To Healthy
  • Life On Kill

Recommended Aspects

A lot of legendary aspects:

  • Shepherd’s Aspect
  • Aspect Of The Ursine Horror

As you know, no powerful build would exist without the support of Diablo 4 Gold. Therefore, if you want to dominate the entire game, it is very important to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold. By the way, our build guide is still being updated, so stay tuned.

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