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Diablo 4 Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build: Fast Leveling Guide

Jun 20 ,2023 Author: D4gold

Today I want to share with you a new build, Sorcerer Chain Lightning. I’ve reached level 74 now, and in between, I’ve tried a lot of Lightning build variants.

But I still find Sorcerer Chain Lightning to be one of the most comfortable builds to play. It has significant damage, diverse melee and good survivability in ranged combat. And all the important Legendary Aspects are farmable.

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Diablo 4: Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build Fast Leveling Guide


Let’s start this build with the skills first. One important thing is that you understand Crackling Energy synergy with some passives first.

Crackling Energy reduces skill cooldowns and restores mana. Some skills generate Crackling Energy on their own, while all Lightning skills can generate Crackling Energy. So it would be a cycle where skills or skill crits would generate Crackling Energy, which would cause mana regen and cooldown reduction. At the same time, skills can be used again.

One thing to note is that Crackling Energy DPS is negligible. So we need to avoid the increased Crackling Energy damage stat on gear.

Our main DPS ability is Chain Lightning, which generates Crackling Energy on its own. Then there’s Lightning Spear, which inflicts a steady stun on enemies. At the same time, it also improves survivability and damage output.

Diablo 4: Speed Farming Crackling Energy Sorcerer Build Guide

Next we use Ice Blades in Enchantment. It has great synergy with all cooldown skills and Fire Bolt. As a second Enchantment, that applies burning to all enemies. It synergizes with Devouring Blaze to deal another 30% multiplier crit damage.

For our Renown skill points. We give the first 3 points to Glass Cannon, which is another multiplier damage boost. Another 3 points will go to Ice Blades Enchantment and Unstable Currents’ Conjuration Mastery. We can easily cast 7 magic skills that increase the damage of Hoarfrost by 21% and Ice Blades by 9%.

There are also 3 points added to Frost Nova, which will give an 18% damage boost. We give the last 3 points to Course Currents. It increases critical strike chance by 30% and deals with 200 critical strike damage.

Paragon Board

Next is Paragon Board. It works by using Destruction on the first Glyph for further crit damage, then using Exploit on the second Board to burn.

Act as a vulnerable second glyph while dealing bonus damage to burning enemies. You can then walk left to open Frigid Fate Paragon Board, but you’ll only get vulnerable damaged Nodes.

Diablo 4: Paragon Board

Gears & Aspects

For Gears, there are two most important things about endgame survivability. First, add sockets for Amulet and Rings, and 200 Armor with Skull, each for roughly 10 damage reduction.

The second is to use Topaz as Armor. It reduces a lot of damage while controlling damage. It saves me a lot of resources and Diablo 4 Gold. Defensive gear prioritizes total armor when I can’t move, but survive. While the max health damage reduction comes from the damage reduction from both close range and distant enemies.

All Aspects of Offensive Gear are farmable. You can prioritize vulnerable damage crit chance and several damage class Aspects, like Wind Striker Aspect

I recommend these options and use the controls in Amulet as it will stack. For example, if an enemy is frozen and stunned. It gets an 82% damage increase. Because the boots prioritize reducing movement speed and damage when injured.

Diablo 4: Wind Striker Aspect

Combat Style Tips

Finally, some helpful fighting style tips. First, we’re going to start the fight with Lightning Spear, which stuns enemies and burns them. Let Chain Lightning behind get Devouring Blaze effect.

Second is grabbing Crackling Energy at a reasonable rate and using Chain Lightning in between. Not only does this maximize the effect of Elementalist’s Aspect, but it also increases the critical strike chance of each Chain Lightning by 40%.

Diablo 4: Sorceress Chain Lightning Build


Finally, the above is the leveling guide for my Chain Lightning Sorcerer build. Hope it helps you to create your own Sorcerer build faster.

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