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  • Diablo 4 Metamorphosis Barbarian Build: This Build Is Worth Trying In Season 3 Gauntlet

    Mar 15 ,2024

    Hi, gamers! Allow me to present a guide on the Metamorphosis Barbarian build in Diablo 4 Season 3, which currently dominates the Gauntlet. If your goal is to achieve a score exceeding a million, this build is essentially a must-play. The support of a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold is essential for this strong build.

    Diablo 4 Metamorphosis Barbarian Build: This Build Is Worth Trying In Season 3 Gauntlet

    About Metamorphosis

    The new Metamorphosis aspect enhances your mobility significantly and substantially reduces the cooldown of your dash ability. Observe how quickly it resets when you continuously spam your Wrath of the Berserker skill.

    Metamorphosis proves incredibly useful, especially during transitions between long intervals or when faced with a lack of monsters. Unlike Charge, which requires hitting a monster to reset, Metamorphosis eliminates this necessity.

    Gear & Aspects

    First and foremost, obtaining Metamorphosis is of utmost importance. Serving as the key to the build, it's indispensable to equip it on your amulet. Despite only reducing evade by 3.3 seconds, it significantly bolsters evade cooling, making it pivotal for enhancing mobility. Prioritizing Shrine Buff Duration and Movement Speed is crucial for optimal performance in the Gauntlet.

    We will rock the Bold Chieftain’s Loop. This one is just to reset our charge with our shouts, and whenever you shout, you also proc Artillery Shrine, which is basically the key of this build. Then we also have the Ring of the Ravenous like charging applies bleed and also just makes you switch your weapons, which we use in combination with Earthstriker’s Dead Mace.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Ring of the Ravenous

    Next, we have the Grandfather, a very standard weapon. I’m still playing Overpower on my weapons, but there is a good argument to add crit damage here because you have the Lethal Shrine almost, and you have Artillery Shrine. And it has a lot of value to stack crit damage.

    Instead of Overpowering, crit damage makes a lot of sense. You can also go with swords because that’s further boosting your crit, and the Shrine will always crit with the Lethal Shrine. Then we have the Brawler’s Aspect. This is also changed. This just basically procs your charge in a bigger AOE and also kills all the monsters consistently.

    Then we have the Ghostwalker Runic Cleats boots, and with this we can add Movement Speed. Even though we are already at capped Movement Speed whenever we have Berserking and Unstoppable up, we are already at 200%.

    This is a very important change because you’re going to be spinning a lot, and you’re going to just basically spam it. If you’re moving a few frames more because you have Movement Speed, it helps you. Also very important to have attacks reduce evade cooldown. This is like the only way we can reset our Metamorphosis and evade.

    Then we have Tibault’s Will. Obviously, like you get Unstoppable from your charge all the time, which is very standard. This is standard as well. Ideally, you want main stat here instead of Overpower.

    At last, we have the Rage of Harrogath. This one reduces the charge cooldown even further. In combination with Ring of Ravenous, we always end up using our slashing weapon, and that counts as a weapon switch.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Rage of Harrogath

    Seneschal Construct

    Now, let’s turn to the pet aspect of the build. The Pet Construct comprises several essential components. The inclusion of Tempest, Efficiency and Fortified is crucial, as it provides the sole means to obtain Fortify, which is highly advantageous. Additionally, the presence of Flash of Adrenaline, Genesis, Tactical Support, and Duration further enhances the pet’s effectiveness and utility within the build.

    Skill Tree

    We’re basically like HotA, and then we have 2 points in Whirlwind, just pretty standard stuff. You don’t really need damage. It’s just to proc your cooldown and to proc your Artillery. Then we have a bunch of support skills. You can go for more damage like Heavy Handed or something.

    Then obviously, you want Unconstrainted. And in this build, we play rough the Berserker because it still snapshots Berserker as long as you don’t drop your Berserker. This run where you spend Fury is still snapshotted. So, you’re gaining about 50% more damage from your Berserking because you get another double multiplier on the multiplier that you currently have. So, that’s pretty insane.

    Paragon Board

    Then, there is the Paragon board. We'll first rocking the Exploit glyph, make everything vulnerable. We don’t need Warbringer because we get our Fortify from our pet, still have the Maximum Fury for the HotA. We are rocking Mortal Draw because we are switching our weapons all the time again.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Mortal Draw

    Next, we’re dropping Bone Breaker for extra Overpower. We are rocking Ire with big berserk multipliers with Decimator and Dominate. We have Crusher for more Overpower damage because you still want to one-shot those bosses, especially at the start and whenever you’re dropping your Artillery Shrine.

    Then we have Blood Rage, and up we have the Marshal. This is very important, just reduce your cooldown even further. We stack some physical damage as well because getting extra physical just helps you because you’re not Overpowering with every hit all the time.

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