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  • Diablo 4 Thor Tal'Rasha Summoner Sorcerer Build: Season 1 Sorcerer Build Guide

    Jul 25 ,2023

    When I progressed to Lv50 in Diablo 4, I optimized Tal’Rasha Summoner build with Thor Build. And made a viable Thor Tal’Rasha Summoner build based on it.

    I tried to test its limits and tried to upgrade to level 51. We have tested this build to complete level 70 Capstone Dungeons in 10 seconds and kill all level 58 bosses. So if you want to try out a new high crit build of Sorcerer, then this build is for you. Next, let’s take a look at the specific production method of this construction.

    The Build

    First off, it’s important to note that all these Aspects I use are obtained in dungeons that are unlockable. So even if you’re not investing more Diablo 4 Gold, you don’t need to worry about any Aspects you can’t get mid-game.

    In this version, I use Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning as the major damage. Because Diablo 4 patch 1.1 added some Hybrid Core and Mastery Skills buffs.

    Diablo 4: The New Best Sorcerer Build

    Also, I will use Ice Blades to maintain High Vulnerable Up Time. Because in patch 1.1, Vulnerable chance increased from 20% to 40%. And Lightning Spear stabilizes Crowd Control, dealing further damage to enemies of Stunned and Crowd Control. With Conjuration Mastery, average global damage increased by 15%. Because we have about 5 Conjurations at the same time.

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    Skill Tree Progression

    For this build of Skill Tree, we’ll start with Tal’Rasha Summoner. Since survivability is less of an issue for this path, I also optimized for its offensive aspect early on.

    There are also mid-term skill changes, such as Arc Lash changed to Spark, and the critical strike rate reaches 8%. So be aware that the process ends with the max level 50 Tal’Rasha Summoner. When your gear supports more than 20% of the base crit chance, switch to Thor Tal’Rasha Summoner build for further damage. Because the crit chance is enough to trigger a considerable amount of static Ball Lightning.

    At last, you also want to make sure you have Caged Heart of Revenge, and replace Hydra with Ball Lightning. Not only does it increase your tank’s damage by 20%, but it also does massive AOE fire damage. This makes up for Tal’Rasha Summoner’s lack of Fire Elemental.

    Diablo 4: Thor Tal’ Rasha Summoner Sorcerer Build Skill Tree

    Gear Stats

    For gear, you need to always focus on gloves and the crit chance on the two rings. And do as much damage as possible against Melee, Crowd Controlled and Stunned enemies. You need to always focus on Helm, Maximum Life for Chest Armor and Pants, Total Armor percentage and Damage Reduction, and Movement Speed for Boots.

    For weapons, I recommend you use two handed weapons instead of one handed weapons for more double damage stats. Because the cooldown reduction stats for two-handed weapons were nerfed in patch 1.1. And two-handed weapons have a lower attack speed, so mana usage is more efficient.

    Diablo 4: Thor Tal’ Rasha Summoner Sorcerer Build Guide

    I got 700 pieces of equipment and a drop of Diablo 4 Items by beating Capstone Dungeons. This will be another massive increase in DPS. One thing to note is that you may not need to pursue short-term rapid upgrades. Because maybe a week from now there will be a buff to Sorcerer. So take your time and even come back to play Sorcerer a week later for the most fun.

    Finally, hope you have fun with this mighty Thor Tal’Rasha Summoner Sorcerer build. See you in the game!

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