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  • Diablo 4 Poison Imbuement Twisting Blades Rogue Build For Season 1: Skip Uber Lilith Mechanics!

    Jul 31 ,2023

    We’re doing an update on the bossing poison Rogue build for Season 1. This build allows you to skip all of your mechanics and his super cheese. But if you don’t care to learn the fight and just want the mount and the title, I’d recommend using this build. This build is fairly easy to gear. The only things that may be difficult to get are D4 Unique Items that are used, those being Penitent Greaves, Asheara’s Khanjar and Condemnation.

    As normal, we’ll be going over skills, the skill tree, gear, aspects, and the Paragon Board. At the end, I’ll also talk about some tips and what to avoid when skipping her mechanics.

    Diablo 4 Poison Imbuement Twisting Blades Rogue Build For Season 1: Skip Uber Lilith Mechanics!


    For the skills, I’m using Poison Trap, Dash, Twisting Blades, Poison Imbuement, Smoke Grenade, and Puncture.

    We use Poison Trap for the damage multi and Smoke Grenade for the extra Crowd Control. And we use the Combo Points as our Specialization.

    The idea is to stack as much CC as we can so that we can quickly stagger her and skip her phases and mechanics with our damage.

    Skill Tree

    As for our skill tree, it’s pretty much your standard Twisting Blade skill tree.

    We have Puncture.

    We have Twisting Blades with Advanced Twisting Blades.

    We put two skill points into Sturdy and three skill points into Siphoning Strikes, three skill points into Weapon Mastery, one skill point into Dash. But you don’t really need Dash for this.

    We have Smoke Grenade with Subverting Smoke Grenade for even more Crowd Control.

    We have Poison Trap with the Subverting Poison Trap for that 10% increased poison damage multi.

    Then, we put three skill points into Exploit and three skill points into Malice.

    We have Poison Imbuement (Rank 5) with Blended Poison Imbuement.

    We put three skill points into Deadly Venom, three skill points into Frigid Finesse, and then three skill points in Innervation. This is where we get our energy sustained from.

    We put three skill points into Alchemist Fortune and three skill points into the Second Wind for even more lucky hit chance.

    We put one skill point into Adrenaline Rush and three skill points into Haste.

    Finally, we’re using Close Quarters Combat.

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    Onto our gear and aspects, I want to start off with our armor.

    On our helmet, we want Basic Skill Attack Speed, Life, Crowd Control Duration, and Ranks of Poison Imbuement with Mangler’s Aspect to help stagger her.

    The chestplate is your normal defensive chestplate with Life, Damage Reduction, Damage Reduction from Close Enemies and Armor percent. But the aspect we have here is an Aspect of Noxious Ice. So, when we stagger her, we have another damage multiplier for our poison.

    On our gloves, get Ranks of Twisting Blades, lucky hit chance to slow, Critical Strike Chance, and Attack Speed with Aspect of Bursting Venoms. Aspect of Bursting Venoms allows us to constantly have unlimited Poison Imbuement just to keep stacking poison damage on her.

    On our pants, we have Life, Damage Reduction, Damage Reduction from Close Enemies and Armor percent with Aspect of Disobedience.

    For our boots, we have Penitent Greaves for the extra chill to stagger and extra damage for when she is staggered and the Crowd Control Duration.


    For our weapons on our crossbow, we’re using our normal Bladedancer’s Warcaster crossbow with Critical Strike Damage, Vulnerable Damage, Core Skill Damage and Dexterity.

    For our daggers, as mentioned before, we have Asheara’s Khanjar and Condemnation. The Asheara’s Khanjar is insane because it gives us up to 16 and a half percent lucky hit and so much Attack Speed to help stagger and build up poison faster. And Condemnation is also insane because it’s a huge DPS boost.

    If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold, I suggest you upgrade all these weapons to the highest level. In this way, you will be stronger.


    Lastly, the jewelry and hearts. I really cheaped out on the jewelry. There is only a few rolls that you really need.

    On the amulet, you want at least to have Ranks of All Imbuement Skills and either Malice or Deadly Venom. If you want to go all out and min max this, get Dexterity percent and Crowd Control Duration as well. The aspect we have is an Aspect of Corruption to increase our Poison Imbuement Damage.

    For your rings, you want to have at least Critical Strike Chance, and Lucky Hit Chance. If you want to have more damage, get Vulnerable Damage and Poison Damage as well. The aspects we have are Accelerating Aspect and Rapid Aspect.

    For more Attack Speed, we get our energy sustained from the passive Innervation. With so much Lucky Hit, if we run out of energy, just hold Puncture down for a second and you’ll be full.


    For your hearts on your jewelry, you’ll want to have at least two Devious sockets and the last can be any color.

    We have The Calculated because we attack so fast that we spend that 150 energy very quickly so that five seconds done is a huge boost to our stagger.

    Next is Clipshot. Again, because of our Lucky Hit Chance and Attack Speed, it’s amazing for our stagger.

    The last one is Creeping Death. When she’s staggered, our damaged to skyrockets, allowing us to just do so much damage that we skip phases and all of her mechanics.

    In order to help you understand our build more directly, I will directly list the aspects and gems I use.

    Diablo 4 Season 1 Aspects and Gems


    • Mangler’s Aspect (Helm)
    • Aspect of Noxious Ice (Chest Armor)
    • Aspect of Bursting Venoms (Gloves)
    • Aspect of Disobedience (Pants)
    • Penitent Greaves (Boots)
    • Bladedancer’s Aspect (Ranged Weapon)
    • Aspect of Corruption (Amulet)
    • Accelerating Aspect (Ring 1)
    • Rapid Aspect (Ring 2)
    • Asheara’s Khanjar (Dual-Wield Weapon 1)
    • Condemnation (Dual-Wield Weapon 2)

    Gems: Emerald, Ruby, Creeping Death, The Calculated, The Clipshot

    Paragon Board

    Lastly, we have our Paragon Boards.

    Starting off with the glyphs, we’re picking up Closer, Tracker, Chip, Turf, Control, and Ambush.

    The legendary nodes that we pick up are Exploit Weakness, Tricks of the Trade and Eldritch Bounty.

    Mech Skip Tips

    Finally, we’re going to talk about some mechanics of skipping the mechanics.

    So, some things that you should be aware of starting with the first phase, there really isn’t anything specific here. If you don’t stagger and phase her, then just run out of the ring and reset. For the most part, the first phase is super easy.

    However, in the second phase, there are a few things to note here. As soon as she spawns in, you need to stagger her as fast as possible so she doesn’t slam down. If she does her slam, then when the area starts to break and she’s flying around to destroy it, she’ll start spawning Fireballs and makes it very difficult to finish the fight with those Fireballs because they do one-shot you.

    So, what I do is I’ll drop two Poison Traps on her spawn point and then start attacking to build up some Attack Speed. And when her stagger bar is about 60%, then drop the Stun Grenade and then you’ll just DPS as normal.

    If you’ve done this, then you’re set for the most part. She’ll fly around the area, destroying it. Do not stagger her again until she’s destroyed the top at the right and the left and comes back to the middle.

    When she’s back in the middle, you’re free to finish the fight. However, if you do stagger her before, then she’ll start spawning her minions and Fireballs will start to spawn again.

    Lastly, sometimes when she’s destroyed the arena right at the end, she’ll summon her Shadow Clone looking thing and it’ll attack you and it will one shot you.

    So, when you kill her, just start running around in a circle kind of close to the edge to avoid getting hit by it. And if you’ve done all that, then you’ve officially cheesed the Lilith fight.

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