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  • Diablo 4 Blizzard Sorcerer Build: Best Boss Farming Build Guide In Season 2

    Oct 18 ,2023

    Today I will be introducing you to one of the best builds in Diablo 4 Season 2, Blizzard Sorcerer. The reason I think it will stand out in Season 2 is because it’s already one of the best builds in Sorcerer class, and it’s going to get some pretty significant buffs in Season 2. Let’s take a look at how this is built.

    First, we will discuss the required skills, then we will discuss the required Aspects, Diablo 4 Items, and Paragon Points. And finally, I will give some tips on gameplay aspects.

    Diablo 4: Blizzard Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide

    Skill Tree

    Now let’s take a look at the skills required for this build. First, we placed two points in Fire Bolt, but we won’t be using Fire Bolt or its enchantments in this build, we only want to get into the second set of nodes. Here we will use Devastation and Elemental Dominance and we will maximize these two nodes.

    The next set of nodes are defensive skills. Defense skills are very important in almost all Sorcerer builds, and this build is no exception. So we’re going to place points in Flame Shield, all the way up to Shimmering Flame Shield.

    We will also place a point in Teleport, all the way to Shimmering Teleport. Then we’re going to put one point in Ice Armor and only go into Enhanced Ice Armor. We’re not going to use any other improvements.

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    The reason we’re going to max out Frost Nova is that we want to get maximum Frost Nova with the lowest possible cooldown. And we’ll also get into Mystical Frost Nova.

    Now we want to place two points in Elemental Attunement. Most Sorcerer builds only place one point here. However, in our build, the main damage dealer will be Blizzard, and Blizzard has a very low Lucky Hit Chance. So compensating for this, we use two points in Elemental Attunement. In addition to this, we also added three points to Glass Cannon to increase our damage.

    Continuing on with Conjuration skills, we’ll add a point to Ice Blades. As you can see, every 40 seconds of cooldown we summon an Ice Blades that will hit the enemy. Every time Ice Blades hit an enemy, they reduce the cooldown of our other abilities.

    In terms of Mastery Skills, we’re going to work a little on Blizzard and work our way up to Mage’s Blizzard. The reason we only put one point in Blizzard is because the damage doesn’t come from Blizzard itself, our major damage isn’t based on Blizzard.

    Diablo 4: Blizzard Sorcerer Skill Tree Overview

    In addition to this, we’ve added some points to Cold Front and Icy Veil nodes to increase duration of obstacles and increase cold damage when there are obstacles.

    Next we’re going to move on to the ultimate skill, and we’re going to have Deep Freeze without any enchantments, and we’re going to have these Frost passive skills.

    Some build variants do not use Frigid Breeze, you can exit Frigid Breeze and put the points into Teleport later. However, at the beginning and even mid-game, you’ll need mana regeneration from Frigid Breeze. That’s why I recommend putting these points into a Frigid Breeze node first.

    Vampiric Powers

    Now let’s take a look at the new Vampiric Powers in Season 2.

    The first one was Feed the Coven, which helped us a lot with the resource starvation issues for this build.

    Another important one is Domination, which helps us deal damage to frozen enemies. Call Familiar is also very useful, it is always useful to increase our resources by summoning Lucky Hit’s bat ally.

    The last two are not that important. They are Ravenous and Terror.

    Diablo 4: Feed the Coven Vampiric Powers

    Legendary Aspects

    Now let’s start with Glacial Aspect and review Legendary Aspects required for this build. If you don’t have Glacial Aspect, you can’t play this build. This is where the vast majority of our losses come from. If you put Glacial Aspect on your neck, it can help us resist 50% of the damage.

    Now let’s introduce our other offensive aspects, starting with Conceited Aspect in hand. This allows us to do more damage when there are obstacles.

    We use Aspect of Frozen Memories on our weapons because it saves us mana. So when the key passive Avalanche triggers, we cast Blizzard one extra time. And this Blizzard does extra damage and requires no mana. This way, we can save mana. As I mentioned before, mana regeneration is crucial in this build.

    The next offensive aspect we are going to use is Aspect of Control. This helps us quickly clear all frozen enemies on the screen to harvest massive amounts of Diablo 4 Gold.

    Finally, we also used Aspect of the Frozen Tundra on one of our rings, which was also a key aspect. This helps us do more damage by using Glacial Aspect of the neck to get Ice Spikes’ blast radius.

    Now let’s move to another ring, this one with Prodigy’s Aspect. This means that if we use the cooldown, a certain amount of mana will be restored. This is where most of our mana regeneration comes from.

    Diablo 4: Glacial Aspect & Blizzard

    Paragon Board

    For Paragon Board layout, I will only mention the most important parts. We’ll start with a starter board with a Control Glyph. Then we move to Icefall board with Reinforced Glyph.

    After that, we moved on to Frigid Fate board using the new Stalagmite Glyph. This is Glyph added in Season 2. With this Glyph we expect our damage to skyrocket and this build to be top tier because of this Glyph.

    After that, we move to Enchantment Master with Frostbite. Then use Destruction to move to Burning Instinct board. Finally, with Exploit glyph, we move to Searing Heat board and that’s it.

    Diablo 4: Blizzard Sorcerer Paragon Board


    Finally, when it comes to gameplay, a general rule of thumb is as follows.

    If you want to fight a group of mobs, you first need to cast Blizzard once or twice on the mobs. Then you teleport between them and stun them. Meanwhile, Blizzard starts to strengthen, and if they are still alive, you can cast some more Blizzard.

    Then you freeze them with Frost Nova, and if they are really tough elites, then you can use other defenses, move on and start over. If all other defenses fail, you can use Deep Freeze. Just hit a Blizzard mob and you’ll gain mana. When you use each defensive stat, you also gain mana.

    That’s it, this Blizzard Sorcerer build guide comes to an end. Hope it helps you. See you next time!

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