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Diablo 4 Cold Assassin Rogue Build: A Level 50 Guide

May 31 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Here is a build for the Rogue class that focuses on melee and cold skills. This build will be both fun to play but incapable of dealing significant damage. It excels in both offense and defense. This is why I selected a combination of defensive skills and aspects along with powerful damage dealing abilities.

Skill Tree

Let’s start with the skill tree and look deeper into this build.

*For the basic skill, I picked Puncture and allocated points all the way to Fundamental Puncture. I think this is a must-have skill for a melee Rogue. I was taught by throwing blades first and making enemies vulnerable before using my core skills.

*As for core skills, I maximized Flurry and picked Improved Flurry. This skill will make all enemies vulnerable if one of them is already vulnerable.

Flurry is a fun skill to play in close combat, and it’s faster than Twisting Blades in my point of view. This build is a high level melee Rogue. But here is a problem. While I was playing the Rogue class in betas, I realized that Rogue was one of the weakest defensive characters. This was because I always lost my life easily.

So, as the game gets tougher and after level 50 or when you play on World Tier 3, you need to put some skill points into defensive skills. Therefore, I maximize Sturdy, which grants me a 12% close damage reduction. And I also maxed Siphoning Strikes, which heals me for 3% when I critically strike a close enemy.

*For agility skills, I maximized Weapon Mastery for increased damage and picked Dash for mobility. I want to speedrun dungeons and be able to get out of tricky situations quickly. Also, I picked Methodical Dash to reduce the cooldown a bit.

Diablo 4 Cold Assassin Rogue - A Level 50 Build Guide

*Now, let’s go over the Subterfuge Skills. Here, I maximize Dark Shroud, which I think is one of the most critical skills in the endgame, especially for the melee Rogue that fights in close combat. I picked Countering Dark Shroud to gain an 8% Critical Strike Chance when I have at least 4 active shadows. This skill will make my melee Rogue more resilient, which I believe will play a major role in world title 3 and 4.

Additionally, I maxed Exploit, which gives me an 18% increased damage to healthy and injured enemies. And I also maxed Malice, which deals increased damage to vulnerable enemies.

*Moving on to imbuement skills, I picked Cold Imbuement. I maxed this skill and also picked Mixed Cold Imbuement, which gives me a 20% increased damage to chilled or slowed enemies and doubles the damage if they are frozen. This is a very useful skill, especially when combined with certain aspects that I will show you later.

Furthermore, I picked Frigid Finesse, which increases damage against shield and frozen enemies. Lastly, I selected Precision Imbuement, which increases Critical Strike Chance by 9%.

*For the ultimate skills, I chose Shadow Clone and upgraded to Supreme Shadow Clone. Initially, you can’t imbue this skill. But there’s an aspect that will make it immunable, which I will show you later in the gear section. I also selected passives like Adrenaline Rush for increased energy regeneration and Haste, which gives me movement speed or attack speed, depending on how much energy I have left.

*As for the key passives, I picked Close Quarters Combat. This skill increases my attack speed by 10% when damaging a close enemy with Marksman or Cutthroat Skill. When both bonuses are active, I deal a 20% increased damage against Crowd Controlled enemies.

So, if I cast Puncture and then Flurry, I will activate both bonuses, which will give me a 20% attack speed and an additional 20% increased damage against Crowd Control enemies.

To conclude, this build focuses on melee, cold skills, offense and defense, which I believe will be a strong build for World Tier 3 and beyond. I might consider changing Flurry to Twisting Blades if I’m not completely satisfied with the Cold Flurry. However, that’s a decision I will make later as I progress in the game.


Now, let’s go over the gear.

Here, we have all the skills I picked for this build: Puncture, Flurry, Dash, Dark Shroud and Shadow Clone.

And the specialization for this build is Combo Points, which I think will create a nice chain effect with some aspects and key passive skill, like Close Quarters Combat.

For gems, I chose an Emerald for increased damage to vulnerable enemies on my weapon, a Ruby for maximum life on my armor and a Skull for 250 Armor on my jewelry.

Diablo 4 Emerald


Now, let’s go over the aspects.

First, let’s start with the helm. I chose Aspects of Disobedience. This aspect increases my armor for 4 seconds when I deal damage, which makes my Rogue even more resilient.

For the chest armor, I picked the Aspect of Might. This aspect gives me a 20% Damage Reduction. When I use a basic skill, it will come in handy as I’ll be using basic skills in combat.

As for the gloves, I chose Frostburn. these gloves are great for a cold melee Rogue with the lucky hit. I have a chance to restore energy and can freeze enemies for 2 seconds. Since I picked passives that increase damage against frozen enemies, these gloves will be very useful.

For pants, I picked the Aspect of the Protector, which basically grants me a barrier when I damage an Elite. It’s also great for defense.

As for boots, I chose a pair of unique boots (Penitent Greaves) that leave behind a trail of frost, chilling enemies and increasing damage against shield enemies. And this pair of unique boots is fantastic in combination with the Cold Imbuement skill.

All Aspects in Diablo 4

For the ranged weapon, I picked the Aspect of the Expectant that increases the damage of my next core skill when I use a basic skill.

Now, moving on to the Amulets, I selected the Aspect of Corruption that gives my imbuement skill 20 to 40 percent increased potency against vulnerable enemies, which I consider is a very powerful ability.

For the first ring, I picked the Aspect of Unstable Imbuements, which triggers an explosion around my character. When I activate Cold Imbuement, this skill will chill enemies around me and deal damage. It’s amazing because I would chill enemies and then use Cold Flurry for additional damage thanks to the passive skills that increase damage to chilled and frozen enemies.

On my second ring, I chose the Aspect of Imitated Imbuement, which grants my Shadow Clones imbuement skill. As I mentioned before, Shadow Clones is not imbueable at the start. But this aspect applies the imbuement skill and now my Shadow Clones will do cold damage to enemies.

For my dual wielding weapons, I picked the Accelerating Aspect. When I critically strike with a core skill, it grants me increased attack speed for 3 seconds. Additionally, there’s the Aspect of Encircling Blades, which makes Flurry damage enemies in a circle around me and deal with increased damage.

That’s all for the Cold Assassin Rogue build. Please note that this is a Level 50 build, and some skills require gold to upgrade. So, you’ll need to have plenty of Diablo 4 Gold ready to consider this build.

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